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Greetings from Jedi Genii,

Welcome back to the Light Center Newsletter!  Working in two levels can be interesting. It seems that the cosmic X Wave is in process making us more than we ever thought we would be. Since you and I are elevating into higher advancement, you might be trying to stay balanced. If you are a female, you may be having crying spells for no particular reason. You may even feel something around you like an outer garment, but nothing is seen. Your dreams may be very clear and colorful. If you are like me, the old change-of-life symptoms seem to be active again. And you will be doing a lot releasing of old data, no longer needed.  

The cosmic wave is very busy, and as one of my guides tells me, it can be like being on an elevator in the mall, where you get in on the ground floor and and take the fast track to the top, with no time to get off in between and shop. It is like you pushed the express elevator button called "Ascension."

Yep, we are in the process of upward moving momentum since the peak on September 28th, and the energy is still working with us, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The hardest thing to control is patience. Hello! Is anyone having trouble with patience? I suggest you stay in the "Now" energy and ride the X Wave to the top of ascension, because we asked for it and can't get off the elevator. After all this effort, who wants to? Enjoy the dizzy love ride. It could be a gift from God that you requested.

For those who asked ... no I have not ascended off the planet. I am still here and busy as can be, as I am now making frequent, almost daily trips to the land ... the location of the City, where I tone and pray, and see what I can see from time to time. We are close, friends.

Thanks for being you, for you are very much loved from The City of Light. Imagine That!

The Site for The City of Light Sedona is in Sight!
The City of Light is on the ground, bringing itself into view! When I was told the ground location, several of us went physically to see it as it is not far away, and magical things began to take place. You see, we not only looked for evidence that the City was there, stretching over miles of vacant land, but because we have been "Light Linked" from  taking the  "4 Keys to Light" sessions, we have our Inner Light Corridors open, so that we can see beyond seeing. It is a great part of ascension.
So, what was seen or not? With my soul sister Rev. Diana, we drove over in her car. I could not see anything myself, but I was mindful that for a few days, this area had been covered with immense white cumulous clouds that seemed to stretch in the direction of Phoenix. The cloud-show went on for days, dazzling us with its brilliance. So What?
Diana had her cellphone camera on hand and began taking pictures. When we saw the pictures later, darned if the clouds didn't have 3 space ships showing within their folds. Were we surprised! Also photographed, was a shower of white-light orbs that brought celestial light to the ground. We were so delighted to see these signs.  
The next time that we went to the site, we parked and I could faintly see a City Gate Entrance so similar to the ones I have seen so often in my visions as a trans-audio visionary. I was especially delighted to also see 3 entities standing in the entrance, and they were waving to us. Oh My!
On another occasion, member Renee Trenda, was driving along that road, and saw another strange sight in the sky. There was heavy mist in the air, as we had had a couple days of rain. But the mist right above the City land was the color of the violet flame. In this area, you can see the open sky for miles, and it was clear that the sky to the left and to the right of the City was a normal blue-gray color, but right above the City it changed to this intense violet color. It was incredibly beautiful. We had to wonder what was inside of the City that was generating that color.

What does all of this mean? Something's Coming! Not only coming but at this point it is here NOW!

City of Light Visit Manifesting the Impossible
As advised I am about to re-enter the City of Light for another talk with Ooo-lon, Commander of Space Lights, and the head leader of many universal beings who have worked diligently to bring forth into viewing the magnificent healing City of love. My inner sight and sound brings forth the latest update of the City appearance and so I begin.
The Holy Vision is always impressive to me and never in my mind could I make-up what I see and hear. It is given to me to share and I do this in pure love and the excitement of what is to be possible in the healing lights coming forth as given in my book, SOMETHING'S COMING - - Indeed! My meditative inner vision appears and the scene begins:
Many happy people are waiting to enter and see for themselves what this miracle is all about, and I am one of them. My City guide, La-Luke, comes smiling through the crowd, takes my hand, and leads me around to the side of the trolley and in we go. What do I see?   Not a city trolley, but a smart looking car-like vehicle called a 'city scooter' that has no wheels and needs no driver since the dashboard has all the building names. All one has to do is push a button at the city building you want to go to, and it scoots right there -- a city scooter. What fun is this? Whoopee!!
This city scooter takes us right up to the embassy front door and we enter this wondrous information building which is filled with universal light beings from all over the universe that have helped to put this wondrous City in place which is only 10 minutes from my home in Sedona which I just learned recently. I have come to know them a bit and love each one for what they have done. I met Ooo-lon on the stage and after getting an electric sort of hug, we sit and begin our conversation.
O: "Welcome back, Lady Light, soon the world will see where you have been going on your inner City visits - - getting excited?"
O:"Yes, the past few weeks and especially, the firsl few days have been quite exciting with Pope Francis' visit and the X wave in process and indeed it is very exciting. I have some questions please." Ooo-lon nodded yes.
G:"Do you feel the City tone that I give in my 4 Keys to Light sessions when it is sent out to the City?"
O: "Oh yes, it is like a hum filled with love and we are aware that you are sending God's love to this geographic location and smiles are seen everywhere. Here we even stop our creating and say, Thank you All!
 G: "When Rev Diana and I sat and began seeing things only on her camera film, we saw lots of orbs and even sky ships hidden in the big white clouds. We are delighted to make this discovery that indeed our Sedona area is buzzing with activity that we don't see in our daily physical world."
O: Ooo-lon laughing said. "What you see and the message sent out to those who have no idea of what is going on in the back yard so to speak, could be scary for those who entertain the dark side."
G: "Thank you. I am getting such nice loving guidance from Archangel Michael on ways to stay balanced as this city moves closer to appearing. Women are telling me that as the energy of the X wave continues, it becomes harder to control the emotional tears and for no known particular reason."
O: "The feminine crying is an emptying of emotional sadness of past events held in the subconscious for a period of time. Now as the light of the City nears and is felt, it is releasing and filling with light for all is to become light.   Sadness will have no place to hide so permit the tears to flow knowing happiness is filling the void. Understand?"
G: "Yes I have had a few of these myself especially every time I feel love in fact. Thanks, Oh my!"
O: "All is quite well as some healings are taking place even before the City appears letting in happiness where sadness was the intruder before."
G: "Thank you. A group of people, some linked some not, went to the City land and toned together as a group. It was a love ceremony for the City and at least, I felt some acknowledgement coming back to us."
O: "As said, the tone of love is felt any time, at any place it is sent to us. Keep it going."
G: "Please tell me about Pope Francis' first visit to this country. Did it have anything to do with the City of light?"
O: "Oh my, yes. He is quite a leader of love everywhere he goes. His heart is filled with this love and we look to see him return as the City appears. He carries his personal Christ consciousness, which is a blessing to all and he has been a teacher who believes the Christ will return, so why not the second coming with it and all will be blessed.
Dear One, it is really only love that serves the highest purpose including the City and the reason it is to make its appearance and shake up the world. It brings love, ready or not, and not just a short form of love, but one that sustains now and forever. So then, has this been of help?"
G: "Yes sir, and I am going to be asked again - - - when?"
O: "You are aware the City sits on your earth ground?
G: "Yes."
O: "You are aware of its feeling presence?"
G: "Yes, both Diana and I have felt it when we went to the grounds."
O: "Continue your visits and be open for this gift of God that could be seen at any moment in your time...stay in the NOW!"
With this we stood and I got a farewell hug and presto, I am back home awaiting the holy moment as are many others. Ah! Thank you!
Good Reasons for Feeling God Good! City of Light Visit
As I enter my usual inner space, my vision shows me standing near a city gate when before I could see the gate from a distance but now I can touch it which feels like slippery coated white cement but has tiny crystals embedded in it. could this be a crystal city people have been seeing? I am alone no one else around like usual. there are many words to describe something, none of them fit what I am experiencing. wow! stepping inside I look for the usual city trolley but none is around, oh well I can walk to the embassy as I have done it before and it is quite a sight with unusual shaped buildings.  
Suddenly a vehicle of gold white pulls up by me, what is this? looks kind of like a car but has no wheels including a driver seat wheel. What it does have on the dashboard, is a list of all the City buildings with a button next to each. Just push a button and this (CITY SLIDER) takes you there. So I push the Embassy button and hang on as it begins it's destination ride...I hope! Well, guess what? You are right, indeed we slid up to the beautiful out of this world Embassy building.Wow what a fun ride, plus, we get the City trolley cars too. What a great way to get healed!
Stepping into the Embassy once more gives me a feeling of progress talking with Ooo-lon, I get answers and updates from the high City CEO who seemed to be the only one in the building as all the space light entities were someplace else, probably bring in this fantastic Gift from God! Ooo-lon has been my teacher and space friend for many years now as I followed the City progress enjoying every trip, I get an electric hug and we begin our conversation on the usual fancy chairs,
O:" Welcome back Lady Light. I can only guess what you want to know... right? "
G: " I am sensing this City pretty strong now. Rev, Diana and I and several other Light Links, now go to the land site that we were informed is the place where the now invisible City will become visible, and have been sending the City tone into it, What can you tell me so I can let others know also."
O: "And what pray tell have you both seen while there?"
G: " Well the first time we saw (thru her camera, not visible to our normal eyes, Lots of Orbs. The next time it was a couple of Spacecrafts in the big white clouds we have been having over Sedona here lately thru her camera. The last time sitting in her car and toning, a City Entrance came to me with 3 entities standing in the Gate opening smiling at us and kind of having fun doing that dressed in white robes or jump suits (as they were faintly seen like what I call 'See-thru's faint images I can kind of see thru them."
O: "Indeed could be a City welcoming committee as there are many around preparing this many miles of land site for company, Angels of sorts. Report to the people that this precious land is indeed the holder of Gods magic about to be delivered. go back home knowing the City is about to be delivered.Your lives are changing as God brings 4th a healed planet in which darkness will find no place to hide.
G; "One more question please, I have been told that we are now in a cosmic x wave of elevation does this have anything to do with the City coming?"
O: " Indeed it clears the way and releases the darkness never to find a hiding place again."
G; " Thank you now one more please that I am sensing strongly... while this X wave is going on until September 28 2015 and the Holy Pope is today beginning his first time visiting in our country, He is also bringing the 'Christ Consciousness Energy' during this same week. In my opinion, This would be the perfect time for the City to appear! What are the chances of this happening?"
Ooo-lon smiles and only said 4 WORDS ..."TONE THE HOLY SOUND!" as the scene dissolved into nothing!
So love it be!
Genii Townsend Trans-audio / visionary 

Experience The Sacred 4 Keys to Light Teachings
Genii Townsend, author of The City of Light Sedona and SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light Invites You to The 4 Keys to Light!

The next 4 Keys to Light Class will be held in Sedona from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, October 24.
The remaining
dates for 2015 are November 14th and December 12th. Other dates will be scheduled as needed (and on line) so please let us know when you are ready!  
We are also now sharing The 4 Keys to Light remotely on an exciting experimental basis as we prepare to develop an online training classroom. If you would like to participate or want to know more please Click Here for our Invitation.
"Dear Genii: Memories, Love, Friendship, extraordinary wonderful Time of Healing.  Something 'did' happen.  My spirituality has Truly Blessed into un-imaginable heights.  Thank you." -- Barbara Forever Friends 444 

"The 4 Keys was/is a memorable and moving experience.  Having the tools to access both the higher sources of light and my guide makes me finally feel equipped to move into the future with confidence.  I look forward to learning and growing with my 'light partners'!!! With great love and gratitude." -- Condelia    

T he next scheduled 4 Keys to Light in Sedona is scheduled for Saturday, October 24. For an overview of The 4 Keys, please watch this short video and Click Here for more details.

Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana Runge Introduce The 4 keys to Light 
Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana Runge Introduce The 4 keys to Light
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What is love anyway? Think about it. What makes you feel good? It could be another person, a fuzzy puppy, or even a taste of chocolate! What if I told you that those things are great, but when the City of Light is seen, it is bringing "Real Love, God Love." Is it different? Oh, my Yes!!! One day recently, I stood alone outside of my Sedona home, when I got the Love feeling so strong that I had to hold onto something. It was a feeling of such love, that I can't even explain it. I could only absorb it. Then in a minute, it left and I was still in awe of what took place. Later in asking my Guides what had taken place, I was told that it was a sample of what to expect that everyone will feel ... God's love from the City itself. All I could say was, "Wow, we really want that!" No wonder that negativity will be abolished on this planet. 

All of us with The Light Center of Sedona Deeply Apprecia-Love You!

Sincerely your Forever Friend,

      Genii Townsend