The City of Light Sedona   
A Dream or Divine Destiny?

Painting of a dream of a City of Light over Sedona � Shailaa Stillwater  

The City of Light is BOTH a Dream AND a Divine Destiny!
AND it will come forth in the fullness of God's Divine timing!

The Sedona Light Center Update                    January 15, 2015  





It has been almost three weeks since our last newsletter and in spite of the Holidays and major computer problems, we are now able to present our follow-up newsletter. We realize all of you are breathlessly awaiting the arrival of The City, just as we are according to God's promise. In this newsletter we will update you on the occurrences that have taken place since our previous issue and where things stand at the moment.  


As you will see from the latest information received that we are sharing in the 4 main articles in this newsletter, we are on the brink of the greatest manifestation of God ever experienced in modern times.    


1. Impossible things are happening every day. The breathtaking beauty of the City of Love is awesome that is heading our way, is not only a possibility but a probably.  Mr. Disney tells me, "It is fun to do the impossible" and he should know as he did it. God looks to bring in the greatest show on earth.. sounds good to me. Thanks God!


#2. My inner teachers tell me "To be in the world but not of it." An interesting place to be for sure, but for me it works well (when I use it) and tune into my God self and then I get the best advice ever. I love my life unusual as it is. How about you?


#3. When I think of bringing forth a miracle, I think of a new baby which is indeed a God miracle, be it human or a new puppy. We look to enjoy the same thrill as God births a City of Love to help millions and, right in our own planets back yard so to speak, Happy birth everyone. See you in the City Birth-aterium.


#4. Ever have an idea that looked to have great possibilities? Using my background of theater and puppet performing and creator, I am using that format to show you just as easy how God is pulling the strings of a gifted city of Light for us, in words that even kids can understand. Who is pulling your strings? I know who is pulling mine.

We are so grateful for all the beautiful messages from SaLuSa shared with us by Michael Quinsey and we are including a few recent references to the City of Light Sedona. If you would like to subscribe and read his messages you are invited to Click Here to do so.

   Michael Quinsey and Genii Townsend at the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona

SaLuSa and The City of Light Sedona  

"We hear many of you question why time seems to be going so much faster. It is simply that the speed of the vibrations is increasing, whilst at the same time the vibrations are lifting you up out of the lower vibrations. It will continue until you are completely lifted up into the 4th. Dimension, to no longer be assailed by the lower vibrations The coming City of Light, that is also part of the new dimension is just one many manifestations that are lined up to appear this year. That it already appears to have been delayed should not concern you as it due to appear very shortly. We know that humans are impatient but you are so near to seeing the City of Light we ask you to have patience."-SaLuSa, 2 January 2015    


Prelude to Embassy Visit January 1, 2015
Happy first day of a new exciting never before used year!

I have been on a sacred destiny since I first was given the beginning information of a City of Light that was to come forth on this planet through my reverend husband's meditations.  "What, I muttered, yeah right! How can that be! One would need a miracle."

Well, it is always a sacred pilgrimage to re-enter through my meditation process of sight and sound, this very same place he told me about. This is an honor to see, hear and learn from inside the City itself and for some 30 years of our time, I have done that very thing much to my amazement. What I did learn was that this planet really needs what I have been privileged to examine, while not knowing where each inner vision viewing would take me.

I have learned through these experiences to trust that somewhere in time, that what I am guided to share would indeed take place and right here in my local neighborhood of Sedona, Arizona.  Then 13 more of the same Cities of Light would appear around our spinning planet, as many countries would also need what appeared like magic in my country.
Now, this could or could not take place in my time slot. But to remember God is in charge and only an indication in our time could be given. Well swell! What is time anyway. Today we are starting a new year which is 365 days to play in, dream in, create in, and just love each other.  Sounds good to me. Thanks God.

God, in whatever form, is my best 4-ever friend of sacred holiness and this whole adventure is ingrained in my heart.  My physical being looks forward to me too, physically entering into the City with excited people ready to experience God in a super grand way.

I have to admit I am blessed to be able to see healings taking place and things like babies being born in Light. The kids of the future are going to be Light-lit and change any negativity into a great loving world that says, "Golly, who can I hug next. I like you! I really like you!"

So permit yourself, if you have time, to sit in on a short conversation with a City Cosmic Mentalist of pure wisdom and love. Meet Ooo-lon, whose job description is to lead the hundreds of Universal Light Entities that sit in this audience observing what we speak of in my conversation with Ooo-lon, who has been my cosmic/earth teacher for some time in these visits.

So now it is time for a new year and this is the first visit I had this morning on the first day of 2015. Come join us if you feel you want to, as you are certainly welcome. 
A LITTLE COSMIC LOVE! City Embassy Visit, Jan 1, 2015

 Inner scene: Traveling through a City gate, I see only a few people doing the same thing. My City guide, La-Luke, comes to me with a City hug, smiling, as we walk through the Relaxation Park and onto one of the City's funny trolleys.  We head for the great Embassy of Peace where many conversations have taken place from which City information comes forth to share with the public about this major event.
As I arrive and move inside, I pull back the backstage drapes to find a gentle but powerful Universal Being named Ooo-lon who has been my informer for lo these many years. I get a hug as he points to a couple of chairs all ready for us, and I see an audience of hundreds of more Universal Lights waving to us.
O: "Welcome back, Lady of Wonder."
G: "Hi Ooo-lon, interesting you say wonder."
O: "Are you not wonder-full?"
G: "If you mean, am I full of wonder, that Sir is true. The City, as I was told, was to appear in December, 2014.  Now it is the first day of 2015 and as yet, no City has appeared on earth. What happened the people are asking me.  How do I explain that."
O: "Dear One, this is truth in action, and you are not to blame in any way. You speak truth as given. Technical areas of your planet are filled with force fields of many kinds, and unless you are of another dimension, you may not be aware of such areas.
"The technology that brings forth such as this City of light must be perfectly in tune with your electrical fields which also hold much power. The City connection must be perfect, as you too are an electrical being. The whole purpose of this City is that it does appear and people can enter and receive that technology to heal. Understand?

"You are in a time-demand energy level, so the evaluation is the City did not appear as you were guided to report. Now that the disappointment is over I suggest you take another look at 2015 again in the time slot, take a deep breath and look to 2015 while continuing to see it appear.
"NOW, is the time sequence for you to stay in, the NOW, so that it is done and received while complete and perfect! That's it! Keep up with the City work you do, and excuse me, but have you not reported that the dark night sky over Sedona has been more light than usual and a snow storm of many inches just landed in your area? Liquid light Dear One is cleansing.  Remember?  Have not weather changes all over the world been dramatic at best?
"Could it be from the electrical changes going on unseen? Of course. Anything to do with the City of Light? Of course! Are not those who have been in your 4 keys sessions referred to as LIGHT LINKS now doing the holy tone in support? Of course."

G: "You are saying all is well, and not to be disturbed by a delay."
O: "Of course, permit us to do our work with the City making everything correct.  Absolutely you will have your healing City of love come forth and many will walk into the City, and the City will do what it is designed to do, HEAL BY LIGHT! God makes no mistakes as this City is the prototype of 13 more around your planet. Got the cosmic picture?"

G: "Yes, all is well and the City is here."

O: "Just add one more word, NOW THE CITY IS HERE, NOW!"
And with this, he stands up and another hug of light surrounds me like an electrical charge of cosmic fun. Ever hug an E.T. before?  It is fun, WOW!

And with this the scene just disappeared -- must have been that hug of cosmic love.
Wishing you a Happy New Year of healing coming our way. So love it be!
Thanks God!

   Painting copyright Charles Rinehart. All rights reserved.
"The coming of the City of Light, Sedona will open the way to more developments that will show beyond any doubt that the New Age has arrived. At a time yet to be defined, World Peace will be declared and maintained through the presence of the Galactic Federation. Through enforced governmental changes, more souls of the Light will take up positions of importance that will ensure they are seen through as intended and in no way impeded or denied. The End Times of this cycle are of utmost importance to your future, and we will ensure that they proceed in accordance with the wishes of" God. Unlike previous cycles, this one will be fulfilled because you are ready for a great leap forward into the Light." 
SaLuSa, 19  December, 2014  

In 1978 I married Rev Dr. William J. Townsend, Minister of the High Desert Church of Religious Science in Apple Valley, Ca.  In 1997 he made his transition leaving me with a lot of data he had brought through in meditation sessions regarding the City of Light that is to come forth on this planet as many of you know. Now I have carried this information forward. His divine purpose as a meditation teacher led to his inner discovery of God's City of Light predicted many centuries ago and identified as the Second Coming. 


I had no idea of what was to come or what would take place as I began my sacred journey. I began getting divine inner guidance in meditative states, but not knowing how this City of Light was to take place, I just trusted God to lead me. And God has done just that, guided me for 30 years with this holy project.


But I needed some answers - BIG TIME!


Since Bill had died I wondered if I too, had to make my transition to go into the City. So I began to ask questions of this loving inner voice that I would hear and even see.  Since then, of course, I have learned and have even taught in The 4 Keys to Light sessions how students can know and recognize what or who is speaking to them, as only God's truth is acceptable.


So I asked my loving inner guidance a question that opened up a whole new world of discovery for me. I will happily share here what is going on with me with the City of Light which will soon invite many to come in and be lovingly healed. Did I make all this City stuff up? No, I found out, and maybe this will enlighten everyone a bit.


My questions on June 6, 1998:


G: "Do I have to go through a physical death to be in the City of Light?"


Answer: "This is a matter of choice. Since the Genii is open to move into the City of Light she may do it in several ways.


1. In the physical as she is now.


2. As a physical being in light form, in which the frequencies have been extended beyond the normal amperages.


3. As a mental-physical being in light form in which she can travel back and forth in the dream state.


 4. As a light being of such intensity, she is in both places at the same moment.


"First, such a person carries a certain amount of amperage or frequency of light which varies from person to person in a greater or lesser amount. You, the Genii, are continuing to experience changes altering your frequency base structure. Thus there is in process certain properties you are unaware of.


"As the frequencies get more intense (or at a higher level) the body takes on a certain unseen aura. The greater the expansion is of the aura of light around the body, the less it is seen, and more light is extended. Your aura at this point extends out 4' on each side, 8' from the crown chakra and is now silver blue with an intense light pink. The more you ascend in consciousness, the lighter the aura becomes.


"Now then, how does a person function in the awareness of this state of events?

  • The body vehicle makes itself a container of light amps.
  • The body cells change.
  • The hormonal system changes.
  • The light brings the body into position to be more than it was intended to be. 

"You can function in your world of illusion (3rd dimension) as normal, however it is important to know that since the changes are subtly being adhered to, the life system changes also. What was and is no more, is quite true even on a half second basis. There will be times you may slip away to the city and no one would be wiser except those who are in on the 'play of lights'."


G: "How is this achieved?"


Answer: "The body will reject the illusion itself and will be filled with light which changes the appearance to the point of illumination. What is seen is nothing, yet you are still in form where you currently reside.


"The Dr. is still in form, just not the way he looked in the physical. Nothing dies! It just changes form. Life always lives.


"When the body (having been brought to conclusion) has left the illusion, the light emission remains at such a high pitch that those who would be left so to speak, cannot see it due to the density of the illusion in which you reside. In other words, you in human form can and will turn up the amperage enough to be unseen in the physical.   End of transmission 1998


**** 12-30-2014 ****  Genii requested updates while awaiting the City appearance after having worked with the light frequencies since this last message was given.


"That which you, the Genii, have been experiencing with the body chakras is due to the intense connection with the City of Light, as its energetic frequencies charge your electrical body systems. This can put the emotional body out of balance.


"You are not as you were when the Dr. Bill left. What he left you with is the City and its importance to you as the leader embracing the energy coming forth of the immense power structures. Its frequencies are demonstrated, not only in the buildings, but in the intensity of its frequencies.


"Under these circumstances, you in the physical, are very able to enter and reenter the city. It is quite remarkable at best and we check your aura quite frequently. You are receiving great changes as the City pulls itself into view. That is why it is said for you to rest. Your body system is adjusting frequently to keep you steady, even when for a brief moments the emotional goes on a sleigh ride with many thoughts interchanging all at the same time.


"The forgetting is part of the light system at this stage as the old thoughts are being poured out from the subconscious while the new frequencies pour in. Dear One, with all you have going on with your system you are surprisingly healthy and will continue to stay that way right through the City gates in the physical. You have certainly earned all you are about to receive.


"Is the City of Light to appear?


Absolutely! God is in charge. So to those who ask when is the City to appear, they may look to God for that answer. When it is time! This energy session is ended. Happy New Year!

"The time selected for the announcement has obviously been chosen with the holiday period in mind, so that as many people as possible can be reached. Families can gather together and discuss the implications of the coming Cities of Light. It should bring about a great upliftment in people's hopes and faith in the future. Your experiences have been closely followed since the beginning of the cycle some 26,500 years ago. You have been guided to follow a path that would give you the needed experiences to hasten your evolution, and also opportunities to rise up above the lower energies. The end times were always subject to your choice of which direction to go in and we are pleased that sufficient souls of the Light have been successful. They may not have been a majority, but their ability to bring the Light through has been sufficient to overcome the dark energies that would have destroyed them and taken full control." SaLuSa, 12 December, 2014
January 6, 2015

Genii: "What am I to know regarding a message that came through yesterday, that an electric charge from the universe will be sent to jump-start the City of Light? Confirm please. Also please tell me about any ET activity here in Sedona now, and anything else to be known or do? Thank you."
Atherian: "The lightning bolt, so called, is correct in that the maneuvering of light currents is needed to turn the City on.  It is the way the City of Love will light up. 
"In its current earth planet position this charge is necessary for it to be seen and used. As you know the technology to bring forth this mammoth undertaking is just that, a very highly technical technology, even from our point of view. Some miracles take a bit of doing to make it happen in the eyes of the public.  For instance, this is a God miracle, with a little help from us who call the universe our home state, thus making the City perfect in its grand entrance." 
G:  "Will this electric charge be seen or endanger anyone?" 
A: "Seen? Probably not, as it is done at an upper level, but it could make for a slight weather change in your area. No one will be aware except those who know of this message. OK? 
"And, Dear One, about the Universal Light Being's (you call ETs) activity in your area, oh my of course, as they are responsible for the City of Healing Light and its appearance. We laugh as they are not to be feared by any means. The Genii has met many in the City Embassy and what was felt."  
G: "Love, like I have never experienced in my life. If this is what God is bringing forth, I am all for it. We really need this kind and loving outside-interest to help us get this crazy planet moving forward instead of what we see today in the world." 
A: "And with that in mind, the first City of Light appears as if by magic." 
G: "This is really quite exciting even after waiting for so many years. You'll come!" 
A: "The Lord God is so heavenly evolved and would have it no other way. This has been called the Second Coming and there will be no need for a 3rd or 4th, for this Second Coming, so called, will do the job quite nicely, and show everyone what God can do magically.  His love is endless, as with all the Universal Entities who do their part bringing forth the City of Light. 
"Indeed, all is well and as a musical piece now playing says, 'you light up my life' and God intends to do just that! Have a good day. Your patience is appreciated and we too, look to see the City's grand entrance. All is well and so it is!" 
"I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and happy to be able to give the good news about the Cities of Light. They have been slowly manifesting for quite some time and it will be a wonderful sight when they do. They will attract thousands of visitors but we suspect that initially its appearance will be as you say "dumbed down". However, the Cities are quite large and there will clearly be enormous interest in them. The authorities will not be allowed to interfere and adequate precautions will be made to give it full protection. Be In Love and Light and know you are blessed to be present on Earth at such an important time."
Genii Guidance January 9-2015

G: "What more can be reported regarding THE CITY OF LIGHT and the Extraterrestrials reported here."

A: "Permit us to start with the City and its counterpart of unusual light beings in your Arizona location. You have been with the City plans for multitudes of time and all during that time, from the announcement that the City of Light was entering its place on your planet, you have held this heart blessing.
"It is somewhat like your creating puppets with strings attached, that may look like someone famous, for instance, the Oprah of video film or the one just given to the Pastor Joel Osteen, as a likeness of himself, made with love attached. They both have given you spiritual gifts, as have many others that have brought you to where you are today.

"This is an example of how God works with this project in your terminology. When you have a thought to bring forth a puppet, you go from that mental thought to a vision and then to completion.  You don't perform with the figure you have created until all the strings have been checked out, as tangled strings mean a less than perfect performance. Isn't this true?

"God is the puppeteer. The puppet is the City of Light and the construction is the Universal Light Beings helping it come to pass. The strings are electrical charged light technology, now being checked out for any entanglements. When all is completed, everyone on planet earth will have the City to enjoy and heal from, an experience never before seen on the earth stage. Happy New Year and it will be. Promise!

"Genii, think back. Remember when one time in the City you saw a completed building being lowered into the interior from a space vehicle that surprised you? Universal support teams were needed to put that building into place and many City buildings were lowered into place the same way.

"Many, many beings of Light (call them what you will) have been for eons of time putting the parts together for the action of light healing with this 1st prototype City of Light coming your way. Would putting this City in place happen, if people saw strange looking entities, doing strange looking work, on something strange?  We think not, as your world has been pretty well defined in that, 'they are coming to get us mentality!' It's such nonsense from demented minds in action.

"So we stay unseen to get the job done, and looking good it does, too. The Sedona location and the powerful spinning vortexes are such a wonderful support and we have to check out every tiny detail as it is to be seen in your third dimension.

"Are there universal beings in your area? Of course, but being seen would stop God's production as people would not understand. Bless those in the unseen who work to bring forth this blessed gift from the great Creator. God is pulling the electrical strings and you all will share in the greatest production ever witnessed -- ever!

"We, the unseen, look to enlighten your world and feel the awesome strings of love attached. It could be nothing less. We, who serve the God of Gods, are blessed to serve in this way. Have a happy day, this City is on the way -- really! For those who can see the invisible, accomplish the impossible ... this the Genii knows and puts to God use!"

       Photo of "Angel over Cathedral Rock" in Sedona � OceAnna Laughing Cloud  


THE UNIVERSAL CITY OF LIGHT, LOVE AND HEALING is here now and can appear to us at any time!!! As many have long awaited its arrival, we are thrilled to announce it is soon to appear. But with its arrival come many questions.




What is the City?


The City is a Holy gift from God as described in the book of Revelation. It is a City that has healing and rejuvenation areas where we can relax, rejoice and heal. It is not a vacation resort with hotels where one will stay for a length of time. The only ones that remain in the City will be the galatic workers that operate the various areas.


The City is being given to mankind to help increase its consciousness from 3rd       dimensional reality, as we humans have created here on Earth, to 5th dimensional    consciousness to which the galatics have evolved. This truly is a gift from God. Through this gift, those that desire to, will have the opportunity to rapidly raise their consciousness from 3D through 4th D and to 5th D level in a much shorter space of time than normal evolution affords.


 Rev. 21 v 1-3: "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the  first earth had passed away .... I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride..... And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, 'Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them'."


Why is it appearing at this time?


It has been ordained by God that NOW is the time. "It is a City of healing of all kinds for the people of Earth. If the people on the planet were all healed, there would be no need for the City, but centuries of conflict have produced the need for a high volume of healings." It was originally scheduled to appear on Earth 80,000 years in our future, however, due to the prayers and requests of numerous humans and the need of the times, it is being given to humankind now.


Can I enter the City physically or is it still in the 5th dimension?


According to our information we have at this time, we can all walk into the City directly. It vibrates at a 5 D frequency but adjustments have been made for it to express in the 3rd dimensional frequency so all can partake and no one is left out. Adjustments are continuing to be made which is causing the current delay. Until the light frequencies areperfect for our 3D environment, it will not be allowed to appear


Will I be healed when I walk into the City?


Even though the City is from the 5th dimension, it will bring much technology and amazing medical techniques into our 3rd dimensional world which will seem miraculous to us. We need to keep in mind the Spiritual Beings that are bringing this gift from God to us have been evolving much longer than we in the 3rd dimension have, therefore, they have knowledge and understanding which may at first seem to be far beyond our comprehension. Therefore, since it is coming to our 3rd dimension and even though it is far advanced, we,  at our level of understanding, still may need to apply the laws of creation and manifestation as we understand them in our 3rd dimensional realm.


Can we be healed instantaneously?


Yes, if we are of that consciousness.


What is meant by "that consciousness"?


Remembering that we are living a physical life in the 3rd dimension with the opportunity to elevate to the 4th and 5th dimensions, we are here to experience, learn and demonstrate according to the laws of our environment. Therefore, an instantaneous healing may or may not occur, according to each one's level of understanding and life plan. However, there is no doubt that if an instantaneous healing is not accomplished at first, we will certainly be given all that we need to be healed, if that is our true desire and in our life plan.


We experience situations such as dis-ease and healing in all areas of life for our soul growth and understanding. It is not God's intention that we suffer, but we do need to take responsibility for ourselves and our own thought processes. If we accept how we have been programmed into believing dis-ease is normal and we are just living life as it happens, it will be more difficult to accept true healing.  For additional understanding on "healing", please refer to the article, "Developing a Healing Consciousness".


Following you will find a brief description of the various areas of the City of Light as have been visited by the Genii. As you enter the City you can choose to experience any or all of the following areas:


THE RELAXATION PARK -- a beautiful park with bench type seating that massages the body.


THE PLAYING FIELD -- a park where children and adults can play with balls of Light,  making something out of nothing, which we do when we create from unseen thought into full fledged creation.


THE BE-ING BUILDING -- a building filled with melodious sounds of music that creates

bliss; a healing sound building for when time-out is needed from the world and one just needs to BE.


THE BIRTH-ATERIUM -- the building containing the birthing areas for babies to be born naturally without pain, medicines or surgery - - all in total joy for the baby and the      mother.


THE EMPOWERMENT EMPORIUM -- a place that balances out the emotional body of a     person. According to each person's needs, the colors that are needed are attached to the body to verify that their power centers are balanced.


THE DECIDING PLACE -- a beginning location of service where one decides what ailmentneeds attention. To heal the human body requires the mental capacity to believe that it is fact and not fiction. This is advanced technology that is far beyond any medical advancement on Earth.


THE INSTITUTE OF IMAGE IMPRINTING -- a place where humans can see their own       thoughts and feelings appear on a screen before them and allow their mind to mold the into the perfected thought to be produced in creation.


THE FEMININE PLACE -- is a holy place for the feminine. Many females have forgotten

their inner beauty and had to take on the masculine to survive. This healing reigns in her original goddess image no matter what the world thinks or what she may have accepted as truth, and re-imprints what the female came into the world to BE.


THE REJUVENATION TEMPLE -- a temple of healing where one can see on a screen earlier lives and choose a time when they felt they were the most vibrant, youthful, healthy, beautiful and happy. This image can be imprinted on the mind and no matter what the age is, will always look like the imprint chosen -- a MIND MAKE-OVER.


UNIVERSAL EMBASSY OF LIGHT .. JERUSALEM CLUE -- a place of gathering for all

Universal Leaders to direct and guide all aspects of the City and its meaning.


For further information on any of the above places within the City, please refer to Genii's book SOMTHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing! It can be ordered through the website

Rev. Diana

The Light Center


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We thank you for your continued interest
and wish you a Happy New Year filled with Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Well-being and Prosperity!
















    Love from Jedi Genii  


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