Highlights from the Week of March 7, 2022
There's a lot going on in the City Different!
Appointed: Planning and Land Use Department Director
Congratulations to Jason Kluck, who was elevated to Director status yesterday after serving as Interim Director of the department since last July. City Manager John Blair called it "one of the most consequential roles in City government in terms of shaping the cityscape of Santa Fe for decades to come." Director Kluck said, "I have a deep desire to help preserve the character, charm, and livability of Santa Fe while understanding that this is a living, evolving city.”
KSFB Gains National Honor
Keep Santa Fe Beautiful has been chosen as the first “Affiliate of the Month” in national Keep America Beautiful®’s new program to highlight work being done across their network of 700 certified affiliates. The new series will first recognize affiliates who received awards from KAB in 2020.The spotlight features a Q&A with Executive Director Carol Branch to discuss KSFB and the work the non-profit does in Santa Fe. The interview is available to view here.
Singing McDonald's Praises
At a recent opera at the Lensic, Performance Santa Fe recognized Parks and Open Space Division Director Melissa McDonald as a "Local Hero" for having gone "above and beyond during the pandemic to serve the community." Since outdoors was the safest public place to during times of social distancing restrictions, everyone was out in city parks. McDonald captained the teams that kept parks and trails clean, in good repair and inviting. Brava, Melissa!
Fix-a-Leak Week Begins
Household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. During Fix-A-Leak Week (Mar. 14-20), our Water Conservation team wants YOU sign up for Eye-On-Water to monitor your household's water use and make sure you don't have any leaks! You can find instructions for using Eye-On-Water (it's free!), tips about fixing leaks, and more ways that you can save water and save money by visiting their website, savewatersantafe.com.
Honoring Officer Duran Tomorrow
On behalf of the family of Officer Robert Duran, all members of the public are invited to attend his Memorial Service in Rio Rancho at 1 p.m. and find other ways to honor the life and service of Officer Duran, who died in the line of duty on March 2, 2022. Opportunities to do so include viewing a telecast of the service at our public libraries, paying respect along the processional route on St. Francis and Alta Vista after the service, and donating to the family via this GoFundMe page.

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