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May  2018
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No Grills at Family 4th at the Fort: The Why

We've starting to see questions from the community as to why grills are no longer welcome at the annual Fourth of July event at Fort Dent Park, and wanted to let everyone know the reasons why. During our years of hosting this event, we've had several grill-related incidents, including folks disposing of hot coals in the garbage, in the grass or in the bushes; pathways being blocked with grills; and smoke impacting/bothering other park patrons. Obviously, our biggest concern is fires and the risk of people being burned by discarded coals. 

Because small fires have occurred in the past, we are now enforcing the no-grill rule this year. We are working hard to disseminate this rule change so that folks will know ahead of time to pack a picnic meal or plan to visit one of the food vendors (which will include BBQ!).
Tukwila City Clerk honored by peers and co-workers 


Shown L to R: Virginia Olsen, WMCA President; Christy O'Flaherty, Tukwila Records Governance Manager/City Clerk; Paula Swisher, WMCA President-Elect  

Each year the Washington Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA) selects a "Clerk of the Year," recognizing someone who has made significant contributions or has performed outstanding service to the profession of municipal clerk and to his/her individual municipality. At the April 9 City Council meeting, Tukwila's Records Governance Manager and City Clerk Christy O'Flaherty was presented the WMCA's 2018 award. 

A contingent of WMCA members attended the Council meeting to honor Ms. O'Flaherty. They shared highlights from the nomination letter submitted by City Attorney Rachel Turpin, who commended Christy for her leadership, organization, administration and communication within the City of Tukwila. "As someone who has worked as the City Attorney or general legal counsel for several municipalities, I have worked with many excellent City Clerks, but Christy is truly the best of the best. She is by far the most organized and knowledgeable City Clerk I've ever had the pleasure of working with." The nomination also credited Ms. O'Flaherty's accomplishments in the realm of public records, both digital and paper. "Under Christy's direction, the City is an example of what cities should be doing in terms of records management. The City's records management program is truly second to none, and this was all accomplished under Christy's guidance."  

She thanked City officials for their support of her initiatives, and noted her staff makes it possible for the City Clerk's Office to maintain their recognized quality of work and high level of service to the Tukwila community. An accredited Master Municipal Clerk, Christy has worked in the Tukwila City Clerk's Office since 1978. She has served WMCA on numerous committees including the Executive Committee and facilitated several trainings.  
Notification of Road Work: Southcenter Blvd. between Macadam Rd S. and 66th Ave. S.

The work will include improvements to the ADA concrete ramps at Macadam Rd S, 61st Ave S, 62nd Ave S and 65th Ave. S. The project also includes milling, paving, utility adjustments and striping.

The concrete, striping and utility work will be performed during the day, the milling and paving will be performed at night.

Concrete and utility work has started last week and the milling and paving is scheduled to start 6/5/18 and be completed on 7/14/18.

Please be aware that there will be lane closures in this area during the construction schedule.

You can contact Dave Sorensen at 206-431-3653 or if you have any questions.