Andrew Shroads: 15 Year Anniversary
Principal, Project Manager, PE, CFM
"It has been exciting to see us expand our number of interns and to watch the new talent thrive. At its core, the internship program continues to meet its original goal of enabling interns to expand upon theoretical engineering knowledge taught in school by also considering real-world software, concepts, and designs."
Staff Engineer, EIT
"I had already worked closely with Civiltec staff on previous projects as a sub-consultant. Therefore, I was aware of the company culture and project management approach. I felt that I could make a positive impact in the company culture as well as Civiltec’s strategic goals."
Survey Party Chief
"I love working on remote projects in the desert. It affords me a great view daily and gives me the opportunity to enjoy the great weather and scenery Arizona has to offer."
Staff Engineer, EIT
"I have a lot of hobbies. A few include: hiking, sport climbing, vegetable gardening, watercolor painting, welding, Olympic style archery, road cycling and volunteering at Ballet Arizona."
We already knew that Civiltec Engineering is home to a dynamic crew of engineering professionals, but now we are officially certified as a “Great Place to Work”! Great Place to Work® is a global certification program focusing on company culture. In partnership with the program, Civiltec provided an anonymous engagement survey to all company employees.
"I worked as an intern during college and after graduating, returned to work for Civiltec. I wanted to gain more experience and work to hone my marketing and communication skills. So, I was hired as the Marketing Assistant and now, here I am as a Marketing Coordinator a year later. What has made me continue to enjoy working for Civiltec is the flexible work schedule, the intelligent team members, and my team’s excitement for new ideas and planning on ways to implement them. It makes me feel heard and excited for the future."
In August 2021, the Town of Chino Valley (Town) unanimously approved Civiltec as the lead consultant for their Municipal Waterline Improvements Project. Design has been completed for a looped water supply line in the Old Home Manor area of the Town, which currently has a 12-inch single water supply line. The new line will be an 18-inch diameter and will provide a second potable water supply to the area to accommodate current and future water demands. 
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