A Note from Mayor Burgess
On August 10th a derecho ripped through the City and was unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Our community saw significant tree damage and many were without power for close to a week. But in difficult times like these we often see the best come out in people. From helping cut down a tree to raking up leaves and twigs, I’ve seen residents going above and beyond to help their neighbors. This truly embodies the spirit of what makes our community a great place to live.

The last day for storm debris pickup will be the afternoon of Friday, September 4th. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or City Hall at 279-3662. We are posting updates on windsorheights.org, as well as the City’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and NextDoor accounts. Please only get your City news from City accounts. Social media can fuel the rumor mill, but the City will continue to bring you consistent, reliable information.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and grace. 2020 continues to be a year like no other!
The last day of storm debris cleanup for Windsor Heights will be the afternoon of Friday, September 4th. Please place any remaining tree debris on the right of way or near the curb by the morning of Friday the 4th. Do not place debris in driveways as it will not be picked up. 63rd ST south of University Ave will be picked up at a later date. Thank you to our residents for their patience as we wrap up this process.
Polk Count Residents Can Now Apply for FEMA Individual Assistance
Polk County homeowners and renters can now apply for FEMA Individual Assistance for losses resulting from the severe storms on August 10, 2020. Assistance provided by FEMA for homeowners can include grants for repairs to make their primary home habitable. Rental assistance is available to pay for temporary housing for homeowners and renters. Lodging expense reimbursement may be available to eligible households who may have stayed in a hotel for a short period of time. FEMA assistance can also help with other disaster-related needs like replacing essential household items, and medical and dental expenses.
The City is giving away a set of 10 free yard waste stickers per homeowner until September 15th. Please bring an ID or piece of mail showing your address to City Hall to claim your stickers. City Hall is located at 1145 66th St, Suite 1 and is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.
Large Trash
Only tree debris is being picked up during the storm debris cleanup. If you have additional debris that is not tree debris or more trash than will fit in your cart, you will need a large trash sticker, which are available to purchase online or at City Hall.

Some large trash items may need more than one sticker. Please use the list below to help figure out how many stickers you need.

$1 Sticker
  • Bag of trash under 30 lbs.
  • Box of trash under 30 lbs.
  • Kid's toys (under 30 lbs., e.g. big wheel)
  • TV or computer monitor (19-inch screen and smaller)*
$5 Sticker
  • 5 boxes or bags of trash (under 30 lbs. per piece)
  • 5 carpet rolls (4 foot length x 18 inch diameter)
  • Bicycle
  • Couch or love seat
  • Crib
  • Desk
  • Door (per door)
  • Entertainment center
  • Grill (no propane)
  • Kid's toys (over 30 lbs., e.g. big wheel)
  • Kitchen chairs (4 maximum)
  • Kitchen sink
  • Push mower (drained of gas and oil)
  • Sectional (one $5 sticker per piece)
  • Single/double box spring
  • Single/double mattress
  • Snow blower (drained of gas and oil)
  • Table
  • Toilet (one $5 sticker per piece)
  • Window (one)
$10 (2 - $5 stickers)
  • Queen/king mattress
  • Queen/king box spring
$35 (7 - $5 stickers)
  • Appliances (Fridges or freezers of any size ((doors must be removed)), washers, dryers, microwaves, etc.)

*TV - Call Metro Waste Authority at 244-0021. The size and weight of televisions varies greatly. Your hauler will tell you specifically how many stickers are required.
The City of Windsor Heights is partnering with Metro Waste Authority to bring another convenient resource closer to home that can be accessed 24/7. The glass trailer accepts glass you’d typically have after cooking or drinking. That’s the clear glass like pickle or pesto jars or colored glass like wine and beer bottles.

This trailer is located in the Colby Park parking lot beside the cardboard-only container. Simply bring your glass recyclables and guide them into the round opening of the recycling trailer.
Metro Waste Authority wants to help you be a recycling expert. If you’re ever wondering where it should go, check out WhereItShouldGo.com or call 515.244.0021.
Have a question or concern about road construction in Windsor Heights? Join us weekly via Zoom on Fridays at 2 PM. We will be providing project updates and residents will have a chance to ask questions.

Zoom Meeting Information

Meeting ID: 893 2738 0827
Passcode: 974983
Phone: 312 626 6799 
Work continues on Allison Ave, 69th St, College Dr, and University Ave. Click the button below to read our latest update on each project, including an updated timeline.
The City of Windsor Heights has approved a sliding scale commercial tax abatement program that applies to new commercial property construction or remodeling projects. Learn more about the program by clicking the button below.
At the July 20th meeting, the Windsor Heights City Council voted unanimously to hire Dennis Durham as the City's new city administrator. Mr. Durham brings over 20 years of government experience. He will start on September 8th.
The Good News Column
Here are some good things that are happening in our community that you may not have heard about.

Officer Irlbeck, Detective Nissen, and Lt. Pearson attended training titled “Fundamentals of Realistic De-Escalation” during the month of August. The program states that the “ultimate goal of this course is to enhance de-escalation efforts with the help of science – both in the field and in training – while also critically applying an understanding of human factors and performance research to most effectively address challenging situations in the midst of a crisis.” Officers will bring back what they learned to the rest of the department.

August EMS training covered cardiac arrest and post-resuscitation efforts. This is timely training as we have seen an uptick in cardiac arrest calls lately.

Officers have spent approximately 1,030 minutes answering questions people have about policing. They have attended a birthday party drive by, handed out candy to children, and visited lemonade stands.

Chief McCluskey was appointed to the Executive Committee for the Polk County Emergency Management Commission. Involvement in metro organizations has proven beneficial to ensuring Windsor Heights maintains a voice in events around the metro, which do or could affect the City.
The City of Windsor Heights has a vacancy on its Planning & Zoning Commission. Any City resident is eligible to serve. Information about the Commission can be found on the City’s website at windsorheights.org/184/Planning-Zoning-Commission

Commission meetings are the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM, but the Commission meets infrequently because there are normally not enough business items to justify a meeting each month. It is likely that meetings will be via Zoom until the coronavirus pandemic subsides. Applications for this position can be found on the City’s website at windsorheights.org/forms.aspx?FID=119 The City will accept applications until the end of September with the intention of selecting the new Commission member in October.
COVID-19 Testing at Some Hy-Vees
Hy-Vee, Inc. recently announced that it has begun offering COVID-19 testing at 11 Hy-Vee pharmacy locations throughout its eight-state region. The tests are free and are administered via a Hy-Vee pharmacy drive-thru testing process. Individuals do not have to have COVID-19 symptoms to be tested, but they must register online to receive a test voucher number, testing site and appointment time. The closest location to Windsor Heights is the West Des Moines Hy-Vee HealthMarket located at 375 S. Jordan Creek Parkway in West Des Moines.
At the August 3rd City Council meeting, Windsor Heights City Council members voted unanimously to approve a resolution on face masks. This resolution states that the Council supports the use of face masks while people are in public settings – both indoors and outdoors. It does not require people to wear a mask.

Windsor Heights Mayor Dave Burgess said the Council wants to do what they can to support the medical community and slow the spread of COVID-19 in Windsor Heights.
“This is to encourage everyone to wear a mask when you can’t social distance,” said Mayor Burgess. “When you go in a business, please wear a mask.”
At the 8/17 meeting, the Windsor Heights City Council decided to reopen the Community Center. The Pavilion, Dog Park, Colby Park Playground and outdoor restrooms remain open as well. The Community Center, Pavilion, and Baseball Field are all available to rent online.
Stormwater is water from rain, snowmelt, and surface drainage that runs off impervious surfaces such as paved surfaces, roofs, and compacted lawns. Stormwater can collect sediment, litter, contaminants, and other pollutants. As part of the metro-wide #RainCampaign, the City Council approved reimbursements for soil quality restoration projects to be covered under this program.

The City of Windsor Heights is dedicated to smart stormwater management. The City aims to increase both water quality and water quantity through the implementation of stormwater best management practices (BMP’s).

Learn how you can get reimbursed for stormwater best management projects by clicking the button below.
Free Trees
Coming this fall — free trees! The City of Windsor Heights will be giving away free trees to residents. There will be native shrubs and a couple types of shade trees to choose from. These will be saplings and won't be fully grown for several years. Proof of residency (piece of mail or ID) is required to get a tree.

Stay tuned to our social media and future newsletters for the date announcement.
City of Windsor Heights on NextDoor
The City of Windsor Heights is back on Nextdoor!
Nextdoor is a neighborhood focused social media platform. It allows people to connect with others in their neighborhood to discuss issues relevant to their community. The City has a government agency account. That means we can post news to share with you, but cannot view discussions in your individual neighborhoods. If you need to reach the city about an issue, it’s best to call City Hall at 515-279-3662.
City Council Meetings
Recordings of City Council Meetings are now available to view on windsorheights.org as well as the City's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, City Council Meetings will be conducted via Zoom. Zoom meeting information will be posted on windsorheights.org and on social media.
Prefer a Printed Newsletter?
We are giving our residents the option to receive their City newsletter in printed form. If you would like to (or know a neighbor who would) please email your name and address to Communications/Recreation Coordinator Whitney Tucker at wtucker@windsorheights.org or call 515-645-6819. Residents have to opt in to receive the newsletter in printed form, they will not automatically be mailed to every resident.
Save the Date

  • September 4 — Weekly Road Construction Meeting Via Zoom
  • September 7 — City Buildings Closed for Labor Day
  • September 8 — City Council Meeting via Zoom
  • September 11 — Weekly Road Construction Meeting Via Zoom
  • September 18 — Weekly Road Construction Meeting Via Zoom
  • September 21 — City Council Meeting via Zoom
  • September 25 — Weekly Road Construction Meeting Via Zoom
  • October 2 — Weekly Road Construction Meeting Via Zoom
  • October 5 — City Council Meeting via Zoom
  • October 9 — Weekly Road Construction Meeting Via Zoom
  • October 19 — City Council Meeting via Zoom
  • October 22 — Movie in the Park

City Council meetings will be conducted on Zoom until further notice
Phone Numbers

City Hall 515-279-3662
Police Department 515-286-3632
Police Admin/Records 515-277-4453
Building Inspections 515-333-4161 (Safe Building)
Fire Department 515-279-9450
Public Works Department 515-645-6825
Community Events Center 515-645-6819
Animal Control 515-286-3632