May 2023 Edition

Greetings from the Mayor's Office

A couple of weeks ago, we held the fifth State of the City during my time in the mayor’s role. For those not there or able to watch online, I will use this month’s column to share some of the highlights from my speech. Additionally, if you would like to watch the recording of the event, here is the link (you will want to fast forward to about the 13:20 mark of the video for the start of the speech (2023 Walker State of the City Speech).

The theme we have positioned for 2023 is Building Our Future. Overall, I shared that our plans and priorities for the last few years continue to remain unchanged. They center around five key priorities that we currently have as a City:

1. Public Safety (Police & Fire)

2. Industrial & Commercial Development

3. Housing Inventory

4. Fiscal Strength

5. Quality of Life

While each of these may be a different priority for some in our community, these items have all remained a priority while speaking with many residents and businesses. So, obviously, they need to be our priorities as a City government tasked with the mission of serving our community. I shared the significant investments we are making in each of these five areas. Then as we ended, I answered the question of what does this coming year look like. I would position it as full steam ahead. We remain bullish on the job and business growth for our City to continue to fuel our local economy. We also continue to execute a plan that represents what the Walker community has said is the most important to them. I also shared that we have a City staff that is the best at doing what they do, and we have a City commission that listens and acts upon the wants and needs of our residents and businesses. For those not as familiar with our City and what makes it go, that is the secret right there. Real results from real people.

Our priorities in 2023 remain the same. First, we will continue to maintain a prominent level of public safety that reflects who our community is, answers our growth needs, and addresses the changing needs of our City. Second, due to the still favorable economic conditions, we will maintain an aggressive pace of industrial and commercial development. Third, we will continue to address the housing needs in our community by providing additional inventory leveraging the resources we have available. Fourth, we will stand firm on our fiscal responsibility and make sure we remain focused on long-term strategies and not just short-term gains. Last but certainly not least, is our ongoing investments in our quality of life here in Walker. Our City continues to invest in a quality of life that ensures a cleaner, safer, healthier community for all.

As always, thank you for choosing to call Walker home.

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Clerk's Department Updates

Election Information

May 2, 2023 is the special election for Comstock Park Public Schools and Grandville Public Schools. The polling precincts will be open on Election Day from 7 am to 8 pm and are handicapped accessible.

To view the proposals, click below:

Comstock Park Public Schools - Precinct 1

Grandville Public Schools - Precinct 7, 8, 9

Kenowa Hills Public Schools - Precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 do NOT have a May Election

Income Tax Department Updates

Missing Information

Did you receive a letter that your tax return was missing a required attachment? You can provide missing information in several ways:

  • Mail to Walker Income Tax Department, PO Box 153, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0153
  • Email to
  • Fax at (616) 791-6808
  • Secure upload site using the QR code to the right

E-Filed Returns

Did you e-file your 2022 return and it showed that you had a balance due? You may have received an assessment from the Income Tax Department or have a voucher from your tax preparer that shows the amount you owe. All tax due must be postmarked or paid online by May 1, 2023 to avoid penalty and interest. Call us at (616) 791-6866 if you have any questions.

Need Assistance?

Walker Income Tax returns for calendar year 2022 and first quarter estimated payments for 2023 are due May 1, 2023. Click here to access forms. The most common questions are answered here.

Quarterly estimated payments can be paid by direct withdrawal from a bank account. Forms can be found by clicking on the link above. Please do not attach your 2023 quarterly estimated vouchers to your 2022 return. Also, check your bank account to make sure the amount you requested to pay has been withdrawn. It usually takes from 3 to 7 business days after the date you requested on the voucher. If you don’t see a withdrawal for the amount you requested, contact us at (616) 791-6880.

Required Attachments

All resident returns must have the following attachments:

  • All form W-2s
  • Page 1 of Federal Form 1040; pages 1 and 2 of Schedule 1, if used

Filers taking a credit for tax paid to another city:

  • Copy of page one of the other city(ies) return

If applicable:

  • Detailed list of employee business expenses
  • Federal Schedule C
  • Federal Schedule D, Forms 8949, 4797, 6252
  • Federal Schedule E, including Federal Schedule K-1 for all S corporations shown on Schedule E, if any
  • Copies of all forms 1099-R for taxpayers under age 65 and form 8915-E

If you have any questions, call (616) 791-6880.

Public Works Updates

Scoop the Poop

Pet waste that is not properly disposed of can lead to many unwanted things in our waterways. When stormwater runs over pet waste, it carries it to the nearest storm drain, which flows directly into the nearest waterway. Dog poop is essentially raw sewage; it contains harmful organisms like E. coli, Leptospira, roundworms, and more. These organisms can be contracted by other dogs and humans, with the potential for serious illness. Bacteria from dog poop washes into streams, creeks, and rivers when it rains or floods, so please scoop the poop to keep our waterways clean! Visit LGROW for more info!

Police Department Updates

Walker Safety Day May 6

Walker PD will be co-hosting a new event with Walker Fire on May 6. Walkers Safety Day will be held at the Walker Ice & Fitness Center from 3-6 PM. There will be demonstrations from the Walker PD Drone Team, a “Protect Your Melon” lesson from Helen Devos Injury Prevention Specialists, and a Fire Department extrication demonstration among the activities. Hope to see you there!

Lock It or Lose It

We’ve only had one week of nice weather, but we already saw a quick uptick in larceny from vehicle calls. PLEASE, when you leave your vehicle unattended, keep the windows UP and doors LOCKED. Remove valuables from sight. While we do see the occasional vehicle window smashed, it is much, much more common for vehicles to be rummaged through simply because they are left unlocked. Don’t let Walker become a target for crimes of opportunity.

Walker PD will once again be involved in several community events throughout the summer. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info on those as they come up! We just received shipment of several new pieces of “summer swag” we look forward to handing out at each event.

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Fire Department Updates

Reminder for Using Fireworks

The City of Walker Fire Department urges you to use caution when using fireworks as part of your commemoration of Memorial Day.

Public Act 256 of the State of Michigan allows for the use of consumer fireworks. Use of fireworks in Walker is regulated by Section 38-16 of the City Ordinance. Some of the highlights of the State law and City ordinance are as follows:

  • The use of fireworks for the Memorial Day holiday is allowed on Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day after 11:00 am until 11:45 pm.
  • Fireworks cannot be set off after Memorial Day (May 29, 2023).
  • You must be 18 yrs. or older to purchase consumer fireworks.
  • Use of consumer fireworks while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances is illegal.
  • Setting off fireworks on public property, in the street, school property, church property, or any other person’s property without permission is prohibited.

Please be aware of your neighbors and the effect fireworks use has on them.

The Walker Fire Department would prefer residents leave fireworks displays to the professionals and simply enjoy from a distance. But if you choose to set off fireworks, please use extreme caution.

Thunderstorm Safety

Thunderstorms can occur year-round and at any hour. Sign up for weather alerts from your favorite news outlet. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio also provide emergency alerts.

Click here to learn more important information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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Walker Ice and Fitness News

Summer Hours Now in Effect

Monday - Friday: 5 am - 9 pm

Weekends: 7 am - 5 pm

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Parks and Recreation

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KDL Walker Branch


Walker Branch Spring Events

Our spring programs are winding down. Visit our Events page for more information. A selection of programs is highlighted below.

Deals and Steals

Wednesday, May 10 | 6:30 p.m.

Passionate about saving money? Kelli Evans of Deals and Steals GR will share her tips and tricks for saving while shopping through budgeting, couponing, cash back apps and more. For Adults.

Kids Zone

Friday, May 5 | 1:00 p.m.

It's a special time for fun, interactive programs just for school kids! Join our KDL Kids Zone programs for crafts, Storytime, games and other activities. For School-Age (ages 5-10).

WonderKnook Playspaces

Ask your favorite librarian today for a WonderKnook Map and collect a sticker for each visit. Visit five branches and win a coloring book illustrating all 20 custom WonderKnook pieces.

WiFi Hotspot Rental

Did you know that according to current census data, 11% of households in Kent County don't have broadband internet access? We currently have over 800 Wi-Fi Hotspots in circulation. Yes, there's a hold list for them, but we manage the supply and demand side of things as well as we can. Click here to get on the hold list.

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