Mayor Morley Issues Executive Order in Response to COVID-19

Mayor Steve Morley has issued an executive order with the intent of lessening the hardships that have transpired due to the spread of the virus. 

COVID-19 has resulted in significant economic impact, including the loss of income and wages, that undermine financial security and stability for the Elmhurst residents and business owners.

“We are constantly evaluating ways in which we can provide services and relief to Elmhurst residents and business owners during this difficult time,” states Morley . “We are prepared to protect our community and take measures to alleviate the burden that has resulted from this pandemic.”

The suspension of requirement for business license issuance and/or any other necessary sections of Elmhurst Municipal Code for the purpose of Elmhurst Hospital establishing a temporary child day-care facility at a school dedicated solely for the use of Elmhurst Hospital employees while providing essential health care services as deemed appropriate by the City.

Delinquent charges and discontinuation of water/sewer/refuse services are temporarily suspended.

The payment of vehicle license fees for City vehicle stickers is extended to June 1, 2020 .

Elmhurst Municipal Code relating to Class RSB and Class WBBS retail liquor licenses are temporarily suspended to allow for retail sales of originally packaged beer, wine and/or liquor for off-premises consumption during regularly permitted hours under existing ordinances.

The issuance and/or existing Solicitors Permits are temporarily suspended. Any resident or business owner who encounters a solicitor should immediately contact Elmhurst Police. 

By authority granted by Elmhurst City Council on March 16, 2020, Mayor Morley has declared a Civil Emergency in response to the public health emergency of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

City Hall offices remain closed to the public, however City personnel can be reached online at Elmhurst.org , by email or over the phone at (630) 530-3000. The Elmhurst Police Department, Elmhurst Fire Department and Public Works Department continue to offer the same essential services to the community. City business can be conducted online at Elmhurst.org .

For more information on COVID-19 from the City of Elmhurst, please visit Elmhurst.org .

Elmhurst Civilian Police Department Employee
Tests Positive for COVID-19
 The City of Elmhurst has been notified that one of its civilian police department employees has tested positive for COVID-19. The civilian police department employee was notified of the diagnosis on March 23rd and immediately informed the Police Chief and City Manager.

The employee’s work station was partitioned by glass and the employee did not have direct public contact. The employee’s last day at work was Thursday, March 19th, after which the police station was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

City Manager Jim Grabowski issued an immediate order for all employees in close contact with this employee to self-quarantine for 14-days per CDC guidelines. The employee diagnosed is taking every precaution as directed by healthcare providers and will remain under quarantine for 14-days. On March 23rd, the Elmhurst Police Department had additional and immediate sanitization procedures.

The City of Elmhurst has been coordinating plans for weeks to ensure that essential services are not affected due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19. Several weeks ago, the City cancelled all non-essential events and meetings. Last week, all City facilities began restricting public access. Mayor Morley declared a civil emergency and issued an executive order in response to COVID-19.

“This is a very challenging time for our community,”  states City Manager Jim Grabowski. “ We plan for times of crisis, and we are prepared for this. Essential services, including police operations will not be impacted by this incident. We will continue to provide the community with the same level of service and we will get through this." 

The City of Elmhurst urges the community to stay informed by visiting Elmhurst.org .
Continuously update information on federal relief opportunities for Illinois businesses impacted by COVID-19 through the SBA as well as additional resources and information for the business community during this unprecedented time. Read more

We understand this is a stressful time for our community and for the households and businesses we serve. Please know that The City of Elmhurst employees are here for you and are committed to taking all steps necessary to maintain safe, reliable water and sanitary services. Here is some important information regarding the City's water and sanitary operations during this time.
Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 Scams
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity for cybercriminals to send emails claiming to be from legitimate organizations with information about the coronavirus. Scam can include financial scams, misinformation campaigns, spear fishing attempts, and telephone deceptions and often include collecting sensitive information, stealing money, spreading false information or hacking into the victim’s device. 

COVID-19 scam emails can take different forms, including providing CDC alerts, health advice, and workplace policy emails.

Connect with the City of Elmhurst on COVID-19 Updates
Over the next coming weeks, you’ll find timely information and updates on our  City's website   to help you and your family stay safe. We also encourage you to follow the City's  Facebook  and  Twitter pages, and to subscribe to our  Alert Center . We will continue to send  E-Newsletters with updates on the virus as it relates to our community. Please also make sure you are subscribed to receive our  CodeRED Alerts. We will use this method to communicate any information requiring a direct and immediate need to take action for public safety. These notifications will enable us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations.
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