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The Light Center Newsletter                                               March 8, 2016
Greetings from Jedi Genii and Welcome to The Light Center Newsletter!

Hi, it is good to be back with you all. We have not been on vacation; quite the contrary. It has been getting very exciting since our last newsletter and indeed there is a Divine Impact coming, ready or not. Have you noticed any changes taking place? Strange feelings, physically, mentally and for us women of course, emotionally, going on lately?

Oh My God! Indeed. I understand this is divinely set as Ascension wave taking place, and also due to a City of Healing Light coming forth, plus maybe a couple more areas like daily living. I am surprised that we all are not floating in space.
Thanks to all the people who are checking in to our 4 Keys of Light sessions across the country. They have found out that each key works and they become a Light Link 
as well as learning about their personal Inner God Guides who are keeping them in the Light, which is fun to learn about. Imagine that and welcome to this handy dandy news letter and, and our thanks to Charles Betterton who works hard to get it out for your enjoyment.
Working in two levels can be interesting. The cosmic wave is very busy, and as one of my guides tells me, it can be like being on an elevator in the mall, where you get in on the ground floor and and take the fast track to the top, with no time to get off in between and shop. It is like you pushed the express elevator button called "Ascension"and as you will read below in an article from our BELOVED Dr. Rick Cohen ASCENSION ISN'T FOR SISSIES!!! 

For those who asked ... no I haven't YET ascended off the planet. I am still here and busy as can be, as I am now making frequent, almost daily trips to the land ... the location of the City, where I tone and pray, and see what I can see from time to time. We are close, friends.
Thanks for being you, for you are very much loved from The City of Light. Imagine That!

The Site for The City of Light Sedona is in Sight!
The City of Light is on the ground, bringing itself into view! When I was told the ground location, several of us went physically to see it as it is not far away, and magical things began to take place. You see, we not only looked for evidence that the City was there, stretching over miles of vacant land, but because we have been "Light Linked" from  taking the  "4 Keys to Light" sessions, we have our Inner Light Corridors open, so that we can see beyond seeing. It is a great part of ascension. So, what was seen or not? With my soul sister Rev. Diana, we drove over in her car. I could not see anything myself, but I was mindful that for a few days, this area had been covered with immense white cumulous clouds that seemed to stretch in the direction of Phoenix. The cloud-show went on for days, dazzling us with its brilliance. So What?
Diana had her cellphone camera on hand and began taking pictures. When we saw the pictures later, darned if the clouds didn't have 3 space ships showing within their folds. Were we surprised! Also photographed, was a shower of white-light orbs that brought celestial light to the ground. We were so delighted to see these signs. The next time that we went to the site, we parked and I could faintly see a City Gate Entrance so similar to the ones I have seen so often in my visions as a trans-audio visionary. I was especially delighted to also see 3 entities standing in the entrance, and they were waving to us. Oh My!

On another occasion, member Renee Trenda, was driving along that road, and saw another strange sight in the sky. There was heavy mist in the air, as we had had a couple days of rain. But the mist right above the City land was the color of the violet flame. In this area, you can see the open sky for miles, and it was clear that the sky to the left and to the right of the City was a normal blue-gray color, but right above the City it changed to this intense violet color. It was incredibly beautiful. We had to wonder what was inside of the City that was generating that color.

"I felt the most peaceful, calming energy when I visited the land. As I was sitting there toning Ahhhh, it was pure Bliss. I knew there was something very special about the place! The air seemed palpable, yet not of this dimension. More like the 5th. Genii, Renee and I experienced this together and I didn't want to leave." -- Nina Joy
Juliet Sisk and Renee went to the City Site to celebrate the New Year
R: I ask what can we do to help?
A: Picture the City in the vessica pisces of 3D/5D and fill that space with various lights and
     Ahhh Tones. When the now moment is right with that, you can create globes filled with
     that energy and send them to others (Loved ones, and others anywhere in the world)
     Ask questions about the City, for you are 'of the City' independent of how Genii is of the
     City. You know Hermes too.
R:  What is that sound I am hearing? Is it of this space? 3D or 5D? It is like nothing I have
     ever heard. Almost like the breathing of the planet. (I held my own breath to make sure
     it was not me, and it still sounded). I did not get an answer.
R:  I asked to speak to a technician underground of the Body Temple Building. A man stepped forth and identified himself as 'Simon.' I thanked him for the work he is doing.
S:  "Would you like to be implanted with the healing energy, so that anyone you touch gets
     healed with the same energy we use?"
R:  "YES! (I have felt that at some point I would have the healing touch. I am so glad to have
      this gift.) I got the feeling that they placed implants in both palms of my hands, but they
      are connected to my heart and to my mind. What a gift! TY! TY! TY!
R:  "Simon, do I know you by any other name?
S:  "Yes, but you do not have the memory of that time yet. That will come through as you
     meet others later. (He feels like a brother.) I told him that my name is Renee and asked
     if he knows me by any other name. Yes, Ann-El is known to them.
R:  "Will the City be shown and operational soon?"
S:  "Yes, hopefully before Easter if all goes well. We are tired of waiting. :)"
R:  "You're tired! How do you think we feel?"
S:  "We'll both be satisfied very soon. You have been given the gift of healing touch to take
     out to the world. You are thus taking the City out."
R:  "OK. TY. That is life changing."
S:  "Sacred work, Sacred duty is the bonding Joy of all who do this work. To touch you, is to
     touch the City."
R:  "Yes, and I am so grateful for the answers that I get."

What does all of this mean? Something's Coming! AND it is here NOW! 

Highlights of Messages Genii Has Received Recently
Hi, This is Renee Trenda for The Light Center. We want to bring everyone up to date on the Guidance that Genii has been getting since the last issue of the newsletter. In the future, these messages and Genii's visits to the City of Light will be shared on our web site and in two new Facebook Groups we are setting up to be better able to stay in contact with you. If you have a Facebook account, please join our City Of Light Sedona Group 
If you have completed the 4 Keys to Light, we also invite you to join our new Group at  

We decided that rather than copy all of Genii's recent messages in this update issue, we would make a summary of the highlights of each message. Her Guides suggested this method, and it works for us. Here Goes ... We'll start with the present and work our way backwards.
3.6.16 As Above So Below - The City of Love
The changing of the current presidential systems that are not coming from love, but with egos attached, must make a change and this is what will happen as the first City of Light surprises much of the planet, making the future one of love, ready or not! The future children coming forth in a new world, will know that love is the only answer as there will be no opposite. As the planet changes from horror stories of wars and  mental atrocities and with more projected, this will stop! Those who feel that they must dominate others are missing the love intended to make a happy life for themselves as well as others. Will this become a new world with enough for all?  Of course! For God will have it no other way. No one need to be without, wondering how to survive. Major changes? Oh my God yes!
3.5.16 Presidential Preparation
A: "The presidential movement to bring in a new president has many reaching for this place of honor with the best they have to offer, however with God's City due to manifest, dear one anything can happen which cannot be predicted at this time except there will be a mix-up of minds (that even now is happening) as that can effect the chosen one from their perspective and changes are expected to take place. Since this City comes with a love never experienced before and those who feel the love could have a change of heart, moving thru the ethers leaving no one out of its Love Wave which was not felt, when they signed up for this tour of presidential duty. It is likely to be a mix-up of ideas never felt before, and as before there was anger speared out at the opponent, they may surprise themselves to find a new friend instead. So for the moment what looks like those in the white house running will be astounded of what is really taking place having had no clue that this was about to happen.
3.4.16 City Moving 4-Ward 
A: "The Genii loves to see the local trees and flowers blooming bigger and quicker than before, as they are refreshed in the current 'City love waves' attending them, and spring has declared itself big time. The City of Light is indeed responsible. The light & love from the upper dimensions are playing their part as they meet the amber (not red for amber is healing) rocks that contain the vortexes. Like a filling power, you have seen the sky crafts hover at night sending colored lights. Is everything moving 4-word? Yes of course! Know that ALL IS QUITE ACTIVE AND ON COURSE.Bless all those who have an interest in the City and as in the 4 keys To Light, they do the City Tones daily.  Their holy corridor remains open making quite a nice welcome into the High court of God and to those of earth and sky, and so the City of Love shines brightly ... with you included!
3.3.16 Nothing Less Than Total Love
This is no fantasy but a royal entrance of God, to deliver and the best vortex Healing location (Sedona, AZ.) ever dreamed up to serve the masses from a God who cares what happens to this planet. People all over the planet are crying out for money to serve themselves and others and so be on watch as even this will be taken care of asap. Dear one, all is in Divine Right Order and blessed are those who know and believe, as all is done... so THE PROSPERITY GOD SMILES AND SAYS YES! IMAGINE THAT!!  
2.29.16 Longing for the City
G: "Guidance please, as we are ready to slide into the Luck of the Irish of March (and sure I be that! ). I am asking again if now I can have an audience with Ooo-Lon in the City or what am I to be aware of?"
A: "And again the question lifts its energy. Dear one if it was possible, surly you would know the answer would be ... yes. We too look to see this massive holy project be completed and it will be as PROMISED. Last evening you drove past the given location of the City and you toned both going and coming back. This was good. Many who work in the evening felt the frequency of God's love. If you could see thru the 3 dimension to a higher frequency as the 5th dimensional the action going on, you would be amazed at the technical work going in process. It is being brought from outer space and put into place so you humans can see, feel, and walk into it and get mentally and bodily healed. Your waiting is the easy part. The time is NOW as it should be. Ooo-lon is quite active in verifying that the space electrical part is the finest in the world as you do not have it yet. It is the kind that makes miracles appear and what Master Who-no easily does that you have recordings of. And E-NA-O has reported how important that each part be done correctly
2.27.16 Releasing More ... Rising UP
G: "GOOD GOD MORNING" as the Charles says. What is to be known? City?... Advancement? And is stress a part of this atonement as we are feeling and how long will we have to endure it? It sure seems to cancel out love ..." A: "Ah ... so you have noticed? With the releasing constantly, you are bound to get feelings that you don't want to experience but they pop up anyway, and as the stress weans it clears the frequencies to a higher level and all is well again. It is advised to stay as much as possible in his opening dialogue, "GOOD GOD MORNING" AND THEN, MAKE IT SO WITH GOD ASSISTING ... Why lose time for anything else?
As for the City of Love, we smile. The time of exposure begins its appearance with space friends making the magic nearby. It should be noted that you are just a few miles from it, so indeed you are getting the frequencies a bit. Which of course, it would be expected that your off- balanced periods would appear, and the mind sends a bit of aches as well on occasion. This is short lived at this point. Hang on dear one ... You have held the course this far. No need to quit now as you are near the finish line. All is for your ascendancy as was predicted long since. It is known that you want to re-enter the Embassy, however for the moment this will have to do as it makes the connection with the space entities that you have seen there. And also the sky ships are preparing for the connection.
2.14.16 Valentine's Day  
A: "This is a day when feelings of love rise to the surface to support someone dear to you as well as yourself, as you carry the God of love  within your energy fields as well as your heart. You have just completed your Ah tones, which is God's love sending its power to all, and why you have mentally directed it as you see it may be needed.  It is love that clears off anything that is out of order and makes any home and place to have peace and comfort.  
Make today of love, orderly as you release what may be unneeded and has done its job taking you this far. The City awaits your desires which is the top one long since made itself known. Imagine that!  Enjoy each other just for the the love and help where you can.
A: "The Genii is a City watcher even as you look into the dark sky at night or early morning and see flashing lights that are not the stars. That indeed is the space ships having night air practice due to all the different conditions, as the vortexes are strong energy fields that have to be dealt with constantly. Also the third dimension weather conditions are now in constant momentary changing patterns to keep up with the City. It's changing entrance patterns are also in action. There is much going on here especially after dark. Of course the City itself is the energy target like pouring a new liquid into a pan of soup already cooked. Changes take place. The warming calm you are now experiencing with delight, is apart of the whole scenario. As for the interest in the Pope Francis, he indeed will play his part yet not known as the City makes headlines across the TV screens of this whole planet. Hold on.. stay open for indeed we shall keep you informed."
G: "Can I return to the Embassy in the City?"  

A: "Not quite yet, but Ooo-lon will be in contact with you soon. We try to explain how this City transforms itself into a solid condition for you, not only to see but walk into.
2.11.16 Divine Design In Process
Genii: "Please explain to me further about the City of Light and it being the 2nd coming reported long ago. What is the inner interest of Pope Francis? I am not catholic so to speak, spiritual yes, and that touches everyone to me. This is pretty new information for me. Some clearing up will be appreciated. Thank you."
A: "That could only mean life changes for the betterment of all. The current Pope Francis is a carrier of cleansing love, as he projects his love to all he meets in any location. Not having said this to you before, but he too carries the City essence in his frequency and smiling, deposits LOVE with everyone he meets or mentally thinks of in his prayer time, just as you do in your meditation time.  He will be known. It has been said from many that he must carry the Christ love as his whole essence says he is like the Christ in human form, being strong but so loving and gentle, which gives him power as he speaks to millions. So it could be natural that he be a participant in the second coming referred to as the Christ. As the pieces come together and more of the 2nd Coming comes to light all will be known (as he knows not this) but people sense something more here. On the outside he is a leader of honor and love. On the inside he is a Divine Design of the Sainted Holy man called the Christ and the long awaited 2nd Coming has arrived, noted as the City of Light. Imagine that! Stay in God's  love and bless everyone you meet or know as they may need to be loved!"

2.9.16 A Mighty Fine God Design
Atherian: "That all that you have been given in previous City guidance's is quite true as we know nothing less and all will be seen as quite true. You speak truth to those you serve. The most holy God of love will shine this lighted City for all to be aware of ... that indeed there is a heavenly God in case there is any doubt. Indeed for man cannot create such a miracle of love! The frequencies of the sun that right now shines on the Sedona vortexes, is a mix in this Divine miracle formation, making it beyond belief for many. But it will be seen as beyond a first class act for everyone's pleasure of feeling healthy and good. Nothing before can compete on any of this planet's level. 

Is this a dream? An inner vision? Absolutely given to you as a reporter of what is to come about, and have you not entered the Light City in meditative states of awareness, even to take people there? (see my book Something's Coming Cities of Light to give readers a glimpse of what great healing technologies are coming forth. God's intent is to change the thinking from darkness of negativity to the positive of light. A new level of thinking will become the norm as The City of Love brings forth new ways of positive living, filled with Light that can light up the minds to see what God can really do in their own life.  The darkness will go running. You will not find it, because there is none.
2.8.16 God's Plan Expanding Love
Atherion: "As the days of your 3rd dimension time of knowing, are moving faster, as time is becoming 'NOW', and the City of Light makes its appearance just be aware that all is well and indeed the City also looks 4-word to being in action. It is alive with love to serve. Your planet is in a magical change moment to moment as the unheard holy tone is sounded far and wide. (Your 4 keys to light sessions) moved thru the ethers to bring 4th the dream long held, as you are aware. Even the little birds outside in your sunny trees feel the changes taking place under the clear sky honoring the NEW birth of a savior long spoken of. So then, you the Genii having held this City honor and promise, NOW as time rejoices ... Hold on ... Sing your tones ... Stay the course, for love is in the air. Feel it within. It could be a feeling that the City of Love is moving 4-word to its own birthday, telling all is quite well.
2.7.16 Just Another Miracle Coming Forth!
Answer ... "Gods magic is in process. In the finality of the City process of appearance, it is recommended that this visit is postponed until a signal is given to return. This is in no way a stopping of City visits into the City Embassy ... just a postponement, that the energy fields are changing into the 3rd dimension and would be a disruption for the moment. Ooo-lon is on the the front energy fields preparing introduction into the 3rd dimension. For now we shall bring you up to date, of what you would understand is taking place, as just said and for in your world, God's miracle appears as if by magic. Stay with it and expect the impossible to appear at any of your time. Rest but be aware you are a connecting part as you sense the City appearance. Keep God's love tone going, for that is the MIRACLE TONE of CITY POWER." (The 4 Keys To Light Sessions)

Ascension Is NOT For SISSIES! by Dr. Rick Cohen
I first heard the expression NOT FOR SISSIES used when a neighbor of mine was referring to getting older and all the health challenges that he was currently facing. He got real serious and said to me, GETTING OLDER IS NOT FOR SISSIES!! As many of us have been experiencing first hand the emotional, mental and physical ROLLER COASTER of the ASCENSION PROCESS this phrase once again came into mind and I thought WOW!!  ASCENSION IS NOT FOR SISSIES EITHER!!!
This process we have been going through changes from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and even second to second. Think about some of the mood swings you have experienced recently. How about new aches and pains that come and go sometimes NOT quickly enough. How about some of the interesting thoughts ,ideas and feelings we have been experiencing lately. Some of these are painful and bring up anger, fear, sadness, feelings of being lost and the next breath we feel totally in oneness. What exactly is going on here?  The new vibrational onslaught on our 4 lower bodies ( the physical, mental, emotional, and etheric) is literally forcing up and hopefully out a lot of our past and present negative human experiences.
Can these be traumatic? Painful? Un-nerving? Forcing us into feelings of not being worthy and out of balance? ABSOLUTELY !!!  Thus we have to stand up, be strong and resilient as we are being swept clean of our past and present 3rd dimensional choices and experiences. Is this an easy process? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! After all nobody said this was going to be easy. At least we know once we have completed this Ascension Process it will never have to be experienced again. Just remember as your ROLLER COASTER ride continues to throw you all around, up and down, that ASCENSION IS NOT FOR SISSIES !!!!!!  After all you are a lot TOUGHER than you think you are, or you would not have signed up for this in this lifetime. All you have to do is HANG ON!!  For it appears this ride is almost over and then we have to get busy doing GOD' S WORK. My hat's off to all the Courageous LIGHTWORKERS who are going through this.
GOD BLESS US ALL !!!!!!!!!
      Dr. Rick Cohen

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Genii Townsend, author of The City of Light Sedona and SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light Invites You to The 4 Keys to Light!

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"Dear Genii: Memories, Love, Friendship, extraordinary wonderful Time of Healing.  Something 'did' happen.  My spirituality has Truly Blessed into un-imaginable heights.  Thank you." -- Barbara Forever Friends 444 

"The 4 Keys was/is a memorable and moving experience.  Having the tools to access both the higher sources of light and my guide makes me finally feel equipped to move into the future with confidence.  I look forward to learning and growing with my 'light partners'!!! With great love and gratitude." -- Condelia    

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Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana Runge Introduce The 4 keys to Light 
Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana Runge Introduce The 4 Keys to Light 
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Well, let's see what is coming ...The City of Light, The 4 Keys to Light, The new Facebook Groups for Light Center Members, and now The 4 Keys will be given on line. Thanks for checking in. I suspect that there will be much more coming really soon.

All of us with The Light Center of Sedona Deeply Apprecia-Love You!

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      Genii Townsend