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February 17, 2021
Wildlife Wednesday: Nature's Lava Lamp
A simply electric photo taken at one of America's top scuba diving destinations- Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Swarms of brown stinging nettles are common in Monterey Bay. Use caution when diving with them. They look harmless, but they are predators, using stinging cells- called nematocysts- to catch, sting and inactivate prey. When sensitive stinging cells brush up against an object, they burst- and out pops a tiny, sharp barb. The barb pierces the prey and injects it with venom. Once the prey has been captured in the oral arms, digestion begins. Anyone that comes into contact with jellyfish can feel this venom that they carry. Photo by @rebekah_seas via Instagram and information from Monterey Bay Aquarium.
COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule in Monterey County
The Monterey County Health Department has released its projected timeline for advancing through the remainder of Phase 1b of California’s Vaccine Plan. Check out the projected timeline above. Vaccine supply is still limited. For more information visit
COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for Veterans on February 25
The Veteran’s Administration Gourley Clinic in Marina will host another vaccine clinic for veterans on Thursday, February 25. Appointments are required. To receive a vaccine patients must fall into one of these categories:
  • Medically compromised veterans
  • Homeless veterans
  • Veterans over 70

Veterans must be enrolled in VA Palo Alto Health Care System and call 650-496-2535 to register. For more information, contact the Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Office at or 831-647-7613.
Small Business Assistance - Apply Now
NOW OPEN: Applications are now being accepted for the Monterey County CARES Small Business Relief Program (SBRP)–Round 2. Qualifying businesses may be eligible to receive a grant of up to $10,000. Application period: Feb 8-22, 2021. Apply now at
COVID-19 numbers for 93940
Here are today's numbers from CHOMP:

California one month ago: 40,000 cases. 11.4% positivity rate.
California today: 5,692 cases. 3.5% positivity rate.

Also, in the past six weeks, the number of new coronavirus infections reported globally has dropped nearly by half, from about five million the first week of January to about 2.7 million last week. Worldwide, overall daily case tallies are the lowest they’ve been since October, according to the World Health Organization.

Why are COVID-19 cases dropping? Here’s what observers say could be playing a part:
• stronger public-health measures
• stricter adherence to the rules borne out of fear of faster-spreading variants
• the natural seasonality of coronaviruses
Have Your Say Monterey - the City's new public engagement portal:
  • The commercial cannabis discussion - THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the survey! Survey results will be presented to City Council for discussion at a Feb. 24 Study Session.
  • Learn more about sea level rise and the study to determine how it will affect our transportation infrastructure.
Visit and register to have YOUR say!
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Wearing masks is a proven method to stop the spread of COVID-19. Let's get our economy reopened - wear a mask.