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October 2019
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As the 2020 U.S. Census approaches, Tukwila residents, community members and business owners need to under­stand the importance of completing the Census. As the federal government's largest statistical agency, the Census Bureau is responsible for providing current figures and facts about the American population, places and economy.

Why is it important? Each year, the federal government allocates hundreds of billions of dollars to states and communities based on that Census data. Cities like Tukwila use these statistics to plan for a variety of needs:
  • New roads, schools, hospitals, and emergency centers
  • Future housing for all segments of the population
  • Funding services for those experiencing homelessness
  • Determining the number of our state's representatives in Congress, and for redrawing district boundaries.
However, we need your help in reaching out to our diverse "hard-to-reach" communities.
  • Encourage families to report all children - including newborns - living at home. This helps service providers and families determine where to spend the $675 billion in local funding for food and health programs.
  • Encourage and assist non-English speakers with self-responding to the 2020 Census. They can complete the census online or by telephone, in 13 available languages. 59 language guides are also made available.
  • Connect community members with faith-based or community-based organizations. This will ensure that all members receive the resources and information needed to respond accurately when taking the Census.
  • Most importantly, let them know that census responses will not be used against any person by any government agency. Federal law requires that the Census Bureau keep all data information confidential. Any use of census bureau responses are only to be used for producing statistics to better serve all people.
What to expect in the mail from the Census Bureau in 2020
  • March 12-20 - Invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census
  • March 16-24 - Reminder letter - If you have not responded
  • March 26-April 3 - Reminder postcard
  • April 8-16 - Reminder letter & paper questionnaire
  • April 20-27 - Final reminder postcard before Census Bureau Enumerator follows up in person
Our goal is to keep you informed and updated on all things related to the Census throughout the year and in 2020.
An excellent opportunity to see how you can help your community  

T he City of Tukwila is assisted in its operations in several areas by the volunteers who serve on our Boards, Commissions and Committees. These advisory bodies provide guidance to decision-makers and represent the diverse viewpoints of the community, bringing public participation into government. Volunteers serve a vital function by offering their time and expertise as members.  

The following advisory bodies have terms ending this year:  
■ Civil Service Commission 
■ Community-Oriented Policing Citizens Advisory Board 
■ Equity and Social Justice Commission 
■ Human Services Advisory Board 
■ Library Advisory Board 
■ Park Commission 
■ Planning Commission

If you're interested in serving on one of these advisory bodies, please submit a completed Boards and Commissions Application for Appointment to the Mayor's Office by 5:00 pm on November 15, 2019. A link to the application and additional information about all of the boards, commissions and committees can be found on the City's website at For more information, please call 206-433-1850.  
City of Tukwila staff has been installing access points connected to our City fiber network. These access points provide free high-quality internet to Tukwila residents.  

To access our free internet service, look in your device's Wi-Fi settings for Tukwila CommunityWiFi. If it's available, it will show as a network choice. Tap on the link. Next, on our Welcome screen, tap "Proceed" to sign in. If you have trouble connecting, contact  

The initial service area was selected based on the highest concentration of Tukwila School District students. Other areas will be added as the program allows.