City of Morgan Hill Weekly 411
Week of July 1, 2018
Happy 4th of July Morgan Hill!  We wish you all a safe and 
fun celebration with your family and friends and hope that you will take full advantage of all the wonderful  Morgan Hill Freedom Fest events!  We also offer a sincere and huge THANK YOU to all the many volunteers who work year round to make Morgan Hill's 4th of July celebration so incredible.

Another reminder that  ALL fireworks are illegal in Morgan Hill! Violators may face penalties of up to $1,000 or 6 months in jail.  Be safe and plan to visit the free professional fireworks display at Fireworks on the Green at the Outdoor Sports Center. 

Morgan Hill Fire also reminds everyone to do their part to prevent fires and injuries caused by fireworks. Two out of five fires on the 4th of July are caused by fireworks, more than any other cause of fires. The majority of these incidents are related to either the use of illegal fireworks or state-approved fireworks that are used incorrectly.  Residents are urged to for tips on how to prepare their homes and family for wildfire.

Please note that due to the 4th of July holiday , the Library Culture and Arts Commission meeting scheduled for July 3 has been rescheduled to July 17.  Additionally, the City Council meeting scheduled for July 4 has been cancelled.  The next City Council meeting will be held on July 18.

We will be skipping next week's Weekly 411.  Look for the next Weekly 411 the week of  July 15.

Make it a great week ahead! We look forward to your ongoing engagement and participation in all aspects of community life and local government in Morgan Hill.

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July 3 - July 4, 2018
Morgan Hill Freedom Fest
Downtown Morgan Hill & Outdoor Sports Center

Visit the Morgan Hill Freedom Fest website for a list of all the events.
July 6,2018
Resident Free Day at the Centennial Recreation Center
171 W. Edmundson
Morgan Hill
4:30 AM - 10:00PM

Residents are welcomed to spend the day using the fitness center, taking group exercise classes, swimming in our indoor pool and being a part of our CRC community for FREE with proof of residency.

Visit the the Centennial Recreation Center website for more information on all the CRC has to offer.
July 16,2018
Public Hearing on PG&E Gas Rates
Scottish Rite Center
2455 Masonic Drive
San Jose, CA  95125
1PM and 6PM Information Sessions
2PM and 7PM Public Comment Forums

PG&E Logo

Pacific Gas and Electric is seeking CPUC approval for increases in its rates as part of its Gas Transmission and Storage Rate Case and its Gas Cost Allocation Proceeding, respectively.
This is to inform you that the CPUC is accepting public input on the process, including at the upcoming public participation hearings near you:
July 16, 2018:
1 p.m. AND 6 p.m. Information Sessions
2 p.m. AND 7 p.m. Public Comment Forums
Scottish Rite Center, 2455 Masonic Dr. 
San Jose, CA  95125

If PG&E's requests were to be approved without modification, for those using 33 therms of natural gas each month, the monthly transmission and storage rates on a typical consumer's bill would increase by about 2 percent, and allocation (determined costs for the procurement of the gas) would increase by about 3.2 percent.
PG&E claims it needs to increase rates in order to meet new safety requirements, invest in new infrastructure, and to fund the retirement of two gas storage field.

The forums will include information sessions one hour before the opening of the public hearing. The CPUC Administrative Law Judges assigned to these cases will preside over each forum. The Administrative Law Judges are scheduled to write Proposed Decisions in these matters for CPUC Commissioners' consideration by the end of the year. The CPUC welcomes attendance and participation, as public comments help the CPUC reach an informed decision. While a quorum of Commissioners or their staff may attend, no official action will be taken.

Fact sheets about the Public Participation Hearings are available online in English and Spanish at:
A video outlining PG&E's requests and the public hearing process is available online at: 

For those unable to attend a public comment forum in person, written comments on any proceeding may be submitted to: 
CPUC Public Advisor, 
505 Van Ness Ave., 
San Francisco, CA 94102, 
or via email to 

Please refer to the proceeding number on any written or email correspondence about this proceeding:
-           Gas Transmission and Storage Rate Case: A.17-11-009
-           2018 Gas Cost Allocation Proceeding: A.17-09-006
All public comments received are provided to the CPUC's Commissioners and the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the case.

June 1 - July 31, 2018
Summer Reading Program 2018
Reading Takes Your Everywhere

For more information and to participate visit the
June 11 - August 3, 2018
Lunch at the Library
12PM - 1PM
Morgan Hill Library
660 W. Main Avenue

Have you ever wanted to know more about how your Police Department works? Interested in learning how our officers conduct an investigation? How does our CSI team process a crime scene? What is the difference between a patrol officer and a detective? What equipment is used to train officers to respond to a crisis situation in the field?

If the answer is  YES , then the MHPD Citizens Police Academy is for you! We are accepting applications for the fall session!

The Academy starts on Thursday August 23 and meets each Thursday at 6:30pm through November 15. Sessions meet at the Police Department

Priority is given to Morgan Hill residents and each applicant is required to consent to a criminal background investigations check.

To learn more and/or complete an online application,  click here

For questions, please contact Corporal Scott Purvis via  email

Visit for more information.  Click here to view a list of FAQ's that you may find helpful.  Customers can report water waste  online  or by calling the Water Waste Hotline at 408.310.4195
For questions, comments or concerns, please contact Andi Borowski or call 408.310.4169

Whether you are looking for an entry or management level position, Morgan Hill employees have a lot in common. We are all hard working individuals who respect each other and value teamwork to deliver services. 

We excel at meeting challenges and work hard to exceed our customer's expectations. We work for an organization that encourages innovation, provides opportunities for professional growth, and recognizes the contributions of each employee. If you share these core values, we invite you to apply for one of our open positions.

Have you thought about getting involved, but not sure where to start?  The City of Morgan Hill has many volunteer opportunities that could allow you to give back to your community and have an impact, develop a new skill,  meet new people, stay connected, explore a new career, or just help you grow individually as a person.  

Research indicates that volunteering not only benefits and strengthens your community and the organization you are volunteering for, it can have significant health benefits.  Apply to become a volunteer today by  completing this form

Questions and Comments: 

Silicon Valley Clean Energy Delivers on Bold Renewable Energy Promises

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) has exceeded the state mandate to procure 50% renewable energy by 2030, more than a decade ahead of schedule. In 2017, the Community Choice Energy agency sourced clean power with an emissions rate of less than one pound of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour, a 99% decrease in emissions associated with electricity generation. Additionally, SVCE customers save money. Electric generation rates for SVCE are now six percent less than PG&E's equivalent rates. An average residential customer is saving approximately $40 per year with SVCE.

This information is being sent to electricity customers in a majority of Santa Clara County communities in the annual Joint Rate Mailer - a joint communication with SVCE and PG&E which provides side-by-side cost and power content comparisons for customers to review their electricity choices. The mailers are also available to view online at

When SVCE launched in April 2017, customers had two new electricity choices - GreenStart, which is carbon-free with 50% of the power from renewable sources and 50% from large hydropower, and GreenPrime for 100% renewable wind and solar energy. As of the end of 2017, actual power deliveries with GreenStart were 55% from renewable energy, and 45% from large hydro.

California state law (SB 350) requires utilities to procure 50% of their power from renewables by 2030. SVCE has met and exceeded this requirement 13 years ahead of schedule. SVCE power content is also submitted to the California Energy Commission for its annual Power Source Disclosure Program.
"Our communities came together to find a way to significantly reduce carbon emissions and achieve the goals we set forth in our Climate Action Plans. We are proud that not only did we keep our promise, but we have also surpassed the state's requirements," said Courtenay Corrigan, SVCE Board Chair. "Silicon Valley is known for being on the cutting edge of innovation, and we are proud to have kept with this spirit as we lead the way towards a carbon-free future with Silicon Valley Clean Energy."

Procuring electricity from carbon-free sources makes a significant reduction in emissions from residential and commercial electricity use. SVCE's carbon emissions factor is less than a pound of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour (0.25 lbs CO2/MWh). By comparison, PG&E's 2016 average emissions rate was 294 lbs CO2/MWh, the California grid average was 525 lbs, and the U.S. average emissions rate was 1,041 lbs. PG&E 2017 emissions data will be verified in fall 2018. SVCE has voluntarily reported 2017 emissions data to The Climate Registry.

SVCE is committed to providing clean, carbon-free electricity. The SVCE Board of Directors recently approved a long-term agreement for a new wind power project, and two new solar plus energy storage agreements are under development. All three projects will add to the supply of affordable, reliable and renewable energy for SVCE customers.

June 2018 VTA Connections Newsletter

Stay in the know about  transportation in Silicon Valley.  Click here to view the VTA's newsletter for June 2018!
Santa Clara Valley Water District News: June 2018
Water supply, flood protection and stream stewardship for Santa Clara County.  Click here to view the Santa Clara Valley Water District's newsletter for June 2018!
Santa Clara Valley Water District: Landscape Rebate Program
The Santa Clara Valley Water District has funds available and is offering Morgan Hill utility customers rebates up to $3,000 for replacing high water using plants with approved low water using plants, mulch, and/or permeable hardscape or for an irrigation equipment upgrade. Commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family properties can receive rebates up to $30,000 ($3,000 for multi-family).  Pre-approval is required, please call 408.630.2554 for  details and an application or click here to get started. Get paid to save money and water year after year!
Asset #27:  Equality and Social Justice

Tips to Help You Implement Asset #27: Equality and Social Justice
  • Discuss with your youth and give your opinion about different equality and social justice topics such as: racial, gender, disability, sexual orientation, class and age discrimination, poverty, hunger, or human rights.
  • Promote tolerance and acceptance.
  • Advocate for people with disability.
  • Support candidates who take a stand on equality and social justice.
  • Let your words and actions show that you care about those who suffer.
Click here for more information about this month's developmental asset! 

Developmental assets are the positive values, relationships, skills and experiences that help youth and teens thrive. Young people with  high asset levels are most likely to make healthy choices, while those with lower asset levels are more likely to get involved with  negative or risky behaviors like violence, trouble in school, drug and alcohol use and more. The Search Institute of Minneapolis created  the developmental assets framework. For more information, visit