FALL 2021
"Don’t be afraid to ask questions, develop a portfolio of projects, participate in every hands-on learning opportunity, learn how to network, and identify people who inspire you."
 "I really like how well-rounded being at Civiltec is making me, because I get to have a hand in both the engineering work and the design work which gives me a more holistic understanding of the projects we do. I also have the privilege of drafting for our in-house electrical engineer Stephen Younger, who has shown me a lot of the electrical side of the work we do that is so essential to our civil projects."
Civiltec delivered an updated Water Master Plan (WMP) for the San Gabriel County Water District (District), providing a thorough evaluation of the District’s water system along with a plan to ensure the continuation of reliable and cost-effective service delivery.
In partnership with La Cañada Irrigation District (LCID), Civiltec Engineering delivered design, engineering, construction management and full-time construction observation services for the replacement of water mains serving the City of La Cañada Flintridge. The Civiltec team saw the entire project through from initial permitting, bidding support and surveying to final design, construction and post construction services. 
Civiltec partnered with Pico Water District to provide engineering and design services for the construction of a new well serving the City of Pico Rivera, California. Located on Rosemead Boulevard, the well now provides a potable water supply to adjacent residents and businesses.
The Civiltec Internship program continued to evolve in 2021 with the addition of five summer interns, growing from two in 2020. The Civiltec Internship program offers a path to a full-time career, as was the case with Joash, who began the summer as an intern before accepting an offer to work at Civiltec as a full-time Computer-Aided Design Technician in the Monrovia office.

“Civiltec is different from other engineering companies in that we are a small-medium size business, enabling us to connect with one another, even with those in other offices. We create great connections with our clients that are long lasting,” says 2021 intern Miranda Hawes, who has extended her internship through Fall as she balances schoolwork.
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