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City to Begin Spraying for Mosquitoes on Thursdays

In case you haven't noticed, the mosquitoes are back!

The City will begin spraying for mosquitoes weekly on Thursday nights starting Thursday, August 25, 2022, to help attempt to control the mosquito population.

The City also provides two free dunks per household for Rosenberg residents. Dunks are placed in standing water to stop mosquitoes from hatching and are safe for people, pets, and other wildlife. To get your free dunks, stop by Citizens Relations at City Hall (2110 4th St.) Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Remember to "FIGHT the BITE" by using the "4 Ds" listed below to protect yourself, family and pets from these pests!

Read more on the website at or call Citizens Relations at 832-595-3301 for more information.

Need more information? Citizens Relations: 832-595-3301 or

Media Contact: Tanya Kveton, Director of Communications | office: 832-595-3526 | cell: 832-535-0142