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COVID-19 Updates
April 6, 2020: temporary utility payment policies in place
Consistent with  Executive Order 124  issued by Governor Cooper on March 31, 2020, the City of Concord will neither disconnect utility accounts for nonpayment, assess new late payment fees, nor collect late payment fees that were imposed on accounts as of March 31 for at least 60 days (through May 31, 2020).

Customers that were disconnected for nonpayment prior to March 31, 2020 will be reconnected if the customer contacts the Customer Care Center to make payment arrangements for the outstanding balance.

City of Concord staff is prepared to discuss reasonable payment arrangements as stated in Section C of the Executive Order. Payment arrangements may be extended for at least a six-month period for the amounts that accrued over the effective period, including any extension of Executive Order 124 and 180 days thereafter. The six-month payoff period shall be calculated from the date of the termination of Executive Order 124. 

Customers should contact the Customer Care team at 704-920-5555 to discuss the City of Concord's response to this order, including re-connection of terminated service, payment options, or other concerns.

March 31, 2020: Statement from Mayor Dusch
 "Today, local governments in Cabarrus County  updated the Stay-at-Home proclamation  to align with Governor Cooper’s  state-wide order that took effect Monday . We hope this reduces confusion for residents. The amended proclamation is available at  or , along with an updated list of  Frequency Asked Questions . While these restrictions are very different than the lifestyle we are accustomed to, all of us doing our part is critical to slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In another change, Governor Cooper signed a  state-wide executive order today to prevent utilities from disconnecting service  for those unable to pay bills for the next 60 days. The City of Concord took this step for its electric, water, and wastewater services on March 16 and applauds this decision. The City Council and I, along with City management and staff, thank the community for all are you are doing to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Your efforts allow public safety, utilities, and all of our team members to continue supplying the critical services we all need. If you have concerns about a situation related to guidance for slowing the spread, please call 704-786-9155 to let the Concord Police non-emergency line know what you are seeing.
Again, thank you and please continue to spread the word, not the virus."

March 27, 2020: curbside mattress collection suspended
CONCORD – Due to impacts from COVID-19, the City of Concord is suspending curbside mattress collection effective Monday, March 30, 2020 until further notice. The City encourages residents to keep mattresses inside their homes until the suspension is lifted; however, if the mattress needs to be disposed of immediately, there are two options available to residents:

Charlotte Motor Speedway Landfill (owned and operated by Republic Services) at 5105 Morehead Road, Concord NC. With proof of City of Concord residency, a fee of $2 per ton for residential waste applies. Please call 704-782-2004 for more information.

Cabarrus County Landfill at 4441 Irish Potato Road, Concord NC. Please contact the Landfill at 704-920-2950 or 704-920-3209 for operating hours and other information. Fees do apply, call 704-920-3209 or visit  for more information.

#StayHomeStayHealthy If you do go out, only send one person and follow the CDC recommendation to wear a face cover. Your elected officials are demonstrating a variety of homemade mask solutions.
 Let’s #Commit4Cabarrus and #StoptheSpread of COVID-19.
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City of Concord employees donate more than 70 units of blood to Red Cross
6 feet apart, 1-2 people at a time, over a 7 hour day, taking every precaution possible --Team Concord took the time today to remember that during this pandemic, there is another crisis quickly erupting.

Daily, the number of blood drives being held in America is dramatically decreasing while the need for blood remains demandingly high. To do our part, while following CDC guidance and other orders, Team Concord held an employee only drive today, donating 72 units to the  American Red Cross Greater Carolinas Region

"Our community's blood supply is critically low at a time in which a strong demand remains. Emergency surgeries can't wait, and life-saving operations must continue during this public health crisis. I'm very proud of my fellow coworkers who stepped up, answered the call, and provided the Red Cross with over 70 units of blood. Their service above self saved lives today." - Chief Gacek
Top Tips to Save Energy During COVID-19
Parks and Recreation Reminders
Buttercup the Easter Bunny
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City Council Highlights
To review the full April 9 City Council Agenda, including action taken, please click on the agenda located on the left. 

* Conducted a public hearing and adopted the Five-Year Agency Plan for the Concord Housing Department that updates the Policies that govern the Public Housing Program.

*Conducted a public hearing and approved an agreement between the City of Concord and Bootsmead LeaseCo, LLC to extend sewer infrastructure at 2321 Concord Pkwy S. in Concord.

*Adopted the 2020 Cabarrus County Long Range Public Transportation Master Plan.

Sustainable Suggestions
Be sure to follow  Mandy Smith-Thompson, Environmental Educator, City of Concord, NC  on Facebook for helpful tips at home year-round. You'll find new content several times a week that will be good for you and nature during  #COVID19 .
Is that trip to the store really that important? Are you going to get something more than a basic necessity? Before you start that car, realize that you are making a decision that impacts someone more than yourself. We stay at work for you. Please, stay at home for us.  #SaferAtHome

*Please note that these Officers and Firefighters work in partnerships/crews for 24 and 12 hour shifts to protect and serve you.
Scenes Around The City
Once a public servant, always a public servant. Concord Fire would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our brother, Retired Battalion Captain, John Eury. He went above and beyond by purchasing over 150 pizzas out of his pocket. It was his mission to feed each station, of each shift, the past three days (That's over 200 men and women). You're the best Capt., we love ya! Ps. We know you didn't want any recognition but you deserve it!
Titan, from our Horse Mounted Unit, wants to share a special message with each of you.
IF you must go out, follow  Cabarrus Health Alliance  guidance by wearing a cloth covering over your mouth. Remember, “my human partners go to work for you.
Stay at home for them.” 
Ps. This was a mask mom uses a lot in the barn. I wouldn’t take away from my partners.
Thank you,  Outback Steakhouse , for donating over 70 meals to feed our men and women serving on the front lines. A special thank you to Manager Chris Ragsdale, Brittany, and Kara.
A big "Thank You" to  Doc Porter's Distillery  for kindly donating 5 gallons of their newly created hand sanitizer product. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you for what you are doing to help out the surrounding community. 
Making the most of #COVID19 #BeWellConcord
Burn Ban Issued & Enforced within the City of Concord
In conjunction with the North Carolina Forest Service burn ban in effect for Cabarrus County, Concord Fire Department has banned all outdoor burning within the City Limits.

On Friday, April 3rd, 2020, the North Carolina Forest Service issued a ban on all open burning and canceled all burning permits for Cabarrus County. A burn ban issued by the N.C Fire Service applies to a fire 100ft. or more from an occupied dwelling. To ensure city-wide compliance with this ban, the City of Concord Fire Department will be enforcing a ban on all open burning, including that within 100 feet of a dwelling.

During a burning ban, fire pits and campfires are considered open burning. However, approved cooking devices on approved surfaces, such as grills and barbecues are permitted.

The City of Concord will continue to follow the guidance of N.C. Forest Service on termination of the ban. For questions directly related to outdoor burning within the City of Concord, please, contact 704-920-5517. For specific N.C. Forestry Service questions, please visit
Speed A Little. Lose A Lot.
Streets have a little less traffic these days, which makes “cruising right along” seem a little easier. In recognition of North Carolina Governors Highway Safety Campaign, Speed a Little. Lose a Lot; Concord Police Department would like to remind you that speed is a significant cause of the injuries and deaths on North Carolina roadways.  #COVID19  has taken enough lives; Concord Police will continue to monitor roads to help prevent speeding and reckless driving from taking another.  #SaferAtHome   #BeWellConcord
Upcoming Meetings

The April 21 Planning and Zoning Commission , April 28 Board of Adjustment meetings have been cancelled with items on those agendas moved to May.

We are building a virtual meeting process for the May City Council and appointed board meetings so you can view and participate remotely. Full details will be available in the April 24 CityLink.

Cleaning Double? Double Trouble!
Clean, Clean, and Clean more. Right now, everyone's concern is safety and cleanliness. However, while you are pulling out every type of disinfectant you can find, remember not to trade one safety measure for another.

Poisoning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death among children ages 1 to 19 years. Especially with everyone being  #SAFERATHOME , be sure to follow these top 5 safety tips!

☣️ Store household products safely to prevent poisoning. Young kids are often eye-level with items under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, so make certain household cleaning products and personal care products up and away, out of children's reach and sight.

☣️ Keep all household cleaning products in their original containers. Also, when buying products, look for child-resistant containers to help prevent poisoning to children.

☣️ Read and follow product labels. Check for ingredients that can be to kids and make sure you use and store products according to the label. Kids can get into things quickly, so remember not to leave cleaning products or personal care products unattended while you are using them.

☣️ Remember, products that might be harmful to kids. Check your home for products like cleaning supplies, liquid laundry packets, personal care products, plants, pesticides, alcohol, and medicine.

☣️ Save the Poison Help number in your phone and post it visibly at home: 1-800-222-1222. Specialists at poison control centers provide free, confidential, expert medical advice 24 hours a day. They can answer questions and help with poison emergencies.
The City of Concord partners with our community to deliver excellent service, and plans for the future while preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of life.

Are you or someone you know looking for a challenging career with excellent benefits? We're hiring for full and part-time positions with a range of education and experience requirements, including employment opportunities perfect for students. Visit the Concord Careers Portal to get started or call 704-920-5100.
High 5 for Excellent Service

If you have had an experience from our team that left an impact, we hope you'll let us know so we can recognize that coworker with a "High 5 for Excellent Service." You can get started by visiting or
call 704-920-6400 to submit your acknowledgement over the phone.
  Del Eudy, Brian Dunlap, and Sign Team 
       Concern, Professional, Timeliness, Customer Focus, Teamwork
Several downtown restaurants have switched to only offering pick up/delivery options since the coronavirus outbreak. Del and his team responded quickly to help produce and place signs that highlight short term parking for restaurant pick up. They continue to help with sign placement as restaurants open and close throughout this time.
Joseph Beasley