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Wishing you a festive holiday season and a happy New Year! We hope that you enjoy the lights and events throughout the community.

Senior Excursion The Outlet Shoppes in Burlington and Anacortes
January 28 
7:45am - 5:30pm
Trip Cost $45 
Poulsbo Parks and Recreation still has room on their Thursday, January 28, 2016 Senior Trip to
the Outlet Shoppes in Burlington are just off I-5 and offer a variety of shopping options. Whether you're looking for apparel, house wares, health & beauty, specialty items or footwear, they have it all. After we're done there, we'll head to Anacortes to see this quaint seaside downtown. You'll have time to wander and have lunch before heading home. Fee includes transportation and ferry; lunch and shopping on your own.
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Are you looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy during the winter break?

Holiday Circus Camp Campers, ages 8-12, will learn how to juggle, ride a unicycle and walk on a large ball. This popular program is taught by Mr. Webb, who runs the RATS program and has many years of experience in the circus arts. 
   M/T/W, Dec 21-23, 9a-12pm, $62.

Kids Mosaic Saturdays: Christmas
Spend the morning having fun as you build a great mosaic for your family or to give as a gift. Holiday themed projects are suitable for ages 4 and older, but 3-year-olds may attend as long as a parent or grandparent stays with them to help.
 Sat, Dec 12,
10:30a-12p, $44.

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December 2015 E-Newsletter 
Message from the Chief of Police
Welcome to the holidays.  We all seem to get busier this time of year, with more things on our minds, and more hectic shopping experiences due to larger crowds and less parking options. 
This is also the time where we see more thefts from vehicles and more telephone scam attempts.
Today I heard from a local citizen about 2 different scams, both occurred via phone. 
One has been around a while and involves someone claiming to be with the police, a jail, the IRS, US Marshals Service, etc.  They say that there are criminal charges pending against the call recipient. Or they will tell you that a relative is in jail and you need to post bail. They ultimately will get to their request for money, usually by money order or wire transfer.  If you don't comply with their request they will say that you will be arrested or that your relative won't be released. And they can get somewhat nasty on the phone.  There are different variations of this same type of scam. 
Another popular telephone scam is the computer service company.  They will call and inform you that you have a virus on your computer and they need to access it to clean your computer.  They will ask for money and they may also seek out more personal information about you, such as a credit card number or even things like your social security number. 
These may seem like obvious scams, but when you aren't prepared or busy with other things going on, people can fall victim to these. 
Also, as you are out hunting down Christmas presents and stacking them in your car, PLEASE put those in the trunk or locked compartment.  If you have an SUV, then put them in the far back and cover them with either the retractable cover that comes with the vehicle or some dark colored blanket or tarp.  This is really a crime of opportunity to these people, so if it's out of sight, they are not likely to target your vehicle. 
And finally, theft of delivered packages.  We see some of these all year round but this is the prime time with gifts being ordered and delivered. If you are having packages sent to your home, either arrange to be there when they are delivered, beg one of your neighbors to watch for it, or have it delivered to your workplace.  Some of these thieves simply follow the UPS or FEDEX drivers around and pick things off the front porch where it was left.  If you can't go with one of the delivery options I suggested above, then try to leave instructions on the order to leave it in a more obscure location, such as the back porch, behind a bush, etc.
And finally, if you are a victim of a crime, no matter how minor it may seem, please give us a call.  It may help to prevent others from being victimized.
Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
Avoid the Frenzy-Learn How to Enroll in Affordable Health Care Coverage
Many people find the frenzied pace of November and December a bit overwhelming. School concerts, parent-teacher conferences, holiday parties and events, shopping, work deadlines, inclement weather, family visits, travel, additional church and community activities, and other events can leave individuals and families stretched thin and exhausted.



There is one thing you can get a jump on, though! The third Open Enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is underway - it began November 1, 2015 and lasts until January 31, 2016.  Come find out more about how to enroll in health insurance and talk with people who can help you sign up.



There are many excellent reasons to enroll in health coverage for 2016.

  1. For 2015 coverage in Washington, almost 78% of consumers received tax credits averaging $260 per person.

  2. All Qualified Health Plans cover essential health benefits, including many free preventive health services for adults, women, and children.

  3. Enrollment help is available locally (visit Washington HealthPlanFinder and click on "Find a Broker" or "Find a Navigator" for local assistance information) and by phone at 1-855-923-4633 in a variety of languages.

  4. Your children can stay on your plan until they turn 26.

  5. Women can't be charged more for health insurance simply for being female.

  6. No one can be charged more or be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.

  7. As of the end of June, 9.9 million people were enrolled in their Marketplace plans.

  8.  For 2016 you can face an increased tax penalty if you fail to obtain coverage.


If you would like to sign up for coverage on December 2, please bring the following:

  • Names, DOB, SS# of all household members

  • Household income information

  • Tax filing status

  • Current health plan information

  • Immigration documents if not a US born citizen (such as Permanent Resident Card or Certificate of Naturalization, Foreign Passport, etc.)

  • All applicants for coverage through the WA Healthplanfinder must be WA residents.

Open Enrollment only lasts three months, from November 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016. Two of those months are arguably the busiest of the year for many people. Get an early start! Enroll now, relax, and enjoy the benefits of health coverage and the peace of mind it brings all through 2016!

This class is FREE! But please register through Poulsbo Parks and Recreation by calling 360-779-9898 so the instructor can have your materials ready.

Saturday December 5, 2015, 1:00-2:00 pm, Poulsbo City Hall, 2nd floor conference room.


Construction Update
The 6th Ave and 9th Ave Sewer Pump Station improvements are nearly complete. Testing on the new pumps will take place over the next few weeks. The contractor will provide landscape improvements to the area where the cherry tree was removed before the end of the project. Other remaining tasks include some electrical work, landscaping, paving, and switching the connections from the old systems to the new systems. These items should all be complete by February.
The construction for the Lincoln Well #2 Manganese Water Treatment Plant was advertised and bids were opened in September. The bids all exceeded the Engineer's estimate and were therefore rejected by Council. The Engineering Department is re-evaluating the project and will prepare a value engineered bid package to re-bid the project in the next few months. Construction is anticipated in early 2016.
The Peterson Street Rock Wall Repair project has been placed on hold at the Mayor's request. The Engineering and Public Works Department are shifting their focus to the faulty signal issues at the intersection of Bond Rd and NW Lindvig Way.
As part of the City's Annual Inflow Reduction Program, Smoke Testing Services to evaluate the inflow and infiltration in the Poulsbo Village basin were advertised and bids were opened on October 27th. The project was awarded to SFE Global on December 2nd. The work will begin soon and will be completed during the next few months. Notices will be issued before testing begins to residents in areas where smoke could be visible during the testing process.
The construction of the Decant Facility and Solid Waste Transfer Station at the new Public Works Facility site on Viking Way is complete. The Public Works Department is working on fencing the entire site to ensure access is only available to City employees.
Bid documents are in review for the Viking Ave PRV project. The project will consist of the installation of two pressure reducing valve systems in the vicinity of Viking Ave to allow additional flow in the City's water system from the west high zone to the low zone. In addition, the project will also include replacement of the failing water services on Finn Hill. The project will be advertised in the coming months and construction is expected in early 2016.
For more updates on construction projects, visit: http://www.cityofpoulsbo.com/publicworks/publicworks_eng_projects.htm)
Pretrial Diversion Agreements
A criminal case can be resolved in several ways once it is filed in Municipal Court.  Due to their effectiveness in reducing recidivism, a common resolution in Poulsbo Municipal Court is a pretrial diversion agreement (PDA).  A PDA is an agreement between the City Prosecutor and the defendant, wherein each agree to certain terms.  For the defendant, depending on the case, this could include participating in chemical dependency  and/or mental health treatment, making restitution, and paying court costs (with the ability to do community service if they are unable to pay).  Once these obligations are completed, the Prosecutor will either dismiss or amend the charge to a lesser offense.  If the defendant does not keep their end of the bargain, the PDA contains a procedure for revocation that allows for conviction and sentencing on the original charge.  PDAs allow a defendant the opportunity to turn their life around, remain out of jail, and in some cases keep a conviction off their record. 

Since the creation of the City Prosecutor's Office in May, over fifty cases have been resolved with PDA's.