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October 2017 E-Newsletter 
Waterfront Park Improvements

Poulsbo's Waterfront Park will be under construction this fall, making much needed park improvements. The park will be closed between the restroom and pavilion from mid-September to early November. Other parts of the park, including the sidewalk along the shoreline, will remain open. Park improvements will include:
  • Replacement of the support posts on the Austin-Kvelstad Pavilion.
  • Removal of the concrete seating posts and installation of 14 new brown benches.
  • Removal of one damaged fir tree between the parking lot and the restroom building.
  • Demolition of old asphalt sidewalks and installation of new concrete sidewalks.
  • Demolition of the current restroom facility; and installation of a new restroom building by late October.
PARK CLOSURE: The center area of the park will be closed for construction from 9/25/17 to 11/3/17.
Any questions or information please call Poulsbo Parks and Recreation at 360-779-9898.

Central Interceptor CIPP Project
A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is one of the most widely used rehabilitation methods used to repair existing pipelines. CIPP is a jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe with the capability to rehabilitate sewer pipes.  The City has approximately 4,962 feet of sewer pipe in need of rehabilitation. The CIPP is installed through manholes with no excavation required and less disruption to the public. This lower cost and less intrusive process will extend the life of the existing sewer pipes throughout the City.

The City opened bids on August 7, 2017. The lowest responsive bidder was Insta-Pipe, Inc at $769,804. Insta-Pipe will be installing an ultra violet (UV) cured pipe liner. You may have noticed some activity in the area, as the contractor has begun the process of videoing and cleaning the Central Interceptor. Once this phase is complete, the pipe liner will be ordered and installed in 4-6 weeks. Expect shoulder closures on SR305 during construction. The project extends from Sol Vei to Johnson Road on the west side of SR305.
Central Interceptor CIPP Project

Halloween Spooktacular