The City of Rosenberg is pleased to announce that David Junek has been selected as the City’s new Parks and Recreation Director. He began his employment with the City on February 22.

Junek’s arrival in Rosenberg is just in time to lead the implementation of the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update which was formally adopted by Rosenberg City Council in December 2019. The citizen-driven plan serves as a long-range planning document that captures the community’s desires and needs for parks and facilities, as well as a capital improvements plan for the parks system over the next five to ten years. The plan is intended to help meet the needs of both current and future residents by providing a guide for City staff, the Parks and Recreation Board and City Council’s efforts to provide high-quality parks and recreation services - all of which is part of the reason Junek was motivated to apply for the position. 

“I really liked what I read in the Parks Master Plan Update. Rosenberg has a great foundation to start expanding and improving its parks system,” said Junek. “My hope for the future of Rosenberg Parks is to provide more park land, amenities, recreational events and programs to enhance the quality of life in Rosenberg.” Part of Junek’s duties will also include management of the daily maintenance and operations of City Parks, oversight of the City’s special events, recreational programs and facility use and rentals.  

Junek, a native of the Lake Somerville area, has 10 years of municipal parks and recreation experience. He previously worked at the City of Caldwell, City of Brenham and most recently the City of Bastrop. Junek graduated from Texas A&M University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Systems Management. 

“What drew me to Rosenberg was that it’s a growing city - that means a lot of opportunity and potential to expand its open space and recreational activities. I believe that I can help see those things through and am excited for the opportunity,” said Junek. 
The City of Rosenberg owns and maintains nine City Parks with almost 470 acres and 6.5 miles of trails. While visiting Rosenberg’s parks, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor passive and active recreational activities including: fishing, kayaking, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, tennis, disc golf, mountain biking, hiking, birdwatching, ample green space, butterfly gardens, demonstration gardens and more. 

For more information on Rosenberg Parks and Recreation visit or call the Parks Department at 832-595-3520.