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July 2017
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Join us to:
* Learn about the progress of the Public Safety Plan
* Learn where new public safety facilities could be located
* Meet the architects
* Enjoy a FREE ice cream social and FREE bouncy house for kids

Parking available across the street at Foster High School. For more information contact or call (206) 454-7566. 
Council to consider housing change
An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a small, self-contained residential unit built on the same lot as an existing single family home. Often referred to as a mother-in-law apartment, examples of ADUs include an apartment over a garage, a basement apartment, and an addition to an existing home.
An ADU adds an additional dwelling unit - a separate living quarters with its own kitchen  and bathroom - to an existing property. This differs from a home addition which only adds to the home, such as an additional bedroom or living room, rather than creating a new, separate unit.
ADU's are allowed in the residential zones if they comply with specific criteria adopted to ensure that the new units fit with the neighborhood and do not take away from the character of Tukwila's residential areas. One requirement is that the ADU is incorporated into the primary single-family residence, not a separate unit. In the fall the City Council will consider if backyard cottages should be allowed and other changes to the ADU regulations. The City wants to know your opinion and has posted an online survey.  Please take a moment and share what you think.
For more Information, contact the Department of Community Development at 206-431-3670 or visit their offices at 6300 Southcenter Boulevard, Suite 100, open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Pilot mailbox cluster program coming to Tukwila

Dealing with theft is always frustrating, whether it's a package or a resident's identity.  As mail theft rates climb, it becomes harder to trust that items delivered to homes will be safe.  It is important that mail be eliminated as a ready source for identity theft.
To help address this problem, the City of Tukwila will help residents install locking cluster mailbox units, which are much more secure than individual mailboxes.  The Pilot Mailbox Cluster Program is slated to start later this summer, to counter mail theft as soon as possible.
The steps and requirements for getting a cluster mailbox unit installed in your neighborhood are as follows:
  1. A group of residents must all sign a letter to the City requesting the installation of a cluster mailbox unit, and send it to: 

    Bob Giberson, Public Works Director
    City of Tukwila
    6200 Southcenter Boulevard
    Tukwila, WA 98188
  2. After receiving approval, the residents must purchase a USPS-approved cluster mailbox unit, and arrange with the City for installation.
  3. When the chosen location is approved by USPS, the residents and the City, the installation process will begin promptly.
  4. The residents are responsible for the maintenance of the mailbox and the costs for any replacements, but the City will help with all installations of new boxes.
Any questions or concerns regarding this program can be sent to the Public Works Director Bob Giberson at  For USPS mailbox location assistance for zip codes 98168 and 98188, contact Tim Moore, Riverton Post Office Route Supervisor, at 206-242-3522.
Thanks to a federal grant that only required a 10% local match, the City of Tukwila will be rehabilitating three bridges over the next few months, at little cost to the City's general fund.

Construction on all three projects began on Monday, July 24, and all are anticipated to be completed in January of 2018. Construction will generally occur between 7:00am and 6:00pm, except when listed below. Some of these efforts will require closures and other disruptions. Drivers will be notified in advance of any closures via mobile electronic signs posted near the bridges in both directions.

The three bridges and improvements are:
  • Frank Zepp (South 180th Street) Bridge over the Green River - this project includes the removal and replacement of the bridge deck, seismic upgrades and painting. Construction will require a complete closure of the bridge in mid-August for approximately 10 days. During the closure it is anticipated that work will be ongoing 24 hours per day.
  • SW Grady Way Bridge over the railroad tracks - rehabilitation of this bridge is focused on installing seismic upgrades on the substructure. There are no anticipated disruptions to SW Grady Way during the project, but there may be intermittent lane closures of Longacres Drive SW.
  • S. Beacon Ave. Bridge over S. Ryan Way on Ryan Hill - the removal and replacement of the bridge deck, as well as the protective coating of internal structural steel will require this bridge close from mid-August through December of 2017. Detour signs will be clearly marked.
For more information, email or call 206-431-2446.