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City of San Francisco Opposes SB 50!

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Easy Way to Contact State Legislators
State Governance and Finance Committee Hearing
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April 2019
CHA Residents,

Your emails to San Francisco Supervisors and attendance at Supervisor Stefani's Town Hall made a difference!  The Board of Supervisors voted 9-2 supporting the  RESOLUTION TO OPPOSE SB 50 - unless amended (read article).   They also voted to provide Senator Wiener suggested amendments that attempt to protect San Francisco -- but there is no guarantee these will be included in the final bill.

SB 50 will upzone 96% of San Francisco and allow greater heights and density similar to 
Van Ness in residential neighborhoods -- and you won't have any way to stop it. 

Why is Senator Wiener pushing so hard for such a deeply flawed bill?  
This rebuke of SB 50 should send a message to Senator Wiener that San Francisco officials and the residents he was elected to represent DO NOT support his bill !  His earlier bill, SB 827, was defeated for similar reasons and yet he persists.  He is not listening to his constituents, but instead to developers, real estate, tech, building associations and the YIMBYs.   Not only are his San Francisco constituents opposing his bill, but so are many of city officials, residential associations and citizens throughout California (see list below) .  

And the glaring irony is that the well-funded YIMBYs, who wrote the original legislation with Senator Wiener, are demanding "affordable" housing in San Francisco, yet this bill does absolutely nothing to ensure that will happen.  In fact, it will likely make matters worse.

Next Step
Contact State Committee by April 17
Two Quick Options

The final decision on SB 50 will be made by the State Legislature.  It already passed the State Housing Committee which is chaired by the bill's author, Senator Wiener.  Next it goes to the State Governance and Finance Committee and that is where we need your continued help!

Let Sacramento know that  SB 50 does NOT solve the affordable housing problem; instead it:
  • Exacerbates housing prices with luxury towers
  • Targets the demolition of single family homes
  • Displaces renters and increases homelessness
  • Gentrifies charming, diverse neighborhoods
  • Gives local zoning control to real estate speculators - you can't object to projects
  • Makes cities pay for impact on infrastructure (water, police, fire, schools...)
  • Forces draconian statewide, one-size-fits-all housing policy
  • Ignores the root problem - the cost to build affordable housing does not pencil out!

Option #1: Fast and Easy
The quickest way to reach the Senators on the Governance and Finance Committee by the April 17th deadline is to add your name to this mailing:  

Option #2: Resend the email you've already written or a new email
If you have already written an email to Commissioners, Supervisors, Mayor, State Legislators or want to write one, please resend by April 17 to:

If it passes the State Senate committees and floor vote, then it goes to the Assembly.  You can let our San Francisco assemblymembers know what you think.  

Assemblymember Phil Ting (415) 557-2312

Assemblymember David Chiu (415) 557-3013

This bill will do more harm than good. - its a one-size-fits-all, state-mandated overreach - taking away one of the most important roles of a city to make zoning and building decisions consistent with that particular City's charter and needs.  

Partial List of Groups Opposing SB 50 - and growing every day:

San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods (representing 25 associations) - CSFN
Cow Hollow Association - CHA
Dolores Heights Improvement Club
Golden Gate Valley Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council - HANC
Laurel Heights Improvement Association
Marina Cow Hollow Neighbors and Merchants
Miraloma Park Improvement Club
Marina Community Association - MCA
Mission Economic Development Agency
Noe Neighborhood Council
Pacific Heights Residents Association
Presidio Heights Association of Neighbors
Russian Hill Neighbors
SF Ocean Edge - SFOE
Sunset Parkside Education and Action Committee - SPEAK
Telegraph Hill Dwellers
United to Save the Mission (a coalition of 16 Mission Area anti-gentrification groups)

League Of California Cities
LA City Council (will vote to oppose 4/16)
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
American Planning Association, California Chapter
City Of Beverly Hills
City Of Chino Hills
City Of Pasadena
City Of Glendora
City Of Rancho Palos Verdes
City Of Redondo Beach
City Of San Francisco
City Of Santa Clarita
City Of Sunnyvale
Save Our Downtown, San Luis Obispo , San Diego
Coalition To Preserve LA
Homeowners Of Encino
Lakewood; City Of Lakewood
Livable California
Preserve LA ,  San Diego
Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association
South Bay Cities Council Of Governments
Sutro Avenue Block Club/Leimert Park
Toluca Lake Homeowners Association
West Mar Vista Residents Association

Partial list of Letters and Articles opposing SB 50

Coalition of Association across San Francisco:

We are not simply in a housing crisis, we are in an affordability crisis 

Cow Hollow Association
Board of Directors

Sherry Archer, David Bancroft, Anne Bertrand, Lori Brooke, 
Don Emmons, Cari Gennarelli, Cynthia Gissler,
Karen Laughlin, Veronica Taisch, Geoff Wood