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Council approves CDBG funds for park improvements and more

The Sierra Vista City Council approved plans to use the City’s annual allocation of federal Community Development Block Grant funds for improvements at Soldiers Creek Park and for the City’s Emergency Home Repair and Disabilities Modification Program at Thursday’s regular meeting.
The City Council also approved plan amendments needed to accept the City’s third allocation of CARES Act CDBG funds dedicated to crisis relief provided due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest allocation of $77,209 brings the City’s total of CARES Act CDBG funds to $476,457. The new funds will be used primarily to provide rent and utility assistance, emergency hotel/motel vouchers, and continue hosting the monthly Community Connect event at the Ethel H. Berger Center.
The City has worked with the United Way to distribute these crisis relief funds and Mayor Rick Mueller said the nonprofit has done a good job getting the funds to the folks who need it. The City is working on an agreement with United Way to disburse this latest allocation and that agreement will come to council for approval at a later date.
As for the City’s regular annual share of CDBG dollars, the City expects to receive $252,172. The Council approved the Plan Year 2022 CDBG Annual Action Plan, which allocates $227,172 to improvements at Soldiers Creek Park and $25,000 to continue the City’s Emergency Home Repair and Disabilities Modification Program.
The park improvements will be completed concurrently with the renovation of North Garden Avenue to create a more pedestrian-friendly, attractive streetscape, suited to holding special events. Improvements include landscaping, irrigation, lighting, and recreational features like an embankment slide to enhance the upper portion of Soldiers Creek Park that was previously unusable. If budget allows, landscaping improvements will also extend to Landwehr Plaza located across North Garden Avenue.
Residents who live in the Sierra Vista City limits and own their home may be eligible to receive aid with emergency home repairs to substandard housing conditions. The funds approved Thursday will continue this program but previous funding is still currently available as well and the City is currently accepting applications. Applicants must meet income eligibility requirements and have lived in their home that they own for the preceding year. Accessibility modifications needed for elderly and disabled people are also eligible.
Applications are considered based on eligibility under the program and priority of the emergency repairs. Application forms are available online at by searching for “emergency home repair” or in-person at City Hall. For more information, call the Community Development Department at (520) 417-4413.

More information from Thursday’s City Council meeting is available in the supporting documents for the Thursday, July 15, City Council meeting. They can be accessed via the “City Council” folder on the City’s document server at
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