2016 is an exciting year for Civiltec and we look forward to deepening the relationship we've built with you! We are celebrating 30 years of operation this year while expanding our staff and adding unrivaled expertise to provide the best experiences possible to our clients.

Thank you so much to all the Civiltec employees, clients and families who joined us at our annual Day at the Races event to commemorate 30 years of Civiltec and congratulate Civiltec's Founder Rick Shroads for hitting 30 years of service as well. And our thanks to agencies such as the City of Monrovia and the Sunny Slope Water Company for giving us the opportunity to continue serving them and their communities.

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Civiltec Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!
Civiltec 30 Years To celebrate Civiltec's 30th anniversary of doing business, we asked some of our longtime employees and Civiltec Founder Rick Shroads to share a few words on their memorable moments and what they look forward to in the future.

Supporting New Technology with the Sunny Slope Water Company
Sunny Slope Water Company Civiltec is collaborating with the vendor Microvi to integrate a state-of-the-art biological treatment system for removal of nitrate from the two of Sunny Slope's drinking water production wells.

"We are really excited to work on a project that incorporates some very promising new technology for water treatment. The residents of Arcadia, San Gabriel, San Marino and Temple City will benefit greatly from this update to their water treatment facility." - Civiltec Principal and Senior Engineer Shem Hawes
Recap of our 2016 Day at the Races 
2016 Day at the Races
Our 2016 Day at the Races event was our largest ever. Nearly 300 people-employees, clients and their families-gathered at Santa Anita Park under clear, blue skies to help us celebrate 30 years of operation! 

"This was a huge turnout--we even spilled out of the main pavilion into the grass area," said Civiltec President David Byrum. "It was great to see so many people sporting Civiltec polo shirts with our 30th anniversary logo, and that so many clients and their families took time to come support Civiltec and engage with us."

Improving Water Systems in the City of Monrovia
Monrovia As part of Civiltec's ongoing work with the City of Monrovia on its Monrovia Renewal Infrastructure Improvement Program, Civiltec will help replace the City's Oakglade Reservoir and site a new water well.

In addition to the reservoir and well projects, Civiltec is also providing water line designs for a section of the City's pipelines right now. Civiltec is currently working on the first phase of the Monrovia Renewal Infrastructure Improvement program: the Southwest and Southeast sections of the City.
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W. David Byrum, P.E.
President and Principal Engineer
Civiltec Engineering, Inc.
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Staff Spotlight:
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez is a Designer based in Civiltec's Monrovia, California office. He joined Civiltec 17 years ago and has worked on a wide range of projects for us.

Check out Jorge's full Staff Spotlight to learn a little more about his professional background and his personal interests.

"When I am not working, I love to spend time with my wife and son as much as I can. I used to do a lot of camping and hiking since I like photography and nature. I was also taking square dancing lessons for a while and that is actually a lot of fun."