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Sept. 20, 2015 --  At its first meeting since the resignation of Fr. David Cobb as Rector,* the Ascension Vestry was led in discussions by Fr. Jim Steen from the Diocese of Chicago.   Fr. Steen chaired the meeting and provided the agenda.   An atmosphere of civility and calm prevailed.  

Parish finances were not a focus of discussion, apart from some technical details of the outgoing Rector's severance. Plans for a swift succession of clerical leadership were discussed; more news on that is expected soon from the parish office.   

A meeting of the entire parish is to be called shortly.  

* Fr. Cobb's ministry at Ascension is to end on Oct. 18. 
Dear Bishop Lee:

Thank you for your leadership during the past few weeks. It has already borne fruit -- the most recent meeting of the Ascension Vestry was conducted in a businesslike manner, without acrimony or contention. 

We are impressed with your evident concern for our historic  Anglo-Catholic parish and the speed with which  plans for new parish leadership are moving forward.  We hope that, while issues of staffing and fiscal integrity are resolved, you will keep in mind the need for conciliation and healing within the parish community. We urge you to continue to exercise your pastoral ministry in this regard.

Save Ascension is firmly committed to reconciliation and restoration. We hold no grudge against other parishioners, regardless of their positions over the last months, and hope to see those who have left return. We hope that, together, we can rebuild Ascension for the glory of God.  


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