The Sedona Light Center Newsletter             June 2015  


My interest in space in its vastness has always been sort of a fascination for me, yet I know not much of it.  To me it kinda of feels like a home base of some kind. (ET Go Home?) I found that going to Disneyland and seeing the Jedi Show is a must. The little kids are given a light saber and when the 7 ft. tall Darth Vader walks out on stage, he must look to them like a black high-rise building on attack, as their light saber goes into action.  What I see is light eliminating darkness in the hands of love, some fear, but they are brave enough to stand their ground and not fall off the stage. We are much like them today with the ETs that are helping us. In this issue of our newsletter, we are sharing three visits to the City of Light Embassy of Peace Headquarters I was blessed to experience in May. As soon as possible, we will be sending you my visits as they occur. Please stay tuned!          

Genii Townsend (Custodian and Steward of the Sedona City of Light) 
The MeetUps are being held in our interim City of Light Information Center!
The Light Center will hold our next Meetup on Thursday evening, June 11 at the temporary location for the City of Light Sedona Information Center from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Put the date on your calendar and plan to bring a friend. These meetups are ongoing on a bimonthly basis.  


"I really enjoyed the initiating meeting in that room. I am looking forward to all that will be taking place in that sacred space."  -- Renee Trenda


"I am so excited and happy to be a part of this beautiful unfolding of Love and Light. I am looking forward to many open minded, heartfelt meetings." -- StarLight 


Discussion will continue on SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing. The many healing aspects of the City, that will be available for everyone, will be discussed in more detail, followed by a Q & A which will be a regular part of the forum. We will all be guided to "know what we need to know" about the City to assist ourselves and others. Sedona (due to its electromagnetic power and vortexes) is the chosen location for the first of 14 Cities of Light to be established in our 3 dimensional reality around the world. The final agenda is still in the planning stages (awaiting guidance/ suggestions from Spirit) and as soon as a definite agenda is formulated, this information will be communicated.


In you're in the Sedona area, please join us for our next MeetUp to introduce the City Information Center and SOMETHING'S COMING! on June 11 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Details are at  
Transition from the Dark to Light Ascension
Transition from Dark to Light Ascension
A Whole New World of Light, Love and Healing, Imagine That!
A Whole New World of Light, Love and Healing, Imagine That


Embassy Visit May 5, 2015 


Pre-message, inner voice, "You may enter, Ooo-lon awaits you."


I see myself running up to a City gate with what appears to be hundreds of other people looking to get inside with lines like at Disneyland, only many more. Quickly, my City guide, La-Luke, moves through them, grabs my hand and does something magical I guess, thus making a path for us to get through. Once inside, a City trolley pulls up and like in a rush hour experience, we somehow get on.  


Catching my breath I close my eyes just long enough for the trolley to pull up to the back Embassy entrance which we enter. As the heavy back drapes are pulled aside, I see Ooo-lon coming over to welcome us on stage. I give a glance over to the audience of hundreds of universal beings, who have been the prime builders of this God City gift. It is coming about for us. Universal intelligence has been working behind the scenes to bring forth the Second Coming event. Well hallelujah! Praise God!


O: "I see you received my message to join us here. Welcome back."  

G: "Oh yes! What is taking place now? It looks like there is much excitement going on."  

O: "Many here have completed their tasks with this City appearance and they wanted you, as the human earth reporter, to know."  

G: "Oh, sounds familiar."  

O: "I recognize the hesitancy of belief, but we are nearing the total end and even we are glad. The strange lights you have been seeing skyward can indeed be ships of light doing their part by not getting the human population concerned, so the stars are seen. Those who are light workers rejoice and have no problem with this, but those with fear, of most anything, could be fearful."  

G: "Tell me please, what do you think will take place as this City is actually seen in our third dimension."  

O: "Each person who lives and breathes will have a combination of emotions depending on what they have experienced before emotionally. So it is difficult to say for each person what will take place, however, even now the City love is flowing beyond this dimension to pre-set peace, and certainly love, in its birthing. And as has been said, 'Only those who can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible.', and this certainly fits that pattern in your world of seeing the unseen.   


"God made this gift and many will be rejoicing, but those of fear may do just the opposite. Every day your media reports that this one or that one has been killed by someone, who because of their own inner fear has pulled the trigger thinking to end their own inner pain. They may not be at fault, but it only gets into more fear as their future has them incarcerated with this fear still ingrained in the subconscious. Such nonsense!

"So, the excitement you see here and outside the City gates has a monumental part to play in the scenario of light and sound healings, as well as being a holy joy. It comes without fanfare until it is actually seen. The excitement you saw at the City gate is what to expect, just plain joy with prayers of thanks for God's love, which even now emanates in your vicinity from this City. As you are experiencing the releasing of the past, you are making way for your entry into this beloved place that you have entered so many times before, only this time you will live there. Imagine that!   


"Your close companions, the soul-sister Rev. Diana, a God leader in her own right; the Rick, Doctor of Light and his medical intuitiveness; plus, of course, the Charles of Better Town, who leads the City into appearance with his notification and dedication to make a better town for all, have all been part of the process for centuries while you each went through many lives to reach this point.  Believe it! Expect it! Experience it! Accept with peace of mind that God has indeed brought you all a gift from the heavens that looks impossible, but quite the contrary is happening. Any of this make sense?"  


G: "Absolutely. Thank you. I shall report."  

O: "Good! Then do that and remember the 4 progressive steps; Hope, Faith, Belief, and Conviction.  Each has much power with the last being the best. As said, expect major changes, so quiet times are important as are inner guidance directions, and know that with this City comes Love such as you have never felt on any level. Relax and enjoy what God is about to present. It is yours already."  

G: "Thank you!"  

And with a hug I am led out the front entrance waving to all my space family friends. This adventure has been quite just that, an adventure. Keep me going God, we are almost there. 

The scene ends and I am back home with a puppy kiss from 'Light' who is to be the first City Pup! Whoopee!  

Genii Townsend                                                                          


"When God releases a flood of his power, nothing can stop it!" -- Joel Osteen

Genii Embassy Visit May 14, 2015


I see myself along running to the usual city gate to find La-Luke waiting by a city trolley. No one else is seen. We hop aboard and it quickly takes us past many crystalline white buildings with exquisite gold trim (would God bring anything less?) to the back embassy entrance which is a nearer entrance to the huge embassy stage itself. We step into the building and pull back the drapes to find Ooo-Lon waiting. He looks excited and quite happy. The usual audience seats are completely empty. "Now what", I wonder. La-Luke steps aside as Ooo-Lon and I take our usual fancy chairs at center stage.


G: "What is happening?"

O: "Dessert, Dear One, Dessert!"

G: "Dessert, what does that mean, Chocolate?"

O: "The main course is about ready and the dessert is to be delivered to your planet, a gift of the Magi, if you will. It is nearing show time."

G: "Great, I have heard this before."

O: "Ah, but as you say in your world, 'the sooner the better'. The better is now! Your world, Dear One, has lost its purpose of Love. Greed stands out as the prime negative and this must now quickly be mended!

"Permit those who say, 'no way is this possible', to enjoy their moment, for what is being said here is quite correct and Truth is in the making. Your 3D world has for the most part gone crazy, as the new frequencies penetrate into and through old inferior thinking. Thousands are leaving the planet now as your media tell you daily."

"The City comes, as the light frequencies begin their balancing act of what they were intended to do in the first place.The time line nears enough to give you this message in a hurry, as you are having a city meeting tonight, May 14, 2015, and this is to be known.

  1. Report that the City of Light Sedona is about to break forth into viewing.
  2. Also you have planned tonight to take them with their inner vision into one of the healing buildings Do that, we support it!.

"Begin to feel the joy and excitement of such a City appearing now on the location of the Arizona Sedona ground. The next few days could be the turning point. Those who have been with you in your 4 Keys to Light sessions to learn the hidden codes should be aware that indeed, this session tonight is a stepping stone of progress."  

G: "Thank you, I will report."

O: "Good, be aware, be love and all else will follow. The time for 'break through' is now."


P.S. "The Genii should be aware, that you are physically, mentally, and certainly emotionally being elevated quickly, moment to moment. Be careful, rest when possible for all is breaking through quite well." With these statements completed, I take a big breath and feel the absolute truth. I open my eyes to see myself home with my puppy "Light", smiling too, and readying myself for the City Meetup tonight with Rev. Diana. It should be interesting.


Genii Townsend 


 Genii Embassy Visit May 26, 2015


I see myself heading for the City gates which looks like a lot of excitement as people mill around trying to enter like at Disneyland. This is different than my last City visit when no one was seen and it was pretty quiet. La-Luke appears, takes my hand and we enter through a smaller side gate. The usually trolley is waiting so we hop aboard and it whisks us through the people crowd and deposits us at the fantastic Embassy of Peace building.  We enter through the lobby doors and into the totally filled audience of light extraterrestrial beings who stand, and wow, the applauding sounds really great. I guess they do this in space too. It's up to the stage as I see Ooo-lon smiling too. He leads me to our usual center stage fancy chairs.  


O: "Welcome Lady of Humanness. We speak again." 

G: "Thank you. Lots of excitement, what is going on now?" 

O: "We are excited to have the pleasure to announce that this City makes its debut soon." 

G: "Right, I have heard this a lot."                                                  

O: "We know. In your world we are well aware that this may seem like an empty statement, but it takes all those you see in the audience to fulfill all the minute details needed to put it together. This is a massive production. One by one by one, they must be tested out as the City technology is vastly far from what you are experiencing today to heal. The releasing of old ideas of ways to heal, for the most part need releasing, as well as the mental subconscious thoughts that have brought it on in the first place, understand?" 

G: "Yes, as I just hear from people wanting to be healed now. Waiting is not one of their happy thoughts." 

O: "Has it not been said that your Sedona vortexes have been spinning energy faster than usual, and that in actuality you are doing time-wise many days in one? What more can we do except to continue until all is seen and it will be - guaranteed. We have not gone through all this for centuries, not to have it happen. That, in itself makes no sense, even to us from beyond this planet. We just deal differently in our cosmic world. Understand?" 

G: "Yes, another question, please. Through new friends Krista and RA, I learned of the Orion Council who are universal beings from which I am very pleased to get some of my questions answered. Are they and this City in oneness?" 

O: "Of course. Many of those you see in this audience are from various locations and have banned together in cosmic love to bring to your planet this City of love you now sit with me in. There have been for many light years many groups

including the Orion belt working together. Indeed, all are cosmic friends. 

"Dear One, you have heard the sounding word Love. It is a galactic universal sound with feeling attached. It helps keep the universe active and pulsating in its highest. LOVE even sounded in another language has the 'feeling' attached that has the God power. L.O.V.E.  


"Your planet here was given this God sound feeling to help you understand us. Love has also been misused to the point of not having much value, especially for those who have forgotten how holy it is. They have permitted greed and negativity to take over and with this use others to their own advantage, other than what it was meant for in the first place. This was not God's intent. So then, as this City prepares its entrance the scene must be set as one of total God Love experience and we are doing that now. What you cannot see is that all persons should be open to Love when the city is thought of, as well as being open to receive in order to benefit everyone. You have noticed that in your Sedona area waves of Love are being sent out in preparation for the sensing of the City, so as it appears people will have already been somewhat prepared for the Love sensing the City brings forth.  


"To know God's Love or the 'I AM that I AM' is even now being given the City imprint of what to expect as they lovingly enter the City for they will find nothing else. The joy you saw at the gate is the Love feeling God intends, so anyone entering will feel the inner emotional changing of themselves, one way or another.  Based on this City frequency it is its intent to give everyone this holy Love sensation. All are one with no exception, repeat - there is no separation be it color, country, or language; and even with the ETs  that you see or may meet somewhere in time, all feelings of separation will vanish as you finally realize that you are all one.  


"Love becomes the most important ingredient God has mixed into the City appearance, and as said, must be perfect, not only in sight and sound but especially in healing, as this is why the City of Love/Light appears as promised. It is not just an idle promise and it must come forth if this planet is to survive period! The Orion Council, as well as many others in the Galactic Federation, are in tune with each other and come forth as Love which indicates you are on this planet at the end of a long cycle of negativity and violence. It is to be removed! You all have endured much through this old way of looking at life. This Love tries to correct this with its own power and light frequencies which heal the mental and physical wounds that the past ways have given you with results un-satisfactory.  


"So Dear One, you, as the City's main speaker for Love, which comes in many forms and is even now in process, have many friends on and off this planet that can be counted on as a Family of Love and Light. Those who may fear us will move in the opposite direction, and as many are aware, the City alone will do this quite nicely. The High Towers that catch the UPPCs that are filled with Love have been bouncing around the universe for eons of time. They connect into the high towers sending not only light to light up this City, but Love for healing as well. They are designed to help people love themselves as well as others, so everyone can have this new feeling, like someone feels when they are in love.  


"Stay in contact with the Orion Council and any other Cosmic Beings like Ra and Krista and request they be speakers of your City Meet-ups. You also have a friend from lifetimes past, who is well versed in God's way of loving, a Stan Hanners. Should he come into your area, request that he too consider being a speaker at one of your meet-ups on this subject of the energy of Love. It will be worth the value to hear him speak." 

G: "Anything else?" 

O: "We have spoken enough for this meeting, except remember that we here do not work on a time schedule like you do, and for us an hour could be almost a year in your world. We just deal differently in our cosmic world. It takes what it takes, understand? 

"There will be additional guidance coming forth on the 4 Keys for those who would like to prepare to be an AH-bassador for the City of Love & Light." 

G: "Thank you!"

And with this I blinked a few times, experienced a power surge and found myself back home seeing my puppy 'Light' loving himself in the mirror. Nice way to start my day. Thanks.  

Genii Townsend    


By Rev. Diana Runge,  The Light Center  

As we are all moving forward in our pathway back to enlightenment, we are finding there are many bridges in the road and many pathways to explore. One of the fundamental pathways to maneuver is the "Pathway of Consciousness". To better explain this, we need to explore the following questions.

"WHAT?" - What really is the consciousness of the 5th dimension, we hear so much about?

"WHY?" - Why is consciousness important?  

"HOW?" - How is consciousness expressed.  

Please Click Here for Rev. Diana's complete article.


The next 4 Keys to Light Class will be held in Sedona from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on June 13th. We have had numerous inquiries about The 4 Keys to Light Classes and looking forward we are pleased to be able to make available future dates for The 4 Keys to Light classes to assist all of you in your planning.  They are scheduled to be held in Sedona, Arizona this time, but if we receive a request to come to your location, we certainly can discuss this. If this is desired, please contact us by phone or email. They are held starting at 10 am to approximately 2 pm with a break for lunch. Please arrange for your own brown bag or snacks, water and drinks provided. The remaining dates for 2015 are June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th, and December 12th. We look forward to seeing you soon! Click Here for more information on The 4 Keys to Light.

"Dear Genii: Memories, Love, Friendship, extraordinary wonderful Time of Healing.  Something 'did' happen.  My spirituality has Truly Blessed into un-imaginable heights.  Thank you." -- Barbara Forever Friends 444


"The 4 Keys was/is a memorable and moving experience.  Having the tools to access both the higher sources of light and my guide makes me finally feel equipped to move into the future with confidence.  I look forward to learning and growing with my 'light partners'!!! With great love and gratitude." -- Condelia  


Teleconferences with Genii Townsend and Rev. Diana 
The Light Center is now ready to collaborate with Charter Members and Light Links to experiment with periodic conference calls with Genii. If you would like to participate, please send us an email to with the words Conference Call in the subject line and we will respond with the details. For more information and join The Light Center Membership, please Click Here.
Your Body Bible: Mind Over Matter. What Your Think Does Matter by Rev. Dr. William Townsend
As mentioned in our last newsletter The Body Bible by Dr. William J. Townsend is in the process of being published as Your Body Bible on our website in its entirety. It is a much needed reference for all healers, practitioners, licensed teachers, and anyone that does healing of any kind for others.


From the information in Your Body Bible one can pinpoint the area of concern and what thoughts, feelings, or past experiences might have led to the current dis-ease. As we work with these ideas and concepts in our 3rd dimensional reality, we can clearly see the Mind/Body connection and the effects of that connection in our lives. If you wish to review for further understanding any of these concepts and how to use them in your lives, please Click Here for the article entitled "Developing a Healing Consciousness" by Rev. Diana.      

"I just finished reviewing the whole manuscript of The Body Bible and I could not stop as the details given and specific root causes of dis-ease were fascinating. The details and description of the medical conditions are spot on. Those that are open will receive the TRUE BLESSINGS OF THIS BOOK. The human condition suffers from a major lack of self-worth which opens the door to ALL THINGS THAT ARE NOT OF LIGHT. The reason for this is because they feel a SEPARATION FROM GOD.    We know that LOVE HEALS ALL, WE know that GOD IS LOVE, and FEELING A ONENESS WITH OUR OWN GOD PRESENCE is PARAMOUNT IF WE ARE TO BE COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY HEALED FROM OUR OWN DEVICES. THE 4 KEYS TO LIGHT WILL HELP IN THIS ALIGNMENT.  THE FUTURE HEALING AND TECHNOLOGY WILL BE ABLE TO NOT ONLY ALIGN OUR 4 LOWER BODIES WITH OUR HIGHER SPIRITUAL BODY, BUT ALSO RAISE US INTO THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS WHERE ONLY LOVE EXISTS, THEREFORE ALL MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL CAUSES FOR DIS-EASE ARE ELIMINATED AS WELL AS THE ILLUSION OF BEING SEPARATE FROM GOD. NOW THAT'S THE KIND OF WORLD I WANT TO BE A PART OF!!! "
--Dr. Rick Cohen

Dr Rick Cohen introduces the reasons why he highly recommends Your Body Bible in this YouTube video from the April 22 MeetUp     
Dr Rick Cohen Introduces the book Your Body Bible by Rev. Dr. William Townsend

Click Here for the Foreword for the Medical Community by Dr. Rick Cohen Click Here for the Foreword for Healing Practitioners by Dr. Cohen 
Please visit
to review an advanced PDF edition of the draft conceptual copy of Your Body Bible which can be purchased for only $22. Just click on "Add

to Cart".  If you can make a donation in any amount to help The Light Center publish and share the healing resources compiled by Dr. B, just click on the "Donate Button" on The Light Center home page. All donations are greatly appreciated!  

         More Publications from The Light Center

"I have closely followed the progress of the 'Cities of Light', and I have never known such an exciting prospect as their appearance which is soon expected. They will be amongst some of the spectacular early developments of the New Age. The prototype that is destined for Sedona has been regularly visited by Genii, and will be sensational for its wide and varied range of advanced technology, particularly where healing is concerned. You are unlikely to ever read another book of this nature, that is a first hand account by Genii of what to expect. Her style of writing takes you with her, and you can share her many heartfelt experiences. It is a unique book, about a unique experience that you will not want to miss."  -- Mike Quinsey
Click Here for more information or to buy your autographed copy of SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!

The Light Center also has several advance PDF publications available for sale. Click Here to learn more or purchase any of the below titles.

Thank you from Genii -

Have you ever thought what it might be like to meet an extraterrestrial of light? Would they be friendly? Would they teach me anything about the universe or would they just think we look funny? 


I remember when my husband, Rev. Dr. Bill Townsend, began channeling as he was an extraordinary meditation teacher. This was new and different for me but as voices were recorded, I sat on the floor and tried to capture what was being said. Well, what came through over several years was that a City of Light in our 3rd dimension was to magically appear on this planet that we could walk into and be healed with space light technology.  I was given a preview. 


Wow, what a trip! Since then there have been many trips especially into the great Embassy of Peace where, guess what! I got to meet Universal Light Beings by the hundreds and they express such love, it takes my breath away; and we have 13 more healing cities coming aboard on this planet? Boy, are we ever going to shine like the moon - - no need to fly there for the City is here!  In one session Bill was doing, we asked if the ETs were coming to conquer us as seen in the movies. The answer strongly came back:  "WHAT IS TO CONQUER? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR PLANET, YOUR FORESTS, YOUR ANIMALS AND EACH OTHER? WHAT IS TO CONQUER -- SURELY YOU JEST! WE COME IN LOVE AND BRING HIGHLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE YOUR LIVES BETTER."


My space interest stayed with me throughout each visit, and do I welcome those of light from another star system? Of course I do, and I have just recently made friendly contact with others, and am getting great information and guidance from them too. Wow! Such fun!  Note: If you have not read Krista Raisa's new book, ORION COUNCIL HERE!, I suggest you contact her and learn how we look at those who are off this planet, so to speak. You will be glad you did, I promise!  


Thanks God, and we await your promised City of Love in our 3D existence!

So love it be -- here and now!


In Love and Light - Jedi Service  












     Genii Townsend

The Light Center
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