City of Morgan Hill Weekly 411
Week of December 2,  2018
Happy December Morgan Hill!

At this festive time of year we wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season! We hope your holidays will be safe and filled with the love and warmth of friends and family to celebrate with.  Morgan Hill will be kicking off the holiday season this evening with the annual Kiwanis Holiday Lights Parade and Tree Lighting.  The parade begins at 5:30PM.  We hope to see you there for this family friendly annual tradition.

More rain is in the forecast for next week and with that we encourage you to review our storm safety and preparedness tips sent out earlier this week. En espanol

The November 2018 Election results are scheduled to be certified by this Thursday, December 6.  The new Morgan Hill Mayor and City Council members will be sworn in on December 12th.  
Make it a great week ahead! We look forward to your ongoing engagement and participation in all aspects of community life and local government in Morgan Hill.
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  Recent City Council Actions

November 28, 2018 City Council Meeting

The City Council adopted an ordinance delegating the authority to appoint the City Clerk.

Agenda Item # 11 Introduce Ordinance Regulating Firearms Dealers  The City adopted an ordinance regulating firearms dealers in Morgan Hill.

  Morgan Hill Police Department Receives Traffic Education and Enforcement Grant
Morgan Hill Police Department has been awarded a $43,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for a year-long enforcement and public awareness program. The traffic safety program is intended to educate the public on safe roadway habits and deter people from violating traffic laws or practicing other unsafe behaviors that lead to injuries and fatalities.

  Close Before You Doze
Forty years ago, people had an average of 17 minutes to escape a burning home after the activation of a smoke alarm. Today, they have about three minutes due to synthetic furnishings, open floor plans and lightweight construction.

The Close Before You Doze campaign features a website that includes safety tips and resources, fire facts and other campaign related news and information. "Our research clearly shows that closed doors dramatically decrease heat and CO levels, which provide trapped occupants more time for help to arrive," said Steve Kerber, UL Director of Firefighter Safety Research. "Closing your doors is especially important at night when people are vulnerable and disoriented, with little time to react. It's such a simple thing to do, and the result can be life versus death."

For more information, visit

  Morgan Hill's Magical Bridge Playground is Funded and Moves into the Final Design and Construction Phase
On behalf of the Magical Bridge Foundation and the City of Morgan Hill, we are happy to announce that we have begun the final design phase on our $4.2 million Magical Bridge Playground in Community Park! 

Soon, we will be hosting the final community input meeting where we will share design plans, solicit feedback and share how Magical Bridge Playground will give the Morgan Hill community a place to play, regardless of ability, disability, size or age. Stay tuned for the date and location for the community input meeting on the Magical Bridge Playground Morgan Hill Facebook Page.
  December 4, 2018
Committee for Green Foothills: What's at Stake in Sargent Ranch/Juristac Meeting
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Community & Cultural Center
17000 Monterey St

Join the Committee for Green Foothills for an evening to learn about What's at Stake for Sargent Ranch/Juristac. Covering 6,500 acres of hills, wetlands, creeks and meadows, this area is home to numerous habitats and and native species. Valentin Lopez, Chair of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, will speak about the historical, spiritual and cultural importance of Juristac. Stuart Weiss, founder of Creekside Science, will talk on the ecology of the site (species, wildlife movement, etc.). Legislative Advocacy Director Alice Kaufman will speak about the sand and gravel quarry that's proposed for the Juristac site, including the environmental concerns, the timeline and how you can help with advocacy.

Read more on the Committee for Green Foothills website.
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Library Culture and Arts Commission Meeting
7:00 PM
City Council Chamber
17555 Peak Avenue
  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
City Council Meeting
7:00PM Regular Meeting
City Council Chamber
17555 Peak Avenue
DECEMBER 5, 2018
Agenda Item Preview:

We also encourage you to  sign up to be notified when City Council agendas are posted. You will be automatically emailed or texted with a direct link to the full agenda. Additionally, you be notified of any supplements added after the agenda has been posted.

We hope to see you at the City Council meeting on Wednesday.

  Sunday, December 9, 2018
New Hours Celebration
1:00PM - 5:00PM
Morgan Hill Library
660 W. Main Avenue

Join us for a special event to celebrate Morgan Hill Library's expanded hours!

Germar The Magician will be performing a family magic show at 2pm.

Find yourself a good book at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Free and open to the public

All ages are welcome

  Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Swearing in Ceremony of New Mayor and City Council Members and Reception
City Council Chamber
17555 Peak Avenue


Water is always a precious resource in Morgan Hill and with this in mind, our permanent watering restrictions have been designed to best manage the City's potable water supply. These restrictions will help us avoid or minimize the effects of drought, climate change and the unreliability of the imported water infrastructure that serves the City of Morgan Hill.
From November 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019, watering is limited to Wednesdays only.
  • Irrigation is allowed before 9 AM or after 7 PM
  • Watering is limited to no more than 15 minutes per station 
  • Watering returns to the three day a week schedule on April 1, 2018
Complete rules and restrictions can be found in   Water Waste Ordinance No. 2236. Customers can report water waste  online or by calling the Water Waste Hotline at 408-310-4195. For more information, visit, email or call 408-310-4169. Thank you for conserving water!  

Whether you are looking for an entry or management level position, Morgan Hill employees have a lot in common. We are all hard working individuals who respect each other and value teamwork to deliver services. 

We excel at meeting challenges and work hard to exceed our customer's expectations. We work for an organization that encourages innovation, provides opportunities for professional growth, and recognizes the contributions of each employee.
If you share these core values, we invite you to apply for one of our open positions.

Have you thought about getting involved, but not sure where to start? 
The City of Morgan Hill has many volunteer opportunities that could allow you to give back to your community and have an impact, develop a new skill,  meet new people, stay connected, explore a new career, or just help you grow individually as a person.  

Research indicates that volunteering not only benefits and strengthens your community and the organization you are volunteering for, it can have significant health benefits.  Apply to become a volunteer today by  completing this form .

Questions and Comments: 

  Morgan Hill Library

Effective Monday, December 3, 2018, the library will be open on Sundays and expand its hours to:

Mon-Wed: 12-9
Thur-Sat: 10-6
Sun: 1-5

VTA Connections Newsletter
November 2018

Valley Transportation Authority.  
Solutions that move you. 
Santa Clara Valley Water District News: November 2018

Water supply, flood protection and stream stewardship for Santa Clara County.  Click here to view the Santa Clara Valley Water District's newsletter for October 2018!  

Tips to Help You Implement Asset #39: Sense of Purpose
  • Ask your youth what matters to them, what gets them excited about each new day? What are their dreams, interests and passions?
  • Give them the opportunity to explore different types of sports, art and music classes, community service, trips to different schools and colleges, etc..
  • Talk about family values and the purpose of each family member in the home.
Click here for more information about this month's developmental asset! 
Developmental assets are the positive values, relationships, skills and experiences that help youth and teens thrive. Young people with high asset levels are most likely to make healthy choices, while those with lower asset levels are more likely to get involved with negative or risky behaviors like violence, trouble in school, drug and alcohol use and more. The Search Institute of Minneapolis created the developmental assets framework. For more information, visit