Civic Center Stakeholders Advocacy Update
January 2020
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                                                    Mayor Breed at press conference for new Mental Health Initiative

City Leaders Call For Plans to Address Street Conditions

Over the course of 2019 both Mayor London Breed and District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney outlined plans to create safer streets for residents, employees who work in the District and visitors. 

Mayor London Breed  announced in early September an extensive plan to help those living on City streets who are suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse. In the  press release, the Mayor's Office notes "The initial steps of the new initiative will provide enhanced care coordination, create a multi- agency pilot to streamline housing and health care for the most vulnerable, and increase access to behavioral health services by expanding hours of the City's Behavioral Health Access Center." The SF Department of Public Health declared there are approximately 4,000 people on San Francisco streets in need of mental health services and noted 230 cases that are being addressed immediately through coordinated care and will expand the program used to address the initial group for others in San Francisco over the coming months.

Supervisor Matt Haney unveiled a 10-point plan in early 2019 to address drug dealing on the street, and in September the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed his proposed ordinance to create a  Street-Level Drug Dealing Task Force. Focused on the Mid Market, Tenderloin and Civic Center areas, "the resolution would require the San Francisco Department of Public Health to present a comprehensive emergency plan to improve street level crisis response; increase access to Narcan; expand street outreach; line up emergency responders and public safety personnel," among other elements. Task force members include  Curtis Bradford,  Porsha Dixson,  Janet Ector, Pedro Vidal Flores, Teresa Lynn Friend, Louie Hammonds, Linsay LaSalle, Thomas Wolf and Max Young. The Task Force will submit their first report to the Board of Supervisors and Mayor in March of this year.
Safety Summit

The annual CBD Safety Summit took place in April at  A.C.T.'s Strand Theater. The year's focus was on theft and break-in prevention. Keynote speakers included  SFPD Sergeant Patrick Kennedy from the Burglary Unit, and Commander of Municipal Transportation Teresa Ewins, as well as  Cypress Security. Speakers covered a variety of prevention techniques to avoid break-ins at home, at work, and in and around public transportation. Attendees also learned how to avoid becoming a victim of personal theft.  Multiple safety organizations also provided information before and after the keynotes at lobby exhibition tables. Presenters included:  A.L.E.R.T.,   Applied Video Solutions (AVS), Cypress Security,  SF72.orgSF Bike CoalitionSFMTA Park SmartSF SafeVision Zero SF and representatives from the the CCCBD and the co-sponsoring CBD Mid Market.

If you would like to suggest a safety topic to be covered at the 2020 Summit,  please contact the Civic Center CBD.
SF Travel 
Clean & Safe Coalition

CCCBD is a member of the SF Travel Clean & Safe Coalition The Coalition, led by SF Travel, has been meeting regularly with high-level City staff including: the Mayor, the Mayor's Office of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, Public Works, SFPD, the Department of Public Health and others; to discuss clean and safe issues.

CCCBD is a participating member of  CleanSafe365. Diverse members, led by the Hotel Council, are businesses, merchant groups, civic organizations, community benefit districts and property owners committed to finding and supporting sustainable solutions  for keeping San Francisco clean and safe 365 days a year.
CBD Service Reminders
                                CCCBD Clean Team
Clean Team 

CCCBD's Clean Team continues to addresses cleaning issues across the District, and of January 1, 2020, has expanded services across both zones 1 and 2. The crews continue to make a tremendous difference despite the overwhelming cleaning and safety issues. They are typically the first on the scene to evaluate what solutions are needed. If they are unable to resolve an issue they bring in DPW and/or SFPD to achieve a prompt resolution. Thanks to these hard-working individuals we have someone to call -- and someone who will respond. 

Clean Team services are available 7 days a week, 7am-7pm.
                            CCCBD Ambassadors
Day & Evening Ambassadors

CCCBD's Ambassadors work alongside City agency partners such as the Police Department and the Department of Public Health to improve the quality of life in the community's public open spaces for residents, employees and visitors; Ambassador services are available 7 days a week, 7am-7pm. Night Ambassadors also work on Tuesday-Saturday, 6-11pm, near arts venues; to enhance the pedestrian experience before and after evening performances and events. 

CCCBD also staffs a Garage Greeter at the entrance to the Civic Center Garage to help guide garage patrons.
                   CCCBD Playground Security
Civic Center Plaza 
Playground  Safety

CCCBD provides additional safety for the Helen Diller Family Civic Center Playgrounds, ensuring the safety of children and their families. The guards also ensure the safety of the grounds and equipment at night.
                       CCCBD pressure washing
Pressure Washing & 
Public Works Coordination

CCCBD interfaces with Public Works to ensure they are upholding their responsibility to clean District streets and gutters.

*Remember Public Works is not required to clean or repair sidewalks. Sidewalks are property owner responsibility.
  SFPD Officers at Sunday Block Party
SFPD Coordination
SFPD has been instrumental in protecting CCCBD field staff as they attempt to do their job in the midst of dense and often dangerous anti-social behavior. SFPD has continued to increased foot beats in the District, and have a stronger presence in UN Plaza. In  addition to enforcing public safety laws, the team is saving numerous people from drug overdoses on District sidewalks and making sure CCCBD-sponsored events in the District are well-staffed.

Mayor Breed and 
Fix-It Team head Sandra Zuniga
Fix-It Team Coordination

CCCBD works directly with the Mayor's Fix-It Team -- a strategic task force that interfaces with public and private sector partners to solve difficult cleaning and public safety issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
              CCCBD landscape maintenance
Tidy Tree Basins

Keeping tree basins free of weeds and level to the sidewalk prevents them from turning into tripping hazards and trash cans. CCCBD makes them cleaner, and safer for pedestrians -- especially those who are vision and mobility impaired. 
 Syringe disposal at the Main Library
Needle Disposal Continues to Reduce Number of Needles in Public Spaces

Along with the Clean Team removing needles from public spaces, the CCCBD is seeing more effort on behalf of City agencies and the private sector to help keep discarded syringes off District sidewalks. Two crews in addition to CCCBD's Clean Team include Urban Alchemy and the Downtown Streets Team. Large disposal containers placed throughout the District are also helping.
Bigbelly Trash Cans Continue to Help Reduce Litter and Dumping

Over the course of 2019, world renowned, tamper-proof Bigbelly trash receptacles were dispersed across the District; since their implementation, they've reduced litter, dumping, spillage and leaks. The CBD recently received a grant to add more in 2020.

To request CCCBD services contact the
7 a.m. - 7 p.m. | 7 days per week
During non-CBD hours call
311 or Police Non-Emergency 415-553-0123
To sponsor more CCCBD clean and safe services