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City of Poulsbo September E-Newsletter
Please visit out website for the latest information and resources related to COVID-19.
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The City of Poulsbo has partnered with Nixle to implement a notification system to alert residents in real-time about urgent and emergency situations. There are several simple ways to register: 1) Text POULSBO to 888777 from your mobile phone 2) Go to www.cityofpoulsbo.com and sign up via the Nixle Widget. The service is secure, reliable, and easy to use.
Housing, Health & Human Services (H3) Update
Hometown Heroes! The City of Poulsbo partners with Poulsbo Fire Department and the Olympic Peninsula Community Clinic to operate the Poulsbo Fire CARES program which has been in service since January of this year. The CARES team helps people throughout North Kitsap, in their homes and in the community, who are struggling with behavioral health issues such as substance use, cognitive decline, and mental illness. The Mariners honored Renee and Dave from the CARES team on August 28 and 29. We’re proud of both of them, and pleased to be helping people throughout North Kitsap despite the challenges of the pandemic.
Poulsbo Hosts Crisis Training. The City of Poulsbo is hosting an 8-hour workshop in September to help behavioral health professionals stay safe, in the field, during crisis situations. This new training, developed by Michelle Muething of Aspen’s Hope Center, is being offered in our area for the first time, and the class will include representatives from Coffee Oasis, Fishline, South Kitsap Helpline, Bremerton School District, Kitsap Public Health, and other agencies in the County.
COVID Infections Up, Hospitalizations Up, Vaccinations Working. The Delta variant of COVID is hitting local residents hard, as it is in many other places; the number people infected with COVID is higher, now, in Kitsap than it has been at any other time during the pandemic, as are the number of people hospitalized with COVID related symptoms. The good news: COVID vaccines may not work perfectly, but they are effective. The vast majority (over 80%) of people in Kitsap who get infected are not vaccinated, as are the vast majority of these hospitalized because of an infection (56 out of 67 in August). If you’re fully vaccinated, masking up indoors, and testing yourself—thank you. These small acts keep all of us safer and relieves stress on our emergency systems. Please use the City’s COVID assistance line if you need information about vaccine appointments or local testing options: 360 394 9795. 
City Development in Progress
Thank you for your patience amidst a busy construction season!

Poulsbo Meadows
Crystal View
NVA Animal Emergency and Trauma Center (Jacobellis Building)
Fairfield Inn - The Fairfield Inn Certificate of Occupancy was issued August 30.
Norland Trails as of June 2021
SR 305/Johnson Parkway Project Update
Neighborhood Pavement Preservation Project
The City of Poulsbo is working on a Pavement Preservation Project to extend the life of our roadways with a focus on neighborhood streets.

Neighborhood Streets Pavement Preservation projects are completely funded by your local tax dollars. They are not eligible for State and Federal Grants as some of our larger arterial roads.

One of the most important elements is keeping water from getting into the subgrade of the roadway, which provides the most value for dollars spent. This City is looking at different methods to add to our road preservation “Toolbox”. Over the last few years, Chip Seal was used in some neighborhoods with very good results.

This year, we are focusing on a large-scale Sealcoat project utilizing Liquid Roads Ultra. This method of roadway preservation is meant for streets that are aging but are still structurally sound. You may have noticed crews crack sealing in neighborhoods this spring in anticipation of this Sealcoat project.
We will be Sealcoating about 3.2 miles of neighborhood streets this year with a cost around $300,000. If we were to Chip Seal the same roads, costs would be over $600,000, and to do a 2-inch Asphalt Overlay, costs would exceed $1,400,000.

Preserving what we can before a road completely fails saves taxpayer money over the life of the roadway. All roads in this year’s project range from 17-28 years old and have had very limited maintenance.

Neighborhoods for this year’s project include:
  • Deer Run
  • Meredith Heights
  • Austerbruin
  • Thistle court
  • Whitney’s Glenn
  • Applewood
  • 12th Ave/Wilderness View
  • Alasund Meadows

Advanced notices were handed out to the affected neighborhoods the week of August 16, 2021 informing them of the upcoming project.

Exact work dates in each neighborhood have not been scheduled, but signage as well as a second round of notices will be handed out at least a week prior to project start.
Job Openings
The City of Poulsbo is currently hiring for the following position: Planning & Economic Development Director, Engineer 1, Water Quality Manager/Coordinator, Administrative Support Clerk (P&R), Public Works Maintenance Technician, Public Works Mechanic's Assistant, Part-Time Custodian, Police Officer (Lateral and Entry Level), and Public Works Seasonal Employee. Click here to learn more details about the open positions.