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September 2017
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Four members of the Tukwila Fire Department were deployed to Texas to help with rescue and recovery efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey. Captains Pat McCoy, Mark Morales and Andy Nevens, and Firefighter Pat O'Brien went on the initial deployment. All four of these men have served in other disasters around the country including Katrina, the Oso Mud Slide, and other hurricanes.  

Captain Morales, Firefighter O'Brien and Captain Nevens (pictured) were all assigned to a "Swift Water Team" that is assigned to be in the water, moving equipment, rescuing stranded residents and searching buildings that are dangerously flooded. All three have specialized training for working in dangerous water conditions like this.  

Captain Pat McCoy was deployed on a different mission in Texas as part of a Disaster Medical Assistance Team. This specialized medical team is commonly assigned to the larger shelters, setting up a medical clinic to support medical needs of the victims there.  

On the way back to Tukwila from Texas, the team was called again and turned around in Richland, WA to head to Robins Air Force Base in Georgia for staging to assist with rescue and recovery efforts in response to Hurricane Irma. In addition, Firefighters Merle Brooks and Aaron Johnson were also deployed to assist with swift water rescue in association with the Irma response.  

The City Administration, Fire Department and the families of our responders have shown their support for our members who are willing to go into dangerous conditions and serve others in need. Tukwila's costs are reimbursed by the federal government through FEMA.  
Input needed on Tukwila tree regulations 

The City of Tukwila is reviewing zoning code regulations that govern trees in the community. This code review is to implement Comprehensive Plan goals and policies on landscaping and trees that were adopted in 2013 and 2014. Among the new goals and policies are those that promote the increase City-wide of tree canopy and tree retention. Possible revisions to the zoning code may include: when and where trees can be removed; required tree protection during development; retention of trees in the forests in our parks; and proper tree care. 

If you have an interest in trees and our urban forest - whether you own a business or live or work in Tukwila - and wish to have input on these issues, contact Carol Lumb in the Department of Community Development at 206-431-3661, or  
Public input gathered on preferred BNSF access route 

The City of Tukwila has identified a potential new route for trucks to access the BNSF Railway intermodal yard in Allentown. The preferred route would have trucks travel on 48th Avenue South and across a new bridge over the Duwamish River. Trucks currently access the yard in Allentown via 42nd Avenue South and South 124th Street, which runs in front of the Tukwila Community Center.  

Residents of the Allentown and Duwamish neighborhoods, as well as local businesses, were invited to attend an open house in August to learn more about the preferred alternative, including how the City used public input and broad screening criteria to choose this route over several other potential alternatives. Those who could not attend the in-person open house had the opportunity to participate through an online open house.  

The next step is to present the preferred alternative route to the City Council for approval. If the route is approved, the City will seek State and federal funding for design, construction and further environmental review.  

The City has considered the potential for moving the access route before. Recently, the City partnered with BNSF Railway to study the feasibility of alternative routes in earnest by engaging the community and evaluating potential routes given current conditions and broad screening criteria.  

The preferred route and other project information is available to the public on the project website .