The public is invited to interact with the five final City Administrator candidates at a Meet & Greet event at the Community Events Center at 6900 School St. on Friday, March 6th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 p.m. 

On Saturday, March 7th, the candidates will be given a community tour and will be interviewed by City department heads and City Council members. The new administrator is expected to begin work sometime in April. 

Finalists for the position are
  • Lucas J. Casey, business & community development director for Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.
  • Joseph A. Gaa, city administrator for Dickenson, North Dakota
  • Donovan G. Olson, regional extension education director for Iowa State University
  • Adam Plagge, economic development manager for the City of Johnston, Iowa
  • Happy Welch, former city Administrator, Harrisonville, Missouri.
Street Project Update
The City has received bids for the three construction projects in Windsor Heights this summer. The total project cost, along with the project name, are as follows:

  1.  University Avenue: $8.12M. The bid award is scheduled for the March 16th City Council meeting.
  2.  College Drive: $2.56M
  3.  69th Street and Allison Avenue: $3.29M

We are expecting to receive bids for the PCC Patching project at the end of March with the contract approval to be on the Council agenda for the April 20 th meeting. The areas to be patched are 73 rd Street on the bridge approaches over Walnut Creek, southbound 73 rd St near the entrance to the YMCA, and on 70 th Street between Hickman Road and Wilshire Blvd. Staff estimates that this project will cost $575,000.

It is expected that construction on all of these projects will begin in April or May and be mostly completed by December. Click the link below to read more about upcoming road projects in Windsor Heights.
Compost It Carts
You can now renew or order your first Compost It! cart sticker at City Hall. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent of three yard waste bags.
New customers pay a one-time fee for the cart plus an annual service fee of $105 ($185 total). The annual fee covers the cost of collection throughout yard waste season, which begins in April. Once you renew your cart service, a 2020 Compost It! cart sticker will be provided for your cart lid, indicating the service is current.  
Click the button below to renew your cart sticker online. New cart stickers need to be purchased at City Hall.
New Hazardous Waste Disposal Program
The City has partnered with Metro Waste Authority to bring a Hazardous Waste Disposal Program to Windsor Heights. Hazardous Waste includes items that are flammable or corrosive; they do not belong in the regular trash and shouldn’t be poured down the drain.

Residents can sign up to have these items picked up from their house. Many items accepted houseside can be dropped off for free at a hazardous waste collection site . If a resident chooses to sign up for the Hazardous Waste Program, the cost is $25 for two 12-gallon bins and one large bag. Container deliveries and pick-ups occur on the second and fourth Fridays of the month.

For more information or to sign up, click the link below or call 515.244.0021.
Property Taxes Going Down
Property taxes will go down $2.04 in 2021. The above chart compares tax levy rates from fiscal year 2020 and 2021 for both residential and commercial properties. It shows that with a lower tax levy rate, the total tax liability decreases for both residential and commercial properties. Click the button below for a detailed chart comparing fiscal year 2020 and 2021 for residential and commercial properties.
The above chart shows how the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) will be used in fiscal year 2021.
Future Park Use
The City is in the beginning stages of making a plan on how to best use our parks and trails in the future. We have distributed a Request for Proposals (RFP) to complete a Park System Plan for Colby Park, the Dog Park, the Trail System, and Lion’s Park. This project will involve the collection of information on existing amenities in the system as well as gathering public input for desired amenities. Responses for the RFP are due in Mid-March.

Depending on the cost of these services, it may not go to the City Council for approval until June or July. This project will explore many questions: how can we improve on the trail? What can we do in the dog park to improve user’s experience? What is the best use of the space for proposed items in the park? Updates on this project will be available in future newsletters and on the City's social media.
Get Reimbursed for Soil Quality Restoration Projects
The City gave away one free Soil Quality Restoration to a lucky Facebook user in the month of February! Click the video above to watch the winner announcement. We will be posting project updates on Facebook later this spring.

If you didn't win, the City may still pay for up to 75% of your project. Click the link below to learn more and apply.
Personnel Services Review
The City has hired Key Elements Consulting to review the employee policy handbook and the management team’s compensation and job descriptions.
Auditor RFP
The City has hired the firm Eide Bailly as the new auditor. The auditor plays an important role in the City. Auditing is a process that involves a formal review of all of the City’s financial accounts. An independent firm is chosen to conduct the audit to provide impartiality and prevent financial misconduct.
Volunteers are needed to help clean the North Walnut Creek near the Hickman Road Bridge. More details will be released as the date gets closer. Click the link below to email Public Works Director Dalton Jacobus to let him know you'll be there. RSVP's are appreciated, but not required.
City Wide Garage Sale
The City Wide Garage Sale will be on May 16th. If you would like to participate, please email by May 1st to be included in the City Wide Garage Sale Map, which will be shared on the City's website, social media accounts, and newsletter.
Spring Clean-Up is a free opportunity to get rid of unwanted trash that won’t fit in your garbage cart or may require a large item sticker. Examples include a couch, desk, lamp or chair.
Storytime in the Park
Storytime in the Park will be every Tuesday in June and July at 10 am.

We are still looking for volunteers who will be responsible for reading a book and coming up with a craft idea. The City will purchase all necessary craft supplies. Please email Whitney Tucker if you would like to volunteer.
City Council Meetings
Recordings of City Council Meetings are now available to view on as well as the City's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

The March 2nd meeting will be the last to be streamed on Facebook Live.
Prefer a Printed Newsletter?
We are giving our residents the option to receive their City newsletter in printed form. If you would like to (or know a neighbor who would) please email your name and address to Communications/Recreation Coordinator Whitney Tucker at or call 515-645-6819. Residents have to opt in to receive the newsletter in printed form, they will not automatically be mailed to every resident.
Save the Date
  • March 16 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • March 26 — Celebrate Windsor Heights, Community Center at 5 pm
  • April 6 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • April 18 — Stream Cleanup
  • April 20 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • May 4 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • May 14 — Movies in the Park
  • May 16 — City Wide Garage Sale
  • May 18 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • June 1 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • June 2 — Storytime in the Park
  • June 6 - City Wide Trash Pick Up
  • June 9 — Storytime in the Park
  • June 11 — Movies in the Park
  • June 16 — Storytime in the Park
  • June 15 — City Council Meeting, City Council Chamber at 6 pm
  • June 23 — Storytime in the Park
  • June 30 — Storytime in the Park
  • July 1 — Des Moines Public Library Access Begins
  • July 7 — Storytime in the Park
  • July 14 — Storytime in the Park
  • July 21 — Storytime in the Park
  • July 28 — Storytime in the Park
  • August 6 — Movies in the Park
  • October 22 — Movies in the Park

The City Council Chambers are located at 1133 66th Street
Phone Numbers

City Hall 515-279-3662
Police Department 515-286-3632
Police Admin/Records 515-277-4453
Police Investigations 515-277-4455
Building Inspections 515-333-4161 (Safe Building)
Fire Department 515-279-9450
Public Works Department 515-645-6825
Community Events Center 515-645-6819
Animal Control 515-286-3632