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City of Rosenberg Names Charles Kalkomey City Engineer
The city of Rosenberg is proud to announce that Charles Kalkomey has joined the City as the City Engineer. Mr. Kalkomey, PE, RPLS, CFM, is a professional engineer and land surveyor with over 43 years of city, county and private-sector experience in the field of engineering, planning, and construction project management. 

Mr. Kalkomey is no stranger to Rosenberg as he’s served as Rosenberg’s contract city engineer since 1994, providing oversight of plat and plan reviews for new developments and construction of civil infrastructure projects. He has also assisted in the development and implementation of the City’s capital improvement program, planning, design, and construction projects, and provided leadership for floodplain and stormwater management and administration, thoroughfare planning, land acquisition, and worked heavily on projects related to the City’s drainage, utilities and transportation.

“The amount of knowledge regarding Rosenberg and surrounding areas that Mr. Kalkomey brings to the table is immeasurable,” said City Manager John Maresh. “We are honored to have him on board as an official employee of the City of Rosenberg.” 

Mr. Kalkomey is a graduate of Texas A&M University and was formerly a Vice President of Operations at Jones & Carter, Inc. and prior to that served as the Vice President of Pledger Kalkomey, Inc. He is also a Pastor at Out of the Box Ministries. 

For more information about the City’s Engineering Department, visit the website at, or give us a call at 832-595-3301.
Charles Kalkomey, PE, RPLS, CFM
City Engineer
City of Rosenberg
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