The Sedona Light Center Newsletter             April 2015  


Even though it has been a while since our last newsletter, progress of the City of Light Sedona has certainly continued on multiple dimensions. We are told of new additions and advancements almost daily and advised on a regular basis on our role in and with these progressions. Nothing is to be taken for granted and the end result we will all enjoy is well worth the wait as the Universal Beings make the necessary adjustments and additions.

Much is needed to fit into our 3D world as we are all finding out and since this has NEVER been done before, we are realizing it is certainly a "Work in Progress"; a God Given Miracle that we are allowed in our 3rd dimension to experience and enjoy which are everyday occurrences in the 5th dimension. We are receiving a "crash course" on living etiquette in the 5th dimension, much of which is beyond our 3rd dimensional understanding, but certainly not beyond our growth potential. Our Universal Friends are very patient with us and our endless questions of "How", Why", and When", of which the never ending answer to all is 'IN GOD'S TIME'

The good GOD news includes Rev. Diana volunteering to help publish our newsletter and begin sharing more regular updates, especially Genii's visits into the City of Light Embassy of Peace headquarters.


The City of Light Information Center!

Genii, Rev. Diana, Charles and Dr. Rick inaugurated the new Information Center 
to conduct cocreative visioning and strategic planning for The Light Center

One of the most exciting recent developments is our establishing an interim City of Light Information Center. Over the past few months, I have received many messages about the need for us to be prepared to provide information about Cities of Light including Guidance about creating a location where we could provide tours and classes. Rev. Diana, Charles and I have been touring possible locations in the Sedona area, and several Light Center Members have offered to help provide financial support.

Just a couple of days ago, Charles and I were both guided to transform the largest room in my home into an interim Information Center. Ever since my daughter Starr-Light and I moved into this home over 12 years ago, the front room has been used primarily as a theater with a stage where she and I performed marionette shows. Click Here for the before and after images of the amazing transformation or watch the videos below.

In you're in the Sedona area, please join us for our MeetUp Group meetings to introduce the City Information Center and SOMETHING'S COMING! on April 22 and 23 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Details are at
Transition from the Dark to Light Ascension
Transition from Dark to Light Ascension
A Whole New World of Light, Love and Healing, Imagine That!
A Whole New World of Light, Love and Healing, Imagine That
Guidance for Genii March 10, 2015


G: "Guidance please, on any topic, plus what is taking place now with the City of Light appearance. I will need to make an update soon. Thank you."


Atherian: "Progress continues in your third dimension and we are well aware of your people's constant need for answers to report. The way of higher dimensions or levels (as sometimes referred to) in your 3D world takes some major adjustments, as you can well imagine; at least, in part mentally, as it is quite complicated to explain.


"Even your highest scientists would have a problem in its explanation, however, just be aware that the land indicated is processing something to appear out of the unseen. God indeed has to be the only magician or magic genie to make this happen. In this case IT IS GOD and no explanation is available to the level of human understanding.


"It is not like you are taking earth and making a sand castle. As said before, there is only an indication that can be given as of a 'timed date of arrival' and we do the best we can in this area of your thinking.


"Enough to know that you have the first City of Light now on your ground level and just know all is well for the third dimensional appearance. Remember this is the very first of its kind ever...ever and, that in itself is quite a feat, as you may interpret. The exact plan is for the 13 others coming forth as well. There is much, much action going on in the unseen in preparation.


"This is a divinely, complex, 'done deal' as you say. See it come forth knowing of the healings to take place, and permit us to finish our part in its appearance. God has decreed this and so it is. A bit more of your time is needed in your world, BUT IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!


"On the cosmic side, your Arizona area connected to the Sedona energy vortexes are spinning the new light City to come forth, and so it is quite busy (behind the scenes), so to speak, making sure all is in perfect order

for delivery.  Again, it is worth the wait!


"Invite people to walk through your Something's Coming, City of Light book, and instead of it being the Genii story, put themselves in your place and enjoy being inside God's mind. This also gives more human energy to bring it forth, indeed! Your high desert grounds are filled with activity unseen (so as to not disturb your daily doings) and we can complete what we came from eons of space to complete.


"The 1500 ft. city high towers also are winging in the unseen UPPCs

(Uniphase Power Capsules) to light up the City and support states around it. This is no toy we play with, quite the contrary!


"Be at peace in the knowing that in no way will this City 'not be seen and used'. Pay attention here!




"The City promise has been made through the Genii as a perfect conduit for our keeping you all posted on what is taking place. Peace, all is well!"


Genii Townsend (trans audio-visionary)


Here are a few excerpts from recent Embassy visits since our last newsletter


Planet Peace - - The Magic of God's Love in Action (1/27/15)


Genii: I have been told that this planet is to be known as Planet Peace. . . 

There are with many people on each side just like we are in a Disneyland parade. This must be how it will feel when the City really does open its gates to us. The feeling everywhere is just pure love as all negative thoughts are banished in the unheard sound of the city lights. The feeling everywhere is LOVE - not just ordinary everyday kind of love, but real LOVE with power attached.


Ooo-lon: "It is a pleasure to tell you that the City is on its way to completion and the massive technology that it brings through the city lights is its healing power. It is no small task to check out all the electrical composites that make this city actually appear in your third dimension. You see lights all over? Well, this is part of that. YOU DON'T HEAR IT - YOU FEEL IT!"


G: "Well, whatever, it feels so-o-o good and I gather this is a major part of us being healed."


O: "Yes, as people enter, probably not feeling so well, their symptoms will diminish a bit, at least enough to have them feel they are on the right track. As they soothe the mental, where all problems begin, and because the subconscious can hold a lot of debris such as pain, mental hurts, etc., all that needs to be dumped. Dr. Bill explained that quite clearly in his book on mental health now being reproduced through your Light Center newsletter.


G: "Then what you are saying is that the light calming effect is transferred here through the actual God connection, and that this process is in-process to bring the whole planet into a peaceful loving existence through this power of city love?"


O: "Indeed, your outside world is in more unseen change than you may know about. . . . . We bring forth a new planet of peace and what that means, as said many times, your current year of 2015 will be seen as quite an attraction, even to us in other galaxies. It is long past due - - too long. . . .


G: "Good, I get so many questions like when will the City appear, oh my!


O:   "Permit them their questions. Actually you do not know it yet, but they are saying one of two things: 1. they may not believe any of this, and 2. they may be wanting to be relieved of pain of some sort. Either way, do not take it personally. Either way, do not take it personally. We expected this all to take place last December, but the City did not appear. That will all be forgotten when it does, as living in the 'now' is what is important. The City of Light will indeed appear. . . . Patience people! Not only will the City appear and heal, but it will be named the Planet of Peace.  Click Here for full message


It's About Time! "Dreams Do Come True - I Proved It! - Walt Disney 3/2/15)


Genii: "Wow! This 3rd dimensional time we are in is used daily for all kinds of reasons. Tell me please, when this City is seen in the physical, it will be seen and felt in the 3rd dimension, right?"


Ooo-Lon: "Of course, it has to be to be of any use and to be able to heal the 3D thinking which brings on all illness. People have to be comfortable with it. However, many people are comfortable in their sickness since it draws attention to them and one may need attention.  In that type of thinking, no cure would be of use, where others relish being out of pain and are grateful to be so.  As said it is mind over matter!


It will be quite good to see your doctors, etc. come here and see what can be done without instruments of any kind. As you can tell at this moment here, it is only NOW." . . .


O: "And now you know where, just not when, is that correct?"


G: "Yes. Is this why all the weather changes in our 3D are so heavy?"


O: "Of course. Has it not been said Cleansing-ness is next to Godli-ness? Is it not the God of All bringing this healing city to your doorstep erasing darkness and negativity in your world? . . .


Dear One, impress on the people that this is the healing of the future for your entire planet."


G: "Thanks a lot. I will take the Light Modules any day to what is being used here today." .


Dear One, it is about time and perfection. The Dr. Bill's book, The Body Bible, will explain the causes of physical illness as coming through the mental subconscious. It is all an inside job!" . . .


O: "Continue your service to others with your 4 Keys to Light sacred magic and know that when something is mental and released, it empties a space for light elevation. It is all about time. Once again, 'out with the old and in with the new'.  Click Here for full messasge


Making Miracles Happen! God's Love Fully Expanded (3/13/15)


Genii: "I have been requested to come back. What is happening?" . . . 


G: "I am puzzled and why is it so quiet?" 


Ooo-lon: "Ah, this City prepares itself to be revealed and those usually here from galactic areas are busy bringing this forth as has been promised. . . THIS IS THE QUIET BREATH OF GOD in the pre-knowing that indeed all must be readied for this City event."


O: "To give you the exact time and day is what you look for and is difficult to explain at this time.  Permit me to give you an example, . . . So then, during the physical birthing the mother is usually told to take deep breath and then push, thus to help the baby be born. The quiet silence you sense in the here and now is one of those deep large scale 'God Breaths' to assist the City birthing process. With God's breath, this City will be born in a split second, and all you have seen with your visits here, will be seen by your world. You have been called back here so I may personally tell you to be prepared." 


G: "I have been prepared for over 30 years." 


O: "I am aware, so a bit more is of no consequence. Dear one, WE PLAY NOT GAMES HERE! It is in this silence of God's love sending the breath of life out - -   


O: ''It has been a long wait, but every single moment has been well worth it. . . This silence says much, and God's love brings forth the 2nd Coming of the Christ. 


"Take a deep breath, deep enough for love to makes its entrance and your planet changes in a split second. I release you now back into your world on the AH-H-H tone."  Click here for full message.


Creating a Space of Love! A City of Light (3/26/15) 


Genii:"Hi Ooo-lon. Sure is quiet in here. Where is the usual audience?"


Ooo-lon: "They are creating a space of love for this City of Light to appear."


G:"Ooo-lon, please tell me. What does it really take to bring forth this City of Light and its healing love?"


O:"Ah, you ask a very deep long question, but I shall endeavor to give you some handy clues that help. We, in our world, sense 'no time' as you do in yours. Whatever it takes is in the 'now'.   We just do what is needed for it to be done. Some visits ago, as said in your published Something's Coming book, you were shone a completed building being lowered onto the earth ground having been brought in by a space vehicle, true?"


G:"Yes, it was an astounding sight. I was amazed. The building looked about 3-4 stories tall."


O: "Yes, most of the City buildings here have been flown in, and set in place on your ground level. That being done, we can proceed to bring in the particular space technology, piece by piece, that your current earth technology has not yet devised to serve on your planet.


"This advanced space light healing, has to be able to work with your humanness  . . . The UPPCs (Uniphase Power Capsules) spoken of in your current book of the City reports on this. We are quite able to supply your needs through the 1500 ft. high electric towers that catch these UPPCs thus sending out this light energy, giving you the experience of the City. It is called a City of Light, because it is!


"It also has to be useful for human healings. You have what you call a subconscious (that your thoughts filter through) in which much of the past is embedded. Even an undesired past thought can rise to the surface as a long forgotten thought, and cause 'inner thought pain', of which the body has no defense physically, mentally or emotionally. This is especially true in the females of your species, as they are a carrier of this emotional energy constantly.


"For the most part your people are unaware that the MENTAL IS THE CAUSATION AREA. The mental (thoughts) produce the havoc within themselves, understand? We will try to explain." . . . 


"One of the buildings of light healing, described in your City book of wisdom, is the Memory Manor, where mental thoughts are eliminated as though they were never formed. This also eliminates the pain, thus helping the person to heal themselves. Dear one, the undesirable mental thoughts are eliminated once and for all. . . . 


O:"Your people have been given much misinformation of what the ET's are, and this then begets another unsteadiness of questions and creates an 'are they coming to get us' frame of mind.


"Permit me to explain . . . The City comes forth! This is a God promise! Your Sedona area in the unseen, is filled with the so called ETs doing God's promise to bring forth the love needed to heal this planet. They are to be blessed, not feared. Such nonsense! The City will be seen as a magnificent manifestation! Is it so hard to wait for that?


"Send your light into any dark situation and the dark will run for cover, but not find any! . . .The Cities come in love, and with love, to sweep out that which is not.


"Your whole world is about to become light infused and love intensified. That is a holy promise! And what a God production this will be seen as. The words, 'OH MY GOD!' will be heard around the world. . . . The Cities of Light coming forth are pure love and like a 'wanted virus' will spread unseen, . . .   Click Here for full message


I am Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

Custodian & Steward of the first City of Light, Sedona Arizona. USA. 




We have had numerous inquiries about The 4 Keys to Light Classes and looking forward we are pleased to be able to make available future dates for The 4 Keys to Light classes to assist all of you in your planning.


They are scheduled to be held in Sedona, Arizona this time, but if we receive a request to come to your location, we certainly can discuss this. If this is desired, please contact us by phone or email.


They are currently scheduled to be held starting at 10 am to approximately 3 pm with a break for lunch. Please arrange for your own brown bag or snacks, water and drinks provided. The remaining dates for 2015 are April 11th, May 9th, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th, and December 12th.


We hope this is of help to you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Click Here for more information on The 4 Keys to Light.



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More Publications from The Light Center

"I have closely followed the progress of the 'Cities of Light', and I have never known such an exciting prospect as their appearance which is soon expected. They will be amongst some of the spectacular early developments of the New Age. The prototype that is destined for Sedona has been regularly visited by Genii, and will be sensational for its wide and varied range of advanced technology, particularly where healing is concerned. You are unlikely to ever read another book of this nature, that is a first hand account by Genii of what to expect. Her style of writing takes you with her, and you can share her many heartfelt experiences. It is a unique book, about a unique experience that you will not want to miss."  -- Mike Quinsey
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Thank you from Genii - -

Thank you all for staying with us as we All progress into our new phase of expression and move into the 5th dimensional gifts and technologies offered by our Universal Friends.  We have been promised by God and that is a promise that will not be broken and worth waiting for.  Thank you God!!!

Genii Townsend



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