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Boredom Busters
As we've all been hibernating for a looooong winter, we thought you might be as hungry for ideas of things to do inside your home as Yogi Bear is about finding that "pic-a-nic" basket. Here’s a few suggestions to get you going: 

Show your artistic side by painting or sketching or get out your crayons and start coloring in a coloring book. You can find coloring books for all ages and paint-by-number kits at the Dollar Tree or Michaels in store or online at or use sites like, Art Is Fun: Learn to Draw and Paint.

Perhaps you’d like to learn to knit or crochet? Choose a How To Video on YouTube and follow along. This will help answer the burning question of just how many caps one can knit in a year.

If woodworking interests you, how about building models, picture frames or a boat for when we can all go out on the water again? Check out or for reference starting points. 

You might enjoy scrapbooking, writing a song or a story, or you might even try writing your memoirs. If you decide to write your memoirs, please do let your relatives to know that the book is coming and to brace themselves.

For you gardeners, how about growing an herb garden inside? There are kits available online at or

Be a virtual volunteer by supporting a cause from your computer or phone.

Whatever you choose, know that by doing so, you won’t have to hear your Mother’s voice in your head saying, “Turn off that TV and do something constructive with your time!”
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