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January 11, 2023


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IMPORTANT ALERT - Salinas River Flooding Update and How the Monterey Peninsula May Be Impacted

Thank you to Joshua Copitch (@JoshCopitch) for this map on Twitter. The red line is the Salinas River. It goes through Blanco and S. Davis Rd. If Highway 1 floods, those would flood too. No way through.

There is a high probability that the Salinas River will flood ALL access points into the Monterey Peninsula at some point on Thursday lasting through Sunday. (see map above) The Salinas River is expected to reach flood stage as early as noon tomorrow, Thursday, January 12, at Highway 68 at Spreckles, and Highway 1 north of Marina. Based on National Weather Service and the Monterey County Water Resources Agency models, State and local officials are preparing for continued flood stage through 9:00 p.m. Sunday, January 15.

All residents and workers are urged to plan ahead. Anyone who is on the peninsula when flooding occurs will not be able to leave. Anyone who is not on the peninsula will not be able to enter. Floodwaters could remain on the roads for up to three days with clean up and repair requiring work before roads can reopen.

The flooding concerns on the roadways will likely impact the approaches to the bridges, low lying intersections, and local surface streets. Roads near the Salinas River that are expected to flood include State Route 68, River Road, Reservation Road, Blanco Road, multiple secondary roads, and potentially US 1. Everyone is urged to stay off roads and postpone travel.

Please continue to watch local news, the County Storm Tracker, and monterey.org/stormcenter for latest updates, and continue to stay safe.

In addition, hotels in the area are offering discounts for evacuees - see the full list.

Who To Call - If you live in Monterey and need to report a downed tree or power line, or another storm related issue, who do you call? If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1. If it a non-emergency, call the Police dispatch number at (831) 646-3914. Thank you for staying alert and safe, and for reporting storm issues!

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