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City of Poulsbo September E-Newsletter

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Housing, Health & Human Services Update

The Housing, Health and Human Services Department is having a busy end-of -summer. Efforts are focused on Fire CARES Program expansion, the Nordic Cottage project at 609 Lincoln that will provide housing for low income seniors, and a new initiative matching volunteers with seniors in the Poulsbo area. We’re also working with behavioral healthcare and social service providers in the North Kitsap area to strengthen connections and find new ways to work together.

Back to School Message from Kitsap Public Health. Immunizations are free for all children younger than 19 in Washington state. Health insurance is not required. Vaccines are safe and protect children from a wide range of diseases like measles, mumps, tetanus, chickenpox, whooping cough, and hepatitis. Childhood immunization rates dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is especially important to get our families caught up on vaccination this year so we can prevent diseases from spreading in our community. Learn about the vaccines recommended for children by age group. Find information about immunizations needed for school and childcare attendance

International Overdose Awareness Day. International Overdose Awareness Day was August 31 and events were held in Suquamish and Bremerton. The City of Poulsbo is all-too aware of the suffering and risk associated with substance abuse, and deeply appreciates the peer support, recovery, and treatment services offered by tribal governments and agencies in our area. Our Fire CARES Program provides resource navigation and case management to people struggling with substance use--and works with a substance use professional to do field based assessments. Starting this month, we’ll be distributing Narcan as part of Fire CARES services. Our team can provide Narcan training to businesses/agencies who request it. Contact Kim for information: kimberlyh@cityofpoulsbo.com.

Planning and Economic Development Department Update

New opportunity for sports court and pickleball in our community. The Mayor has been listening to the request from citizens for more active recreational opportunities in our City such as pickleball and sports courts. She also observed that stormwater vaults, an underground structure designed to manage excess stormwater runoff, are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional stormwater pond. The Mayor saw an opportunity – since the city owns and maintains these vaults after construction – they could serve a dual purpose as an active recreational space in addition to managing stormwater.  

Beginning in the spring, the Planning and Economic Development team partnered with Public Works, Parks and Engineering to begin the process of drafting an ordinance to allow new vaults to serve as recreational amenities for the entire community. The Code currently allowed them to benefit the residents of the proposed development only. After multiple discussions with the planning commission, a code ordinance was drafted and taken through the legislative process. The code specifies that in addition to providing recreational space and the development of the amenity, parking, landscaping, signage and lighting may also be required. 

Community parks have been identified in our comprehensive plan as a park type that we have a shortage of based on the size of our community. This marriage of opportunity and need coalesced with the city council holding a public hearing and adopting a code change on August 10 to allow developers to provide recreational amenities that serve our community.

Job Openings

The City of Poulsbo is currently hiring.  Click here to learn more details about the open positions.