FALL 2020
"Our Prescott office continues to have an amazing year. Our agency clients are expanding our workload based on the performance of our staff and the quality of our designs...With a staff of only eight, including Civiltec Founder Rick Shroads and myself, it seems like we are competing way above our weight class!"
LISA WELLS, Administrative Assistant
"One of the exciting things I see at Civiltec is our leadership's commitment to fostering growth, positive thinking, and business expansion while staying grounded by the importance of its people."
In a partnership with Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff, Civiltec completed a drainage capacity expansion project at Linda Vista Drive to address flood risk stemming from the Museum Fire of 2019.
One of Civiltec’s core values is to foster talent. This summer, we hired two interns to achieve this goal while supplementing the team as we tackled an increased workload. The Civiltec team enjoyed working with our interns and we look forward to seeing where their career paths lead them!
Civiltec is pleased to announce the new service area launch of our comprehensive PFAS assessment and mitigation solutions. With over two decades of expertise in treating groundwater and wastewater constituents, Civiltec is at the forefront of providing common-sense PFAS solutions from system assessment to treatment.
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