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COVID-19 Community Update
April 29, 2020

#Inland Strong
Each day, information evolves about Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19). At the City, we want our citizens and visitors to know that we are working to reduce the spread of this disease in our community, continue to provide critical City services, and address impacts of closures of schools, business and events. For the most recent and local data on cases and outcomes, visit .
From the Governor
Governor Jay Inslee today announced additional guidance for the existing Stay Home, Stay Healthy order for non-urgent medical procedures. Watch the news conference here.
Mayor's Update
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
City Council Recap
Monday, April 27, 2020
Thank You for Your Feedback

The City of Spokane released the results of a survey conducted as part of ongoing efforts to provide information relevant to the COVID-19 response.

The survey is one tool of many used to communicate and engage with the community. This engagement provides a snapshot that helps the City better know the health and economic impact on our citizens to maintain the focus on doing what is best for the community.

Although there was considerable participation and interest, the data collected will not be used for the purposes of making decisions related to reopening the economy or returning to public life. It is a way to gauge how our citizens are faring. The survey and data are non-scientific.
Survey Observations

  • Participation was extremely high across all platforms.
  • Digital respondents are generally more conservative in their approach to reopening the economy and returning to public life.
  • Respondents are generally supportive of statewide and local responses.
  • Respondents are very supportive of developing a regional plan, although there was a 12-point different between newsletter (71%) and digital (59%).
  • Respondents believe the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is being taken less seriously now.
  • Respondents are concerned (moderately and very) about a second wave, although there is a 9-point difference between newsletter responses (51%) and digital responses (60%).
Your City at Work
Spokane Parks & Recreation are preparing and taking good care of City parks, golf courses and other outdoor facilities have had a long winter's nap. The goal is to make sure they are ready for citizens when approved for use. It requires planning, dedication and teamwork by all.
WARNING: Do Not Microwave Masks
There is a lot of misinformation out there about how to clean and disinfect face masks. Here's what happens when you microwave fabric face masks. Keep you and your home safe by following CDC recommendations for sanitizing cloth masks. #YourSpokaneFireDepartment
Regional Financial Helpline Available
As part of the regional effort to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19, the City of Spokane is partnering with Spokane Public Library to provide a Financial Helpline for all businesses and individuals countywide trying to access COVID-19 financial recovery programs. Call (509) 625-6650, Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm

Business Resilience Loan Program Available
The City of Spokane's Community, Housing, and Human Services Board are investing funds to help small businesses stay resilient in the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more on the Business Resilience Loan Program page .
New Digital Business Tool Launched
Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI), the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce (GSVCC), the West Plains Chamber of Commerce and the Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance (SIMBA) – under the regional InlandBizStrong initiative – launched a digital tool to help businesses determine which local, state and federal programs are available based on information they select for their business.
Keep Learning with KSPS and Spokane Public Schools

Tune in to KSPS WORLD 7.2
  • Grades K-5: 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (repeated programming)
  • Grades 6-12: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Boredom Buster: Exploding Sandwich Bags
Who doesn't like to blow things up? In today’s boredom buster, Spokane Parks & Recreation Director Jennifer Papich and her son Blake show us how, with a few simple ingredients, you can make a sandwich bag explode!
Our sincere thanks go out to the citizens who provided donations to assist their neighbors with paying their utility bills.

Those who need utility assistance can contact SNAP at (509) 456-SNAP to request support.

More information on support that’s available for our community members and businesses can be found on the City’s web site .

While the matching funds have been exhausted, donations for this effort are always appreciated.
Need Access to Food or Other Supplies?
Call 311 (509-755-2489 outside of city limits)
Need Mental Health Help During this Crisis?
Contact 24/7: Frontier Crisis Line (509) 838-4428
Contact or Walk-In: Inland Northwest Behavioral Health (509) 992-1888

CHAS Health: (509) 444-8200

Excelsior Wellness Center: (509) 559-3100
Help for children, adults and families is available via telehealth.
On the Bright Side: Heroes Thanking Heroes

Doctors, nurses and other health care staff are risking their lives every day during the pandemic in order to save lives. That’s why City of Spokane first responders hosted an appreciation parade Tuesday. Firefighters, police, and rescue workers often work closely with health care professionals outside of COVID-19. First responders understand the challenges health care workers face on a regular basis and the added demands of the pandemic.

Start your week off with a new dish!
#OrderUpSpokane with 10-minute parking zones near restaurants in the City core allows citizens and delivery drivers to efficiently pick up to-go orders. Check out these lists of restaurants you can support.
Stay in the Know
The Spokane County Emergency Coordination Center has been activated to respond to COVID-19 as a region. For daily updates and official local information follow Spokane COVID Response on Facebook, subscribe to their newsletter and visit
For Spokane County case data, visit
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