Q4 - 2020
Thank You!

We're looking forward to 2021 and what the year ahead is slated to bring Civic Center: new restaurants, new stores, more housing; and a new website and logo for the CCCBD which we're looking forward to sharing with everyone in January. While we're ready to say goodbye to 2020, we can't let this year end without recognizing those who have buoyed the CBD through these unprecedented times: our wonderful staff, the Board of Directors and our dedicated Field Crew. Their efforts over the course of the year allowed us to tackle issues as they arose, and to keep planning for the brighter future ahead. 

Mayor London Breed also sends her thanks here.
City Restrictions During Shelter-in-Place

On December 6 the City enacted a new shelter-in-place order which mandates guidelines for businesses operating within San Francisco. Please see the Notice of Suspension or Restrictions of Indoor and Outdoor Activity guideline sheet to see what is allowed during the current shelter-in-place; and visit the San Francisco Department of Public Health for further information. Also, if this shelter-in-place has affected your business, non-profit or employee status, see the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development website for more information.
New Safe Sleeping Village

A new Safe Sleeping Village will open at 33 Gough on December 21, providing space for 44 individuals. Safe Sleeping Villages are staffed and adhere to socially-distanced guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID; they also connect those staying there with the Homelessness Response System, which provides assistance on becoming housed. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to [email protected].
Whole Foods Takes Shape at 8th and Market

The new Whole Foods at Trinity Place continues to take shape; and is on track to open summer 2021. Trinity Place notes the fun fact: "The intersection of 8th and Market was once home to the famed Crystal Palace Market from 1923-1959, meaning SF's newest market will open in the same space almost 100 years later."
Akna, a Mayan-Yucatecan Pop-Up, Now Open

Featuring the indigenous flavors of the Yuctecan penninsula and Mexico, the new pop-up Akna from the Absinthe Group, highlights "a menu that includes Yucatecan tamales, handmade blue-corn tortillas, cochinita pibil, and plenty of seafood." Now open at 399 Grove (at Gough).
Better Market Street Update 

Due to budget constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as new user data influenced by the pandemic and Market Street having been car-free for many months now; the BMS Project Team has suggested changes to the Project aimed at enabling some improvements to start as soon as possible while other elements are removed or put on hold.


Project elements removed or put on hold:
  • Deferring replacement of existing brick sidewalks 
  • Deferring removal of Path of Gold light fixtures 
  • No installation of a raised cycle track 
Items likely to move forward the soonest between 5th and 8th Streets: 
Phase 1 (2021) 
  • Roadway repaving 
  • Roadway restriping (especially crosswalks) 
  • Moving MUNI sidewalk bus stops to center boarding islands (out of the shared curb lane); islands will be twice as big as they are today, to accommodate more transit passengers; all center boarding islands will be accessible. 
  • Speed tables in the curb lane to calm traffic and help reinforce car free Market Street 
  • Bicycles remain in 11' foot shared curb lane providing more room for bicycles than the proposed raised cycle track 
  • Full traffic signal upgrade 
  • MUNI track, overhead wire and traction power replacement 
  • BART/MUNI grate replacement 
  • Sewer line replacement and upgrades 
  • Water line replacement and upgrades 
  • Auxiliary water supply system (AWSS) 
  • Replacement of unhealthy trees
For more information contact the BMS Project team:
Shared Spaces Extends into mid-2021

While outdoor dining is currently closed, it's not over -- the Shared Spaces program is extending into 2021. Once the shelter-in-place order lifts, and outdoor dining resumes, you'll be able to dine in Shared Spaces at District restaurants through the end of June 2021. 
Maya Angelou Art Piece Coming to the Main Steps of the Main Library

It still may be awhile until the Maya Angelou monument graces the Larkin Street steps of the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library, but it's on the way. After much back and forth, the Board of Supervisors and the artist have come to an agreement about the piece and its place in Civic Center.
Street Crisis Response Team Deployed to San Francisco Streets 

At the end of November the City deployed the first Street Crisis Response Team. Part of Mental Health SF, the teams will be deployed across the City to answer 911 calls related to mental health crises. The first 6 teams will be deployed by March 2021, with the end goal being teams implemented across the City 24/7. "The SCRT aims to provide trauma-informed clinical interventions and care coordination for people who experience behavioral health crises on the streets of San Francisco."
Civic Center Cultural Institutions Go Virtual This Holiday Season

While the holidays look different this year, you can still join in virtual audiences. The San Francisco Ballet is currently streaming its classic and beloved Nutcracker online, see it before the end of the year; the San Francisco Symphony has been sharing an online advent calendar of goodies and performing Deck the Hall with the San Francisco Boys Chorus, the San Francisco Girls Chorus is live streaming a holiday performance, SF Jazz is offering online Christmas and New Year concerts, the San Francisco Opera is hosting the family-centered Winter in Opera Land, and you can hire San Francisco Conservatory of Music musicians to play a few requested festive songs for streaming at home.

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