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Nov - Dec 2020
Volume 27 | Number 2
Your Input is Making a Difference!
We recognize the value of good communication. In December 2019, the City launched a Communication Survey and sought community input on ways to improve our communication with you. We’ve listened to the input and have expanded the City’s communication, transparency, and engagement tools throughout 2020 to better serve you.

We choose to engage with our community on Open City Hall because it is accessible on the City’s website for everyone; regardless of whether or not you choose social media as your primary form of communication; whether you choose to opt in to our email alerts; or whether you prefer to contact us directly and have a conversation in person or over the phone.

The City is expanding our presence on social media as a way to reach the Camarillo community where they are, with the tools they prefer to use to receive City information. Our goal is always to bring the community back to the City’s website for information, and to use Open City Hall for engagement and dialogue. However you choose to get your information, please make sure you are getting City information directly from the City of Camarillo.

For more information on the City’s Community Engagement Strategy, please visit www.cityofcamarillo.org, Engage Camarillo|Join The Conversation!
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Attention: Clean Power Alliance (CPA) Customers
Understanding Your Bill

It’s no doubt that utility bills can be puzzling, but Clean Power Alliance is mindful of this and strives to keep it simple. Southern California Edison (SCE) still sends your monthly bill, which shows your SCE charges for delivery, followed by your Clean Power Alliance charges for electricity supply/generation (at the bottom of the bill). Clean Power Alliance is NOT an added fee; it simply replaces SCE’s supply/generation charges. For more information, visit the Clean Power Alliance website.
CPA COVID-19 Customer Relief Program

On October 1, the CPA’s Board of Directors doubled the previously approved $1 million Customer Relief Program to $2 million of bill credits for struggling residential and small business customers. CPA will issue COVID-19 relief bill credits on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are depleted. Customers interested in signing up for a particular financial assistance program and/or payment plan may call SCE Customer Service at (800) 655-4555. For more information, visit cleanpoweralliance.org/covid-19-resources/.
Southern California Edison Power Outages
Power Outage Alerts

Did you know that you can sign up to be notified of a planned power outage at your home? Sign up to receive outage alerts via text message, email, or voice: Login with SCE.com User ID. Update your customer contact information here.

During CAISO Rotating Outages, SCE manages and rotates outages across groups of customers throughout the service territory to protect the
electric system, while limiting the inconvenience to any one customer or community. A rotating outage typically lasts one hour. Every customer in our service territory is assigned to a Rotating Outage Group. Your Rotating Outage Group number is found on your electric bill next to your Customer Account Number.
How To Be Prepared

1. Plan for any medical needs, like medications needing to be refrigerated or battery dependent assistive technology and medical devices. Register for Special Needs Registry, if needed.

2. Build a Ready, Set, Go! emergency supply kit, including food, water, flashlights, a radio, fresh batteries, first aid supplies and cash.

3. Sign up for Ventura County emergency alerts at VCAlert.org or register for cell phone notifications by texting “VCALERT” to 313131.

4. Find this information, along with an abundance of additional resources for the Camarillo community, on the City’s PSPS Hot Topics webpage.

Questions? Please call Southern California Edison (SCE): (800) 655-4555, or visit www.sce.com/psps.
Wellness Every Day is a Ventura County Behavioral Health website promoting Mental Health in Ventura County, including:

✔️Coping with Coronavirus
✔️Resources specific to children, adults, seniors

Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
The City’s Housing Element Update is comprised of the following major components:

✔️Review effectiveness of existing Housing Element;
✔️Assess existing & projected housing needs;
✔️Identify resources – financial, land, administrative;
✔️Evaluate constraints to housing; and
✔️Housing Plan – goals, policies and programs.
Wet Weather Preparedness
The best preparation for possible flooding is to plan ahead: Assemble an emergency supply kit; register your phone number at www.vcalert.org so you can receive emergency messages; clear debris from roof gutters, downspouts and drains so water can flow properly; apply erosion controls to bare slopes and barriers around the perimeter of property to prevent loose wood chips, mulch, dirt or debris from flowing off your yard into the adjacent gutter and clogging downstream storm drains; check your roof for leaks or damage, paying special attention to areas where separation could occur, such as around the chimney; and have a supply of sandbags and other flood prevention materials such as plastic sheeting, plywood and tarps. Your local fire station has sandbags available for the public. For a list of fire stations and/or local vendors where you can purchase sandbags as well as obtain more emergency preparedness information visit ww.readyventuracounty.org. Additionally, the City maintains its drainage facilities, which includes inspecting and cleaning city-maintained ditches and over 1,500 storm drain inlets. To report a clogged storm drain in Camarillo, please call the Public Works Department at (805) 388-5338.
Traffic Signals & Street Lights
Some people use the terms “Traffic Signal” and “Street Light” interchangeably, but they are not the same. The purpose and function of each device is different. Traffic Signals are at intersections and include green, yellow, and red lights indicating to drivers, bicyclist, and pedestrians who gets to go and who has to stop. Street Lights are used to light up streets and sidewalks and are only supposed to turn on when it is dark.

Traffic Signals on City Streets are owned and maintained by the City. Traffic Signals on State Highways and freeway ramps within the City are owned and maintained by the State of California, Transportation Department, or just Caltrans. Traffic Signals outside of the City are the responsibility of the agency on whose property they reside.

To report issues or concerns regarding City owned traffic signals please contact the City of Camarillo, Traffic Engineering Division at (805)388-5340.

Most of the street lights in the City of Camarillo are owned and maintained by Southern California Edison (SCE). To report burned out or malfunctioning Street Lights contact SCE, here.
Camarillo Public Library Programs
During the closure of the Camarillo Public Library, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all regularly scheduled events and programs are cancelled. The Friends of the Camarillo Library Bookstore and Giant Steps Cafe are also closed until further notice. Digital services are offered (click here).

Patrons may contact the Library by any of the following methods:
● Phone: (805) 388-5222
● Online chat service (Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.): click here.

Curbside Pickup Still Going Strong!
Here’s how it works: Library patrons may place a hold on up to ten items, by phone (805) 388-5222 or online at www.camarillolibrary.org. Please allow one full business day to process requests. Once notified that the items are ready, patrons will park in a numbered parking space within the library parking lot, and call (805) 388-5222 to give library employees their name, library card number, and parking space number. Patrons are asked to remain in their vehicle and a library employee will deliver items to the vehicle. Library staff is
incorporating social distancing and protective measures into this curbside pickup process to keep employees and patrons safe.

For days, times and FAQs, please visit: www.camarillolibrary.org.
COVID-19 Resources
We are all experiencing
“COVID-Fatigue” but, as we continue to reopen our community, it is more important than ever that we continue to work together and protect the most vulnerable in our community.

Please do your part to help slow the spread--wear a mask!

We’re all in this together!
State of the City 2020
The Annual State of the City presentation will look different this year. The City’s traditional in-person luncheon format with the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce is not an option, due to COVID-19. This year, we are producing a video that will be debuted on the City's website and YouTube channel mid-November, for the entire community to access and enjoy. The video will showcase City employees highlighting their progress toward meeting the FY2020/21 Council Goals & Objectives, as we stand together with our community through COVID-19. We encourage you to sign up for “City News” on our Notify Me webpage, to receive an email when the video is released.

5 Solar Webinar: Solarize VC | 12noon - 1pm |Register: SolarizeVentura.org

7, 14, 21 Camarillo Farmers Market | 8 a.m. - 12 noon |Camarillo Old Town

4, 18 Camarillo City Council Meetings | 5 p.m. | See Meeting Agendas
13, 14 Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off  | By appointment only

5, 12, 19 Camarillo Farmers Market | 8 a.m. - 12 noon |Camarillo Old Town
2, 9 Camarillo City Council Meetings | 5 p.m. | See Meeting Agendas

11, 12  Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off | By appointment only

12 Camarillo Christmas Parade: Santa Hits the Road |www.pvrpd.org

19 National Wreaths Across America Day |www.wreathsacrossamerica.org  
Election Day is November 3!
Official Ballot Drop Box Available at City Hall, 601 Carmen Drive.
For a list of all Ballot Drop-Off and In-Person Voting Locations throughout Ventura County, click here.
Affordable Solar and Battery System Options
The Community Environmental Council (CEC) announced the launch of this year’s Solarize Ventura County—a community-led, group purchasing program for solar and battery systems that is open to residents of Ventura County from Sept. 9 to Dec. 9. CEC’s 2020 program is offered in partnership with Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance, the County of Ventura, and the cities of Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura.

To take part in the program, homeowners can visit www.SolarizeVentura.org to submit an application. To learn more about the program, register for CEC’s free webinar to be held Nov. 5, The webinar will include information on some of the 40 plug-in hybrid and pure EV options, charging at home or on the road, and financial incentives and lease offerings. The webinar will also cover solar and battery system basics and is designed for an audience that wants to explore “driving on sunshine”—charging EVs at home from solar systems.
"Recycle" Your Christmas Tree!
E.J. Harrison & Sons and the City of Camarillo make it easy to “recycle” Christmas trees as mulch. Simply remove all of the ornaments, hooks, lights, tinsel, bows, nails, and tree stand, cut the tree into three-foot sections, and place them in your yard-waste barrel on your scheduled pickup day. Tree collection will begin on the first collection day after December 25, and will conclude the end of the second week in January.

Additionally, E.J. Harrison & Sons accepts flocked trees for recycling. Collected trees are processed into various sizes of mulch, which benefits local farmlands, orchards, nurseries, and gardens.

As a special holiday feature, E.J. Harrison & Sons’ residential customers may put out twice the amount of trash at no extra charge during the two weeks after December 25. Please make sure the extra trash is put in bags alongside your regular trash bin. Customers may also put out extra recyclables; flatten all boxes and place them beside the recycling bin.
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