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Know an Amazing Kid?
The City of Elmhurst's Commission on Youth is currently seeking nominees for its annual Exemplary Youth Service Awards, on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at 7:00 PM at Bryan Middle School. All volunteers, nominators, and their guests will be invited to the City of Elmhurst Exemplary Youth Service Awards ceremony and all nominated volunteers will be recognized as part of the program, which will be presented and honored by Mayor Morley.  More info...

Elmhurst Proudly Presents its 23rd St. Patricks Day Parade!
Come join the fun, Saturday March 9th starting at noon. The parade will begin at the intersection of Wilson Street and Spring Road and will continue north on Spring Road in Elmhurst. More info...

FAA Fly Quiet Workshop
The Federal Aviation Administration will be hosting a workshop on Thursday, February 7
at the Diplomat West (681 West North Ave., Elmhurst) between 2-8 p.m. to take public input on the Interim Fly Quiet Plan.  This is an opportunity for residents to view presentation boards and provide comment (verbal or written) on the Interim Fly Quiet Plan, which will rotate runway use for nighttime air traffic over Elmhurst.  More info...

Winter Water Conservation Tips

Of course, we should be trying to conserve water year-round, but here are some ways to specifically prepare for wintertime water wasters.

Coyote Mating Season 
The sighting of coyotes in Elmhurst has been brought to the attention of the City of Elmhurst and the Elmhurst Police Department. In the Midwest, coyotes breed from January through March which increases the likelihood of seeing them, often in pairs, during the daytime.

Dig Out Fire Hydrants 
The Elmhurst Fire Department is urging residents to help ensure quick access to hydrants in the event on an emergency.
In situations where minutes are crucial, digging out a fire hydrant can be life saving by allowing quick access to first responders. A snow pact hydrant is also more likely to freeze. Taking a few minutes to clear the snow around a fire hydrant will enhance the ability to quickly locate and access the hydrant. Accessibility and functionality of hydrants are vital to firefighter operations.


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