The Sedona Light Center Newsletter             May 2015  


LOVE IN PROCESS - - - -  In the light of "All There Is", is God's Love being beamed in with a City of Love. This kind of love we may not experience every day as we get bits and pieces, here and there. We try to catch it on perhaps a special holiday or a certain look from someone special, but what we may not know is we are absorbed in it anytime we choose. What if the air we breathe was "pure love". Would that not make us all the same? Many changes are taking place in the world just because God decided to bring Love forth in a miraculous way. A City of Light, no less! I AM THAT I AM!


What if this love healed? What if this City appearance is the beginning of a whole planet of Love and we could not be released from it for any reason. What if we realized that this wonderful feeling was not a one-time thing, but constant?  What is coming forth to be felt constantly is just what I have said. It will either be love or not, and there will be no NOT - NOT ANYMORE!  Those of us who have been in The 4 Keys to Light sessions know real love, as they have been "Love-Linked in Light" and can now use the precious 4 Keys to elevate themselves and others.    


I welcome all to feel real love 24/7 and that is what this newsletter and City Embassy visits are all about - - getting ready for God's love, and Dear Ones, it is on the way. SO LOVE IT BE with you and me!  









Genii Townsend

(Custodian and Steward of the City of Light) 


The Light Center held our first MeetUp in our new interim City of Light Information Center!

Genii, Rev. Diana, and Dr. Rick Cohen sharing presentations at the first regular MeetUp in the new City of Light Information Center ( Click Here for the before and after images of the amazing transformation or watch the videos below.)


"I really enjoyed the initiating meeting in that room. I am looking forward to all that will be taking place in that sacred space."  -- Renee Trenda


"I am so excited and happy to be a part of this beautiful unfolding of Love and Light. I am looking forward to many open minded, heartfelt meetings." -- StarLight 


The Light Center will hold our next Meetup on Thursday evening, May 14
th at the temporary location for the City of Light Sedona Information Center from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Put the date on your calendar and plan to bring a friend. These meetups will be ongoing on a bimonthly basis.  


Discussion will continue on Genii's book, SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing. The many healing aspects of the City, that will be available for everyone, will be discussed in more detail, followed by a Q & A which will be a regular part of the forum. We will all be guided to "know what we need to know" about the City to assist ourselves and others. Sedona (due to its electromagnetic power and vortexes) is the chosen location for the first of 14 Cities of Light to be established in our 3 rd dimensional reality around the world. The final agenda is still in the planning stages (awaiting guidance/ suggestions from Spirit) and as soon as a definite agenda is formulated, this information will be communicated.


In you're in the Sedona area, please join us for our next MeetUp to introduce the City Information Center and SOMETHING'S COMING! on May 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Details are at  
Transition from the Dark to Light Ascension
Transition from Dark to Light Ascension
A Whole New World of Light, Love and Healing, Imagine That!
A Whole New World of Light, Love and Healing, Imagine That


City of Light Embassy Visit April 17, 2015 

I see myself entering through one of the 5-story high "'Gates of Life" into the City of Light. The streets are busy with life and from the looks of many excited happy people, I can see they have found love in some strange way...whoopie!  


My usual guide, La Luke, approaches me and grabs my hand as we head through the super beautiful Relaxation Park and indeed it is, except it seems there is no time to sit and enjoy one of the massage benches this trip. Darn, they feel so good. Oh well! Looking ahead I see one of the funny city trolleys with no driver or wheels. It just floats comfortably.


This trolley moves us through the smiling, chatting visitors to the usual stop at the Embassy of Peace amphitheater that has so often invited me back for a chat with Ooo-lon, the head CEO. I enter through the Embassy door that leads me back stage, through the heavy drapes and onto the main stage where Ooo-lon awaits, along with the audience of several hundred Universal Beings, making sound talks that I don't understand. But it is fun to wonder what they are saying in space language.  I push aside the back drapes to find Ooo-lon, hand outstretched, ready to lead me to a couple of beautiful, comfortable looking chairs. We are seated and ready for our conversation.


O: "Welcome back, Lady of City light. I understand you have had some questions offered you?"


G: "Yes, several from Dr. Rick Cohen, a medical light-link, who also is one of the 'Order of the 4' with Charles Betterton, Rev. Diana Runge and myself who share together the City Light Center information".


O: "Proceed, I shall endeavor to answer your Dr. Cohen questions?"


G: "Ok (#1). What assistance will you be providing in the way of alleviating fear, disbelief, confusion, and mass panic to the masses of people and governments here on earth?"


O: Smiling, as the audience is notified of this question and chatter tones begin.  "You, Dr. Cohen, are asking for a quick miracle to take place. The joy coming forth is expected to be of great worth in keeping the emotions in balance. As the words of this immaculate event takes form and the media press sends out the words and pictures, the love God sends with this city will spread like what you call 'a wildfire wave'. As said, the feeling of the City love is instrumental in this process.  It is love like you humans have never experienced and you, the Genii, have had a taste of it as even today in your Sedona area, the City waves move out."


G: "Dr. Cohen, (#2). What is the best way to communicate the truth about the City; that this is God's gift and a blessing to us children on earth?"


O: "First of all, by 'being it', by being the love you wish to communicate with, so that everyone who comes in contact with you will be in a vortex of such love that there will be no concerns at all. This is what this City is coming forth for. Your people have seen daily the atrocities being done to each other. Well, guess what! This is what the 'love feeling' of this City is to eliminate totally, one by one and 100 by 100.  Would this not then be a blessing to the new births coming forth? Of course. Continue please, Genii, as a friend of yours says. 'Either it comes from love, or it doesn't and if it doesn't, you don't need it.' Quite so! Continue."


G: "Dr. Cohen (#3). How do you plan on handling the mass pilgrimage of people who will want to come here to be healed and blessed by the City?"


O: "How are YOU going to handle it? This dear one is the decision of each person. You realize people have 'free will' and again, God's City love will touch each one, and if they are paying attention, they will know what to do on a moment's notice.


"Those who are lightworkers can come into their own inner lightwork, and help people understand what is taking place. At this point, if you went and told someone in authority, not familiar with this coming City demonstration, they might think you have lost it mentally, and only until the City appears will it make any sense, if even then.  The ministers and priests will have their hands full with some people, due to their past imprints of information. Again, people have free will. Next?"


G: "Dr. Cohen (#4). How much advance notice will be given us, who are on the City appearance lines, such as the light leader's Order of the 4?"


O: "You are being notified at this moment to pre-prepare as best you can. We are well aware you are looking for an earth time date and it is not available. The closest we can give you is for you to go with your inner feeling. The 'Order of the 4' now active will become the 'Order of the 0NE' as this scenario proceeds to completion. You have your guides, angels etc. to depend on. Use them!! They are your valuable assets."


G: "Dr. Cohen (#5). Is there anything else we need to know at this time to help us be better prepared for what is coming?"


O: "From this point forward it could be moment to moment. The City of Light is not on your time schedule, as what is taking place continues to ready itself. It might be wise to request the Charles of Betterton who has worked in areas of what is needed to prepare for an event unscheduled for getting supplies etc. in readiness, as the local vicinity stores may run out of supplies quickly.  Places to lodge and transportation to and from. These are all for each person's pre-thinking and we, as an advanced whole, cannot make these decisions due to your free will, but have suggested you each look ahead by 'going within'.


"With God all things are possible, so each person should be open for individual guidance on a moment to moment pre-determined basis of looking forward to having a grand happy time as this gift of God prepares to show itself. The light-links should, of course, use the heavenly God tones as was given in the Genii's 4 Keys to Light sessions. Genii dear, you are now looking at an upcoming gathering in your Light Center home. This is just a beginning location for City information. The next location will be shown and financially cleared for using. This is all City intended.


"To people reading this, what would be the first 3 things you would do upon hearing that the City of Light has appeared. It's your time to move into personal action as the media will blast it all over, as will the computer notices also going out, etc., etc., etc.! The government will take notice for safety, and with all this people will mentally scramble for answers. Keeping calm and in peace is the first step, and again, it is up to each person for what they will or will not do. When in doubt, do nothing until you are calm and can pick up the 'City love' in the air which will be peaceful. More meetings of like-minded sessions would benefit all, as you set the peace in place where lightworkers of all kinds can support each other in City love groups. This meeting is completed!"


So with this, we stand, I get a hug as La-Luke steps in to lead me out the back entrance as the audience now have picked up their tones having been told what has taken place. It is good and very God, so light it be as I am back home with my puppy Light Spirit and ready for a cup of tea. Thanks for attending with me. I hope you got the feeling that this City is all about LOVE. 


Genii Townsend (Custodian and Steward of the Sedona City of Light)


City of Light Embassy Visit April 3, 2015 


Yesterday I was requested to return to the City Embassy for a conversation with Headmaster, Ooo-lon. In a meditative vision, I see myself alone running to a City gate. There are no crowds this trip and not even my guide, La-Luke, is around. What is going on. However, a trolley rolls up so I hop aboard for it knows where I am going and there is no need for a driver at any time. We stop at the rear stage performer's entrance.


I enter, pull aside the drapes, and see Ooo-lon waiting with a couple of well- placed fancy chairs, but again, no vast audience. This place is empty and obviously there will be a private conference of some sort. Ooo-lon, smiling, reaches out and takes my hand now filled with light and we sit down. Gee, a nice welcome, I'm thinking, as my mind races to figure out why I am called back so soon?


O: "Welcome Lady of Light to a private visit."


G:"What am I to know?"


O: "The time is coming soon for the City to make its entrance, and you need to be prepared for this action."


G: "Who me?"


O: "It has be a long wait and you have not ever given up."


G: "I have always thought it was coming sometime, so there was nothing to give up. A message I was given says, 'only those who can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible', and thinking of the possibilities, or better still the probabilities, is far more fun."


O: "And so it is. The days of waiting are about over and you need to know this, as much interest will land on your door step (so to speak). Thus your whole physical, emotional, and mental systems must be balanced as they have been going through quite a change-over, which on occasion, we have heard you say that it has been a nuisance. Well, Dear One, even that release part is about over as well, and you have stayed the test of time and the results will be as you say, fun to experience having led you to this point. Through this passage of your time, you have accomplished diligently the tasks presented to you making you the light leader you were destined to be long ago.


"Much attention will be on you so taking time to rest is important, and even fun comes into your playground as fascinating technology presents itself and people look to you for the answers. You have asked if you are to live in the City itself. Indeed! As the Dr. Bill described on the original plot plan, it is a home that is pure God luxury from top to bottom. Your first walk through will be pure heaven. The outside world, now in the process of learning what is to come about, will benefit with this new world filled with love and light, just as the Light Links from your 4 Key's sessions press forward with the known tone of life.

"I want you to know that the daily changes now being made are indeed to be ready to receive what God has ordained. The Charles of Better Town, the Rev. Diana and the Dr. Rick who look to serve from the front lines of the City presence, will have their important places just perfect for their talents to be used, having served many people from love. People across the waters will also see the Cities of Light, just because you believed. All the Dr. Bill said is quite true, as all will soon see.


"The Rev Diana, whose closeness as a sister (long before set into place in lifetimes past) brings forth the holiness of God into the public awareness, as she will be able to rein in the City Chapel of Love where many will be honored to be in her presence.  The Charles of this Universal City Destiny will be seen as a man of great mental depth, who sees the path ahead of great value and is a leader to be trusted as well as a friend of light. The Dr. Rick is the 'medicine man of light' who will explain what the City healings are about, as he will easily learn the new ways of light medicine and what their frequencies can accomplish.  Your Light Spirit (the first city pup) will indeed feel the light of healings. All animals can be offered the healing city benefits. As said many times, the world as you know it today will change, as the light and city love will touch everyone on this Planet of Peace due to all the cities coming forth. I know your next question will be...WHEN?"


"Really Genii, being a Light sensitive, do you not sense the City now? Of course. As the love spreads out from the city that is about to come calling, set your plans and within your sensitive system, you will know. With us not being of your world, we deal with much you are not aware of. So for your invitation here this time, permit us to say it is an advanced preparation on a God induced subject, never before attempted on your planet.  Report to your people that even now streams of love are light induced and are being sent out in your locale. This you have felt and know it is so. Love is all there is and to those who hold no love, they hold no power. God is love, pure and simple, and quite powerful. Understand?"


G: "Yes indeed! Thank you."


O: "So then, set your world in order and you will understand through your feeling nature, and the people will too. Time to get ready -- you will know!" 


And with this the scene ends as my puppy comes to me wanting some attention and love. Well after all, it is Good Friday!  So Light It Be!


Genii Townsend  



The next 4 Keys to Light Class will be held in Sedona from 10:00 am to 2:00pm on May 16th. We have had numerous inquiries about The 4 Keys to Light Classes and looking forward we are pleased to be able to make available future dates for The 4 Keys to Light classes to assist all of you in your planning.  They are scheduled to be held in Sedona, Arizona this time, but if we receive a request to come to your location, we certainly can discuss this. If this is desired, please contact us by phone or email.   They are held starting at 10 am to approximately 2 pm with a break for lunch. Please arrange for your own brown bag or snacks, water and drinks provided. The remaining dates for 2015 are May 16th, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th, and December 12th. We look forward to seeing you soon! Click Here for more information on The 4 Keys to Light.

"Dear Genii: Memories, Love, Friendship, extraordinary wonderful Time of Healing.  Something 'did' happen.  My spirituality has Truly Blessed into un-imaginable heights.  Thank you." -- Barbara Forever Friends 444


"The 4 Keys was/is a memorable and moving experience.  Having the tools to access both the higher sources of light and my guide makes me finally feel equipped to move into the future with confidence.  I look forward to learning and growing with my 'light partners'!!! With great love and gratitude." -- Condelia  


Announcing Teleconferences with Genii for Light Links and Charter Members  
The Light Center was incorporated in April 2008 as a non-profit membership organization in Arizona. We initially described Membership Benefits to include a periodic electronic newsletter, free and donation basis e-books, periodic webinars and teleseminars, discounts on hundreds of featured resources, free bonuses every month and other benefits as identified by the Charter Members who will help further define and develop the Membership Program. Now we are ready to collaborate with Charter Members and Light Links to experiment with periodic conference calls with Genii. If you would like to participate, please send us an email to with the words Conference Call in the subject line and we will respond with the details. For more information and join The Light Center Membership, please Click Here.
Your Body Bible: Mind Over Matter. What Your Think Does Matter by Rev. Dr. William Townsend
As mentioned in our last newsletter
The Body Bible by Dr. William J. Townsend is in the process of being published as Your Body Bible on our website in its entirety. It is a much needed reference for all healers, practitioners, licensed teachers, and anyone that does healing of any kind for others.


From the information in Your Body Bible one can pinpoint the area of concern and what thoughts, feelings, or past experiences might have led to the current dis-ease. As we work with these ideas and concepts in our 3rd dimensional reality, we can clearly see the Mind/Body connection and the effects of that connection in our lives. If you wish to review for further understanding any of these concepts and how to use them in your lives, please Click Here for the article entitled "Developing a Healing Consciousness" by Rev. Diana.      

"I just finished reviewing the whole manuscript of The Body Bible and I could not stop as the details given and specific root causes of dis-ease were fascinating. The details and description of the medical conditions are spot on. Those that are open will receive the TRUE BLESSINGS OF THIS BOOK. The human condition suffers from a major lack of self-worth which opens the door to ALL THINGS THAT ARE NOT OF LIGHT. The reason for this is because they feel a SEPARATION FROM GOD.    


Dr Rick Cohen introduces the reasons why he highly recommends Your Body Bible in this YouTube video from the April 22 MeetUp

Dr Rick Cohen Introduces the book Your Body Bible by Rev. Dr. William Townsend
Dr Rick Cohen Introduces Your Body Bible by Rev. Dr. William Townsend

  Click Here for the Foreword for the Medical Community by Dr. Rick Cohen  

 Click Here for the Foreword for Healing Practitioners by Dr. Rick Cohen    

Please go to to review an advanced PDF edition of the draft conceptual copy of Your Body Bible which can be purchased for only $22. Just click on "Add to Cart".  If you can make a donation in any amount to help The Light Center publish and share the healing resources compiled by Dr. B, just click on the "Donate Button" on The Light Center home page. All donations are greatly appreciated!  

         More Publications from The Light Center

"I have closely followed the progress of the 'Cities of Light', and I have never known such an exciting prospect as their appearance which is soon expected. They will be amongst some of the spectacular early developments of the New Age. The prototype that is destined for Sedona has been regularly visited by Genii, and will be sensational for its wide and varied range of advanced technology, particularly where healing is concerned. You are unlikely to ever read another book of this nature, that is a first hand account by Genii of what to expect. Her style of writing takes you with her, and you can share her many heartfelt experiences. It is a unique book, about a unique experience that you will not want to miss."  -- Mike Quinsey
Click Here for more information or to buy your autographed copy of SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!

The Light Center also has several advance PDF publications available for sale. Click Here to learn more or purchase any of the below titles.

Thank you from Genii - -
Those who joined us for our first City Meet-up  experienced the Universal Check-In to see and feel what was taking place. Do we have friends in high places? You bet! All pure love, enough to bring forth their God gift of "Pure Love".

Many of those that have been light-linked now ready themselves as City Ambassadors to assist as the City of Light makes its entry. This Sedona City of Light Center has opened its arms to the Advanced Achievement Academy, where more learning of love and service is in process. I welcome all to feel real love 24/7 and that is what this newsletter and City Embassy visits are all about - - getting ready for God's love, and Dear Ones, it is on the way. SO LOVE IT BE with you and me!


It has been said that either it comes from Love or it doesn't. Somewhere in time God took a look at this planet and said, "This planet will only come from Love, and shine like the moon in the heavens." I can hardly wait - how about you.

In Love and Light - Jedi Service  












    Genii Townsend

The Light Center
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