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Hemet PD Awarded $2.5 Million Grant for Organized Retail Theft Prevention

Businesses Walks Continue in the City of Hemet

Hemet Skate Plaza Takes Shape as Construction Progresses

Hemet PD Introduces $60,000 Bonus for Lateral Police Officers

Hemet Fire First Responder Pathway Program

Vandalism Prevention: Tips on How to Keep Your Business Safe

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Hemet PD Awarded $2.5 Million Grant for Organized Retail Theft Prevention

The Hemet Police (HPD) Department has been awarded a grant of $2,500,065 through the Budget Act of 2022, specifically, the Organized Retail Theft (ORT) Prevention Grant Program established by Senate Bill 154. 


The Hemet Police Department has devised a comprehensive four-year initiative to combat organized retail theft within the community. Key components of this initiative include:


  1. Public Education/Deterrence Campaign: HPD will launch a public education campaign to raise awareness about organized retail theft, its consequences, and how the community can help prevent it.
  2. Retailer Training: HPD will train retailers on the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to enhance the security of their establishments.
  3. Anti-ORT Task Force: An anti-ORT task force, consisting of law enforcement officers and representatives from the retail sector, will be established to collaborate on strategies and information sharing.
  4. Community Cameras: The initiative includes the installation of 25 additional community cameras in strategic locations to enhance surveillance and security.
  5. Gateway Technology: HPD will offer gateway technology to facilitate viewing footage from retailers' private security cameras, enhancing their ability to investigate and prevent retail theft.
  6. Dedicated Resources: A full-time, grant-funded Investigator and Crime Analyst will be assigned to focus specifically on organized retail theft cases. A full-time, grant-funded Community Services Officer will work directly with local businesses and liaise with HPD.
  7. Cooperation with Prosecutors: HPD will work closely with the District Attorney's office to provide evidence and explore pretrial diversion solutions whenever possible.

Click here to read the full press release

Business Walks Continue in the City of Hemet

On Monday, September 18, City leaders, including representatives from the City Council, the City Manager's Office, the Hemet Police Department, and the Hemet-San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce, came together for a Business Walk in the shopping center in the 2200 block of E Florida Avenue.

The City leaders visited local businesses to listen to concerns, suggestions, and feedback provided by local business owners. This collaborative effort has the potential to result in targeted solutions that can contribute to the success and growth of our local businesses The City of Hemet will continue to hold Business Walks monthly.

Hemet Skate Plaza Takes Shape as Construction Progresses

The Gibbel Skate Plaza construction continues to progress as flatwork is now completed.

In 2020, the Council awarded New Line Skate Parks, Inc. an agreement to complete the final design of the Gibbel Park Skate Plaza. In 2022, the Council authorized the appropriation of $1,950,000 of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to the project, and in the same year, a final design was approved. 

A groundbreaking event for its estimated completion time later this year. 

Hemet PD Introduces $60,000 Bonus for Lateral Police Officers

At the September 12, 2023, City of Hemet City Council Meeting, the City Council unanimously approved a $60,000 hiring incentive for lateral police officers. 


The decision to introduce this substantial incentive comes as the Hemet Police Department continues to bolster its recruitment efforts, mirroring a nationwide trend of police departments grappling with a shortage of qualified officers. This $60,000 bonus makes it one of California's most competitive offerings. 

The $60,000 incentive will remain in place at the discretion of Chief Eddie J. Pust. The funds allocated for these bonuses come from existing budget resources and salary savings, ensuring that the program does not impact other essential services the Hemet Police Department provides.


As of September 18, 2023, the $60,000 signing bonus for Lateral Police Officers is officially in effect. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit for further details on eligibility and application procedures.

Vandalism Prevention: Tips on How to Keep Your Business Safe

Vandalism can be a challenge to the business community in the City of Hemet. Not only does it result in financial losses, but it also impacts our city's overall sense of security and prosperity. However, there are proactive measures that you can take to deter vandals and create a safer environment for all

Prevent Trespassing with a 602 Form

A Trespass Letter of Consent (TLC) is a document that allows a police officer to take trespass enforcement action on your behalf after normal business hours without first contacting you. Police Officers do not normally have the authority to go onto private property, which is not open to the public, and remove individuals or request they leave the property. The consent or authority of the property owner or manager is needed. If an officer observes someone on private property when the business is closed or a problem is reported by someone who does not have the authority to sign a trespass complaint, the Hemet Police Department must first contact the person who is legally responsible for the property before taking any arrest action.

Learn more about the Trespass Letter of Consent

Download the form and Return it to City Hall, or the Hemet Police Department

Illuminate Your Property

Bright security lighting is a critical first step in deterring vandalism. Ensure that both the interior and exterior of your business are well-lit, making it difficult for vandals to operate in the shadows. 

Invest in Durable Fixtures

While no security measure is foolproof, investing in unbreakable glass and fixtures can significantly reduce the risk of vandalism.

Strategic Landscaping

Strategically planting shrubs and bushes can obstruct vandals from reaching their targets, whether it's signs, fixtures, or entry points. Opt for plants with thorns and sharp, jagged leaves and branches to create a natural deterrent.

Prompt Cleanup and Repairs

Vandals often seek recognition for their acts. Swiftly remove graffiti or repair damaged items to deny them the satisfaction of their actions. Maintaining the appearance and integrity of your business sends a message that vandalism will not be tolerated.

Report Incidents to Law Enforcement

Reporting vandalism to the Hemet Police Department is crucial. Never underestimate the impact of reporting, as law enforcement can only respond to reported crimes. Your timely reporting can lead to increased police presence, protecting your fellow business owners and deterring future incidents.

Secure Entrances and Gates

Implement the simple yet effective strategy of locking security gates and entrances after business hours. Vandals often target businesses with easy access. Adding an extra layer of security through locked doors and gates can discourage potential culprits.

Install Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a valuable tool in preventing vandalism. Place cameras strategically, covering areas prone to vandalism, and ensure they are out of reach and tamper-resistant. Having recorded evidence of vandalism can assist law enforcement in identifying and apprehending culprits.

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City Council Highlights

City Council Meeting - September 12, 2023

Continued Public Hearing on Zone Change from Low Density Multiple Family Residential to Single-Family Residential Minimum Lot Size 6,000 Square Feet

The Proposed zone change is located at the Northwest Corner of East Menlo Avenue and Park Avenue (APN 439-230-005; and 018) and Approving Tentative Tract Map No. 37558 to subdivide a 13-acre parcel into 51 lots for the future construction of single-family residences.

Approved Additional Flock Cameras

The City Council Adopted a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for Services Between the City of Hemet and Flock Group, Inc. in an Amount not to Exceed $114,000 Over Two Years for Flock OS Video Management Services and Eight (8) Condor Cameras in Support of the Hemet Police Department Real Time Crime Center.

City Council Approves Partnership with Riverside County Department of Animal Services to Provide Animal Control Services

The City of Hemet will partner with the Riverside County Department of Animal Services to provide comprehensive animal control services to the community. Following extensive discussions and consideration during the September 12, 2023, City Council meeting, the City Council approved a Professional Service Agreement that will run from October 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024 

City Council Approves First Introduction to Approve the Dissolving of Infrastructure Commission

The City Council approved the first introduction to approve the dissolving of the Infrastructure Commission. The second reading of the proposed ordinance for adoption will take place on September 26, 2023. The current functions and duties of the Infrastructure Commission will now be transferred to the Planning Commission.

Click here to view the Agenda

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