K-8 Reopening Timeline
K-8 Reopening Update and Waiver Information
July 17-
The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, mandated that on campus learning for K-12 students should not resume, for as long as San Diego County remains on the COVID “watch list”, However, a process has been created that would allow schools to apply for a waiver that would exempt them from the Governor’s orders, under certain conditions.

Week of July 27-
  • K-8 parents submit surveys providing school board with valuable information.
  • Based on input from K-8 teachers and parent survey information, City Tree School Board decides to move forward with waiver process.

August 3-
California Department of Public Health releases waiver process.
Critical information is received that includes:
  • Waiver is applicable only for grades K-6, even if the grade configuration at the school includes additional grades.
  • Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted to the Local Health Organization at least 14 days prior to the desired reopening date.
  • Our local health organization (San Diego County) announces that they will release their waiver forms and process on Friday, August 7.
  • Waiver Process from California Department of Health.

August 3-9-
City Tree works on completing all elements for wavier.

August 7-
Local Health Organization for San Diego County releases wavier forms and process for schools in our county.

August 10-
City Tree's submitted K-6 waiver.

August 11-
City Tree sent out email to K-8 parents that contains:

Timeline Moving Forward

August 13, 5:30pm-
K-8 Virtual Parent Conference via Zoom. See Information below.

August 14-17-
Approximate date we anticipate we will hear about our waiver application.
Based on information that we received when we submitted the waiver.

August 24-28-
Teacher Preparation Week

August 25-
K-6 students who wish to start the year with Distance Learning Option should notify the school by calling the office 619-232-3794 or emailing Sue Kennedy

August 31-
If waiver is approved-
K-6 in-person education begins
K-6 Distance Learning begins for those who choose this option
7-8 Distance Learning begins

If waiver is not approved-
K-8 Distance Learning begins

More Details
City Tree has applied for the waiver because we feel that our small class sizes and our large facility combined with our health protocols and procedures will allow us to open safely.

If we are granted the waiver, we will start the school year on campus for grades K-6. Unfortunately, the waiver does not cover 7th and 8th grades so, until all schools are allowed to reopen, 7th and 8th graders will follow a distance learning program.

Preschool is fully open already and the waiver process does not apply.

Other options, such as opening for childcare, if we are not able to open for in-person instruction are also being explored. At this time, we do not yet know if this is possible.

County health briefings indicate that San Diego County's data put us on the states watch list, has been trending in a positive direction. On Wednesday , August 12, our County numbers met the requirement. The trend will need to continue for our county to be removed from the watch list and for schools to reopen without waivers.

Please note, even if the waiver is approved and we start the year with on-campus learning, we will quickly pivot to Distance Learning if a health concern rises. As a small school, City Tree has great flexibility to address changing public health and safety conditions and respond effectively with less lead-time. City Tree is in a unique position to adapt, and we are committed to provide an outstanding Christian education to our students in a loving and safe environment. 

We know these are challenging times for families and we appreciate the support and understanding parents have shown to our school.
Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 5:30pm
  • Information will be presented about the K-8 2020-2021 school year, including the waiver process, reopening plan, online learning options and more.
  • Register in advance for the K-8 Parent Zoom webinar: Register HERE
  • There is a Q&A functionality in the webinar for you to type in questions, and we will do our best to answer those questions live. However, it is possible you already have questions that you want to submit. We would encourage you to do so in advance by sending questions to this the school board.
  • Please read our COVID-19 Prevention Plan and City Tree's Heatlh and Safety Roadmap prior to the zoom webinar.
Preschool Information for the Fall
On August 31st our Preschool will open for the new school year. Our preschool is licensed by Child Care Licensing. Governor Newsom's July 17 announcements did not apply to preschools.

Preparing for the New School Year
Uniform Policy and Purchasing
To view City Tree's Uniform policy and link directly to the uniform store, click the buttons below. Please note that all uniform shirts and sweaters are REQUIRED to have a City Tree logo. The Uniform Store can embroider shirts and sweaters that parents bring in, or they can be purchased directly from the Uniform Store. Iron on logos are available for $2 each and are available for purchase in the school office.
School Supply Lists
Begin stocking up on school supplies for next year. Take a look at what your child will need for the upcoming school year by clicking on the link for their grade below.
2020-2021 Calendar's
Start planning for next year. Review the vacation and holiday schedule and academic calendar by clicking on the buttons below.
Middle School Summer Reading Challenge &
Middle School Parent & Student Checklist
Parson to Person: Sowing Spiritually
Watch and listen to this short video by Pastor Jeff Myers as we dive into Galatians 6:7-9 where he encourages us to use our time wisely and to take some time to reflect and ask ourselves what kind of seeds are we sowing for eternal life?
Important Dates:
Friday, August 21: Last day of Preschool & K-8 Summer Camps
August 24-28: Teacher Preparation Week, NO students
Monday, August 31: First day of the 2020-2021 school year