Have a question for the City? Or need to report a pothole or other issues in Windsor Heights? Send us a text! We are excited to launch our new texting service TextWH today! This is a non-emergency service. Always call 911 in the event of an emergency.

How does it work?
Just text your question or concern to (855) 637-9442. If you're asking a question, you'll get a response with a link to our website with more information. If that doesn't answer your question, you'll then be able to send a message to City staff who will contact you during normal business hours.

You can also report a concern by texting (855) 637-9442. You'll be able to send images as well. This is a quick and convenient way to let the City know about issues in our community.

Do I need to sign up?
You don't need to sign up or register. Just make sure to save (855) 637-9442 in your contacts so you can text the City when you need to next time.

How is this different from text and email alerts?
TextWH is different from our email and text alerts. This is an opportunity for residents to contact the City with a question or concern by texting (855) 637-9442.

Our email and text alerts are sent directly to residents, but you must sign up to receive these alerts. They are only sent during snow parking bans or other breaking news events.
Have you signed up for the City of Windsor Heights email and text alerts? These alerts are sent for snow parking bans, road closures, water main breaks, and other breaking news. If you'd like to sign up, please click the button below.
Yard waste collection starts again in a month! The 2021 Compost It! season runs weekly on Fridays from April 9th through November 27th. City Hall is currently closed to the public, but you can purchase your sticker online and we will mail it to you. If this is your first year, your new cart will also be dropped off at your home.
Yard waste bags and bag stickers can also be purchased online. Metro Waste Authority will ship these to your home. If you need these sooner, click the button below to see a list of retailers who sell bags and stickers. Please call the retailer first to double-check that they have them in stock. Windsor Heights residents can purchase these in other cities, they don't have to be purchased within city limits.
If you need help ordering your cart sticker, check out these instructional videos that show you how to complete the process online.
The video above shows you how to order your first cart on a smartphone.
The video above shows you how to renew your sticker on a smartphone.
Metro Waste Authority manages the Compost It! program. This year they have hired ASI as their hauler. That means that you will see ASI trucks picking up your yard waste, but nothing regarding the way you use the program is changing, including carts, stickers and bags; just the trucks that pick it up. 
Volunteers are needed to help clean North Walnut Creek near the Hickman Road bridge on Saturday, April 17th from 9:30 am to noon. The backup rain date is Saturday the 24th. Please meet in the DNR parking lot. Wear closed-toe shoes and bring gloves if you have them.

Click the link below to email Public Works Director Dalton Jacobus to let him know you'll be there. RSVP's are appreciated, but not required.
The City Wide Garage Sale will be on Saturday, June 5th. This is a designated date for residents to host garage sales from the Windsor Heights homes. If you would like to participate, please email your name and address to wtucker@windsorheights.org.
The City Wide Cleanup Day will take place in the summer this year on Saturday, June 12th. This is a chance for residents to get rid of any unwanted items that won't fit in their trash cart. Stay tuned for more information on what you can and can't dispose of as the event gets closer.
Old tires can be disposed of on June 12th and 13th at the Colby Park parking lot from 8 am to 4 pm. 

What's Accepted
  • Residential passenger tires
  • Truck tires
  • 5 tires per household disposal limit

What's Not Accepted
  • Scrap tires generated by any business
  • Large semi-trailer tires
  • Farm or tractor tires
  • Solid tires such as lawnmower, forklift, or golf cart
  • Tires containing hazardous chemicals
Soil Quality Restoration Projects
The City of Windsor Heights may help you pay for part your yard project if it helps improve surface water quality or reduce surface runoff.

What type of projects are covered?
  • Soil quality restoration
  • Rain barrels
  • Native planting
  • Rain gardens
  • Tillage
  • Aeration
  • Compost
  • Bio-retention cells
  • Other - please contact the City to see if your project qualifies

Why is the City doing this?
The City of Windsor Heights is dedicated to smart stormwater management. The City aims to increase both water quality and water quantity through the implementation of stormwater best management practices (BMP’s). Stormwater is water from rain, snowmelt, and surface drainage that runs off impervious surfaces such as paved surfaces, roofs, and compacted lawns. Stormwater can collect sediment, litter, contaminants, and other pollutants. As part of the metro-wide #RainCampaign, the City Council approved reimbursements for soil quality restoration projects to be covered under this program.

How do I apply?
Learn how you can get reimbursed for stormwater best management projects by clicking the button below.
Celebrating 25 Years
Congratulation to Craig Stoecker who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with the Windsor Heights Public Works Department!

"The amount of institutional knowledge that Craig has about Windsor Heights is incredible," said Public Works Director Dalton Jacobus. "He has done a phenomenal job training our newer employees on everything related to public works. It seems like he knows half of our residents by name, which has been such a great asset for our team. Craig is a great example of the small-town charm that people love about Windsor Heights.”
Make sure you've registered your pet before the fee increase at the end of the month. All dogs and cats are required to be licensed in the City of Windsor Heights on an annual basis.

  • Spayed/neutered animal: $20 per calendar year 
  • Not spayed/neutered: $30 per calendar year 
  • After March 31 - fees double

This year we've moved the process online. Click the button below to register your pet. You will need to create an account. Please email any questions to police@windsorheights.org or call 515-277-4453.

Those owners wishing to submit a form by mail with a check may do so by downloading a printable form here: 2021 Pet License Form - Print Only.
City buildings remain closed to the public due to the pandemic. City staff is still working at this time and is available to help you over the phone at 515-279-3662. You can also access the same services online at windsorheights.org. Click on the button below to watch a video that shows you what you can do on our website.
The Community Center and Pavilion are all available to rent online and are abiding by the current restrictions set by the governor. The Dog Park and playground remain open. The outdoor restrooms and tennis court are now open.
City Council Meetings
Recordings of City Council Meetings are now available to view on windsorheights.org as well as the City's YouTube account.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, City Council Meetings will be conducted via Zoom. Zoom meeting information will be posted on windsorheights.org and on social media.

Zoom Meeting Information
Meeting ID: 882 5126 3290
Passcode: 084772
Phone: 1 312 626 6799

Check out the City Council Recap! This is a brief highlight of the City Council meetings. The recap is not minutes of the Council meeting. Minutes are considered and approved at the subsequent Council meeting.
Prefer a Printed Newsletter?
We are giving our residents the option to receive their City newsletter in printed form. If you would like to (or know a neighbor who would) please email your name and address to Communications/Recreation Coordinator Whitney Tucker at wtucker@windsorheights.org or call 515-645-6819. Residents have to opt in to receive the newsletter in printed form, they will not automatically be mailed to every resident.
Save the Date

  • March 15 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom
  • April 5 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom
  • April 17 — Stream Cleanup
  • April 19 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom
  • May 3 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom
  • May 17 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom
  • June 5 — City-Wide Garage Sale
  • June 7 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom
  • June 12 — City-Wide Cleanup
  • June 12 & 13 — Tire Drop-Off
  • June 21 — City Council Meeting Via Zoom

City Council meetings will be conducted on Zoom until further notice
Phone Numbers

City Hall 515-279-3662
Police Department 515-286-3632
Police Admin/Records 515-277-4453
Building Inspections 515-333-4161 (Safe Building)
Fire Department 515-279-9450
Public Works Department 515-645-6825
Community Events Center 515-645-6819
Animal Control 515-286-3632