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And the magic phrase is...
"Project mobilization!" In case you've been living under a rock or just hiding from the world for the last few months, we've got this little project set to kick off in short order at the intersection of US 6 and 19th Street. Hard to believe the time is almost here, but Feb. 8 is go-date for the Linking Lookout interchange project!

We're going to do our best to keep you informed and up-to-date as the project progresses. Lots of information is already available at www.LinkingLookout.com, including timelines, maps, and even the history of the project. We also have a video there of the Jan. 28 community meeting where city staff and the project contractor gathered to present information and answer questions. Each Tuesday we'll also update you on the latest in the Current Projects section below.

Of course, Golden is a lot more than one single construction project, however big it is! Read on to learn about what else is happening in Golden, and have a great week!

Your friends at the City of Golden

Current Projects
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Linking Lookout (US 6 & 19th St. Interchange)
The trailers are ready and the project is set to begin on February 8!

A community meeting was held on Jan. 28 at Fossil Trace Golf Club and attended by almost 200 people. If you missed it, no worries! We have a video of the meeting on our Community Meetings page, and under FAQs, you can see the answers to questions asked at the meeting.

Starting February 8, please be advised that 6th Avenue Trail will be closed for the duration of the project (through late 2017 and detoured over to Illinois Street. Have a look at the trail map, as well as other maps on our Construction Phasing & Traffic page.

Construction trailers, including a material testing mobile lab, are ready to get to work, tucked in behind the water tank by Beverly Heights park.
Linking Lookout Construction Trailers

West Fork Kenney Run Drainage Improvements
West Fork Kenney Run Drainage Improvements
Crews poured one of the drops last Saturday (see picture!)

Work will probably be shut down the rest of the week due to weather.
Grampsas Park Work
Two old buildings were taken down at Grampsas Park recently and will be replaced by one larger building.

The concrete foundation was poured for the new maintenance garage at Grampsas. The building should start construction on Wednesday (weather permitting, of course!).

Upcoming Events
Planning Commission Meeting
Planning Commission will meet on February 3 at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at 911 10th Street. At the upcoming meeting, Planning Commission will consider the following:
  • A public hearing to review a Special Use Permit request for outdoor lighting associated with a new skate park in Ulysses Park.
  • A public hearing to review and adopt the Draft South Golden Road Neighborhoods Plan as part of the Comprehensive Plan, and recommend that Council approve the adoption.
For more information on this or other upcoming board meetings, please visit our   Agendas, Minutes, Web Casts and Schedule page .

Public Art Commission Board Retreat
The Public Art Commission (PAC) will have a board retreat on February 4 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Golden Community Center. At the retreat, PAC will focus on the following with Public Art consultant facilitation:
  • A refinement of procedures and policies and a consideration of Public Art Industry Best Practices.
  • Review of Golden's Public Art Handbook
  • A refinement of Procedures and Policies
  • Artist Selection Process
  • Review Process for Community Proposals and Donations
For more information on this or other upcoming board meetings, please visit our   Agendas, Minutes, Web Casts and Schedule page .

Coffee with a Councilor - South Neighborhoods
This is a great opportunity to talk with representatives and residents of the South Neighborhoods, as well as any issue related to the greater "good of Golden."

This Saturday is extra special! Come out to meet Casey Brown, the newest member of Golden City Council, who will be attending as a special guest.

Meet at 10 a.m. at Bean Fosters, located at 720 Golden Ridge Road.

For details, call Councilor Saoirse Charis-Graves at 303-709-7529 or  scharisgraves@cityofgolden.net.

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GURA Meeting
The Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) will meet on February 8 at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at 911 10th Street. 

For more information on this or other upcoming board meetings, please visit our   Agendas, Minutes, Web Casts and Schedule page .
Around Town
City of Golden Boards, Commissions and Committees are looking for a few good men and women!
Love Golden? Why not apply to serve on one of the City's boards, commissions or committees and help guide its growth and future?

There are vacancies currently available on multiple boards serving myriad interests. Whether your interest is ensuring Golden's sustainable future on the Community Sustainability Advisory Board, preserving Golden's colorful past on the Historic Preservation Board, or even developing Golden's economy now on the DDA or GURA, Golden needs people of many interests and passions. Review all of the boards and commissions with current vacancies, learn more about those boards and commissions, and see what fits your particular skills and interests, then apply online. You can apply for up to three different boards with one application.

To learn more about the process and see the boards and commissions with vacancies, please visit our   How to Apply for Boards and Commissions page.
Jeffco Open Space Seasonal Wildlife Closures
Each year Jeffco Open Space uses seasonal wildlife closures to protect species at sensitive times in their life cycles. 

This year's seasonal wildlife closures affect five JCOS Parks including the following:
  • Centennial Cone Park
  • Clear Creek Canyon Park
  • North Table Mountain Park
  • Crown Hill Park
  • Cathedral Spires Park
Learn more about the park areas closed, and the reason and timing for the closures.