FALL 2019
"Any machinery I’ve attempted to operate, I’ve been successful at learning. Driving fast was a passion, though. At age 15, I was winning the adult snowmobile races (I grew up in upstate NY). My uncle was a race car driver. He taught me a few things. I’ve always had a need for speed. I briefly entertained the idea of becoming a professional race car driver."
The City of Prescott Capital Improvement Project (CIP) utility upgrade project started in 2015, but was put on hold due to City budgeting, easement and other priorities. It was reactivated in 2019 so that Civiltec could prepare a set of stand-alone bid documents for designing and constructing a Horizontal Directional Drilling project. 
The Town of Prescott Valley has contracted Civiltec Engineering to provide professional engineering and surveying services for a Capital Improvement Project (CIP) to expand their current water storage system.
Coconino County, Arizona engaged Civiltec Engineering to address flood risk following the Museum Fire of July 2019. In anticipation of post-fire rainfall, the County tasked Civiltec with designing mitigation measures for areas at risk of high flow-rate and volume-runoff.
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