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City of Poulsbo October E-Newsletter
Please visit out website for the latest information and resources related to COVID-19.
A message from Mayor Erickson
Another month has quickly gone by, complete with hot summer weather, a week of smokey skies, last week was rain and wind, and today we get to enjoy some sunshine. I hope everyone is going outside and taking advantage of this weather. It is the perfect time for a leisurely walk, enjoying a meal on an outdoor patio at a local eatery, or socially-distant visiting with family and friends.

Our Summer Fair program, which allows merchants to spill out into the streets to expand their storefronts and eating spaces, will continue through the upcoming season. Merchants are considering installing canopies and heaters to allow the outdoor dining spaces to be used through the fall and winter. Our Summer Fair may turn into a Fall Festival and Winter Bazaar if outdoor dining and shopping continues to be used by shoppers. Councilmember Livdahl shared a Norwegian saying last month at a Council meeting: "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" So, bundle up and maybe we'll be enjoying hot mulled wine in the winter!

The City continues to have its Business Recovery Task Force meeting every Monday. We have ordered heaters and installed additional tables in the Waterfront Park. We are currently reviewing applications received for the Poulsbo CARES Small Business Grant, and a citizen committee will meet next week to make recommendations on the awards. We have a minimum of $80,000 available to award, and I am hopeful that the City will be able to increase that amount for our small businesses.

Finally, I am very excited to share that our new Chief of Police, Ron Harding, will be starting on October 12. I look forward to him joining our team and getting to know and become a part of our community. His work history includes 25 years of working with the Redmond Police Department. Since starting as a patrol officer, he has moved through the ranks working as a detective, lieutenant, commander, assistant commander of the North Sound Metro Swat unit, and is currently one of two Captains in a department of 135. He has an executive-level certification from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, holds a Master of Science degree in Ministry from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from Puget Sound Christian College.

Again, I hope you enjoy this weather we are having. And please help me in welcoming Chief Harding to Poulsbo when you see him out and about becoming familiar with our town!
City Hall Closures
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To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the City of Poulsbo customer service counters in City Hall have been closed since March 23, 2020 until Phase 3 of the Governor's Safe Start Plan. The Public Works office, Parks & Recreation office, Police Administration office, and Municipal Court office counters are currently closed, as well as restrooms in some City parks. City staff are still working and available by email or phone. To learn more on how to reach us, click here.
It's more important than ever to get a flu vaccine this year
We may not have a vaccine yet for COVID-19, but we DO have a vaccine for flu. The flu vaccine can keep you from getting sick with flu during the COVID-19 pandemic.We can all do our part to prevent illness and hospitalizations caused by flu. This will help save healthcare resources for COVID-19 response in our communities.

The flu vaccine is your best protection against flu
  • DOH recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone aged six-months and older, including pregnant and nursing women. If you are 65 or older, talk to your provider about flu vaccine and other important vaccines for your age group.
  • It takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to protect you from flu. The flu vaccine does NOT protect against coronavirus, colds, or other viruses that cause respiratory illness.
  • The flu vaccine keeps many people from getting the flu. Some people who get the flu vaccine may still get sick. If you do get the flu, the vaccine will help reduce the severity of your illness. It will also lower your chance of needing to go to the hospital.
  • When you get the flu vaccine you will also protect your family and community.
  • You can also stop flu by covering your coughs and sneezes, washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, and staying home when you are sick. Cloth face coverings (masks) help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the flu.

What’s new for flu 2020-2021
It’s best to get your family vaccinated for flu by October. Pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals follow new safety measures to give vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • In Washington, all children under age 19 get flu vaccines and other recommended vaccines at no cost.
  • The provider may charge an administration fee to give the vaccine. You can ask them to waive this fee if you cannot afford it.
  • Most insurance plans, including Medicare part B, cover the cost of flu vaccine for adults.
  • Adults who do not have health insurance may be able to get the flu vaccine at no cost. Talk to your local health department for information about this program.

If you do feel sick with flu, it’s important to know when to stay home and when to get emergency medical care.
Community Recovery-Oriented Needs Assessment (CORONA) Survey
The Community Recovery-Oriented Needs Assessment (CORONA) survey was created to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) on Washington residents. The survey asks questions related to behavioral, economic, social and emotional impacts and needs. Health departments across the state will use the results of the survey to help our communities recover.

How do I take the survey?
Go to www.WACORONASURVEY.com, choose the language from the drop down list. You can take the online survey in six languages English, Somali, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.
To take the survey by phone, call 855-530-5787. Interpretative services are available—say your language when the call is answered.

As a thank you for your time and participation, three participants will receive a $100 Amazon.com gift code each week of the survey! Only one submission of the survey will be accepted. Employees of the Washington State DOH, Public Health Seattle King County, and ICF are not eligible to receive the $100.
Tips for a Safer Halloween during COVID
City Hall has recently been receiving questions about our next upcoming holiday, Halloween, and how to safely celebrate the holiday. The Washington State Department of Health has created a new information sheet that provides safer alternatives to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 during the holiday. Click the following link for the fact sheet: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/HalloweenTips.pdf

Have more questions about COVID-19? You can call their hotline: 1-800-525-0127, Monday –Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Weekends: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Poulsbo Housing Survey
Veterans Grab & Go
Tips to Prevent Clogged Storm Drains
2020 Pavement Maintenance Projects
Contractor Sierra Santa Fe began working on chip seal pavement maintenance on Laurie Vei Loop, Noll Meadows, and Finn Hill Terasse on September 14th, and work was completed on September 17th.
The City of Poulsbo is continuing to work diligently to address the overall poor condition of our neighborhood streets. In 2017, the City conducted a pavement maintenance pilot project using a pavement preservation method called Chip Seal.

Generally, chip sealing is about 20% the cost of pavement overlays and provides an excellent means of improving and preserving our streets. This allows more streets to benefit within the City’s pavement maintenance budget. The City has also chosen to add a fog seal over top of the chip seal. This not only gives an additional coat of sealer to the entire roadway, it helps keep the rock in place and make the final product look similar to a traditional asphalt roadway.

In 2017, the City completed the following roads and they are holding up very well.

  • Kevos Pond Dr – 2017
  • 9th Ave NE – 2017
  • Urdahl Road NW – 2017
  • A Portion of 12th Ave NE – 2017

In the week of September 14, 2020 the City completed chip sealing the following roads with contractor Sierra Santa Fe and will be monitoring them closely to see how well they hold up.

  • Meadow Run NE & Alder Ct - 2020
  • Laurie Vei Loop NE - 2020
  • Terasse Dr NW, Gurley Ct NW – 2020

The City is looking at ways to stretch the Maintenance Budget while achieving some much-needed maintenance on our neighborhood streets.

As we move forward in the upcoming years, we will be looking at additional neighborhoods for more Chip Sealing and Crack Sealing as well as potentially some MicroCoat and Microseal applications.

We are striving to have numerous tools in our “Maintenance Toolbox” other than very expensive Asphalt Overlays to do some preventative maintenance on our streets.
Development Review
Norland Trails Apartments has submitted their first of 7 apartment building permits for 22 units, and the building permit for their clubhouse has been issued.
Poulsbo Meadows has picked up three model home permits, and Final Plat application is under review. Approval of Final Plat is expected for early November.
Finn Hill Shared Use Path
The NW Finn Hill Road shared use path project is beginning to take shape. The majority of the shared use path on Rhododendron Lane NW and a good portion on NW Finn Hill Road has been paved, as well as installation of the curb and gutter. The contractor will start paving the roadway and forming up and pouring ADA pedestrian curb ramps and driveways.

The center of the road has been shifted temporarily to accommodate installation of the curb and gutter. The contractor will shift traffic back to its normal configuration once paving has been completed. Please drive slowly and cautiously through the work zone while traffic is shifted.

Additionally, expect delays near the Olhava Way NW Road/NW Finn Hill Road intersection while the contractor works to install the shared use path in this area.

Expect delays and flagging two-way one lane traffic most days. We thank you for your continued patience.
Johnson Parkway
The City held a pre-construction meeting with the contractor, Active Construction Inc. (ACI). ACI is currently establishing temporary power onsite and will be setting up a project trailer in the coming week. 

You can expect to begin seeing construction crews and roadwork starting October 12. Two lanes of traffic will remain open along SR305 during the day with occasional flagging delays. 

The construction zone will have a temporary speed reduction to 35 mph. Please plan ahead, and we thank you in advance for your patience as we move into construction.
The Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center Update
The Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center (PERC) is a concept for a multi-use recreational, educational, and events center. The vision for the PERC grew from the community’s expressed desire for new recreational facilities, more tournament-scale sports fields, and a regional center for events and business functions from across the greater Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula. The PERC is also the opportunity to connect secondary and higher education systems to new meeting and use space to support their missions. 
The Kitsap Public Facilities District has provided the City of Poulsbo with the funding needed to study the feasibility for a PERC in Poulsbo. A key part of this study is gathering community input on the project. The PERC is envisioned as a 15,000 to 20,000 square foot facility that will cover three main areas:
  • Indoor recreation that may include offices, classrooms, fitness, aquatics and administrative space for Poulsbo Parks and Recreation programs and youth activities
  • Outdoor recreation and plaza areas that may include multi-use lighted, all season sports field(s) for tournament capabilities for soccer, lacrosse, football, ultimate and other field sports; a skate park; a welcoming plaza to create a sense of space; water features; and other features that provide a community preference for outdoor sports and recreation
  • Event space for trade shows, corporate meetings, exhibitions, weddings, and institutional functions such as lecture series’ or off-campus collaboration events. 

The public rollout of a survey, logo and community outreach will begin in October. Watch for it!
Poulsbo Pump Track
Are you looking for a healthy, fun, and family-oriented activity? The Poulsbo Pump Track is OPEN and ready for outdoor fun! Located at 20503 Little Valley Road in Poulsbo, the track is home to a variety of rolling hills and jumps. All age and ability levels from beginners to advanced will enjoy this track using a mountain, dirt, BMX, or any other kind of non-motorized bike you have. Pump tracks are compact looping trail systems made up of small dirt hills and curves. Once in the loop, bikers only have to pump their handlebars to maintain their momentum through the course. This is a free course operated by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.
Poulsbo's Fish Park - Phase IV
The community history of support by volunteers, organizations, schools, businesses, grantors, government, and the City is immeasurable to Poulsbo’s Fish Park. Construction is underway for improvements to Fish Park along the Bond Road side of the park. The City Council awarded the contract to W.S. Contractors of Buckley in July.

The project includes parking lot renovation on Bond Road with stormwater improvements, 560 lineal feet (lf) of 6’ wide sidewalk and 200 lf of boardwalk along the west side of Bond Road to the Lord Property, which is the park’s shoreline parcel right on the estuary. An additional 228 lf of elevated boardwalk will lead from the renovated parking lot and into the park. Volunteer projects this fall/winter will include two new platforms built by community organizations, including the Poulsbo-NK Rotary Club and Poulsbo Lions Club. Kitsap Audubon and steering committee volunteers have also created six new interpretive signs. When completed, this project will provide public access, environmental improvements and education to ALL parcels in PFP's 40 acres.

The project began Sept 1st and is going well. Temporary traffic revisions on Bond Road are allowing for safe construction of retaining walls, sidewalk and parking lot renovation.

This project is being funded by the City of Poulsbo and two state grants: one through the Recreation and Conservation Office and one through a senate appropriation thanks to the support of Senator Christine Rolfes.

For more information please contact Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Director Mary McCluskey at mmccluskey@cityofpoulsbo.com or 360-394-9772.
Job Opening
The City of Poulsbo is currently hiring for the following position: Police Officer (Entry Level). Click here to learn more details about the open positions.