Monthly Newsletter | April 2021
April is here! Spring is blooming across much of the country, and with it comes important observances, including Autism, Minority Health, and Stress Awareness.
In the spirit of Stress Awareness Month, help a young person in your life to practice self-care daily – whether it's listening to music, staying connected to friends, or taking a walk (maybe even together!). And don’t forget to prioritize your own self-care, too. We have tips for teens, parents, and teachers to help you get started.
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The Art of Civil Conversations: 9 Parenting Strategies
Disrespectful conversations may be commonplace in today's society, but families can turn the tide by practicing healthy and collaborative communication. Read our blog for 9 tips to help you get started. 
One Year Later: Young Adults and COVID-19
This pandemic has been especially hard for young adults. Tune in to our podcast for more on the unique challenges they face and how to help them navigate those obstacles.
The Unexpected Magic of Thank You Notes
Writing thank you notes can boost a young person’s well-being, but it can sometimes be hard to get started. Child psychiatrist Dr. Hillary Hurst Bush offers tips to make thank you notes easier and more fun to write. Read our blog for more.
The Clay Center In the News

COVID-19 has been especially hard for teens who haven’t had the social connections and independence they normally enjoy. Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins shares insights on how to support their mental health.

Many young adults have been living with their parents during this pandemic. What can families do to balance structure, respect, and the need for autonomy? Read more for tips on how to make this arrangement a positive experience for everyone.

The mental health crisis existed before the pandemic, but it has only accelerated during the past year. Read more for insights from Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins on supporting young people's emotional well-being during COVID-19.

How can you support the young people in your life during COVID-19? Helping them focus on the positives and managing your own anxiety are great ways to start. Read more for insights from Dr. Gene Beresin.
Monthly Mindfulness:
from Mindfulness for Teens

Practicing mindfulness can help teens build resilience and cope with stress. Read more for guided meditations to help your young person practice mindfulness.
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