We started 2019 off with another successful quarter, with more projects and stronger partnerships than ever! Based on our previous work, Civiltec received additional opportunities to team with the City of Beverly Hills on its Water Resources Integrated Plan and with California Domestic Water Company on a well replacement project. The team also expanded our portfolio with the aerial mapping of 32 campuses within Compton Unified School District and a new groundwater well for Pico Water District.

Though we unfortunately did not celebrate our annual Day at the Races event this year, our team looks forward to deepening our relationships and making sure we provide the best experiences possible for our clients. Civiltec is aiming to be back on track at Santa Anita in 2020 and we hope you can join us in celebrating our 34th year of business!

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W. David Byrum, P.E.
President and Principal Engineer
Civiltec Engineering, Inc.

Beverly Hills' Water Resources Integrated Plan
Continuing to build its partnership with Beverly Hills, Civiltec's latest project with the City is the creation of a water resources integrated plan.

The team's role is focused around using the existing water model to identify deficiencies in the City's water system. Since Civiltec developed and calibrated the water model, this project is a continuation of that work.

By having a complete understanding of the water system, Civiltec will be able to search for and recognize all potential areas that need improvement.

Well Replacement for CDWC
Civiltec has a long and successful history in partnering with the California Domestic Water Company (CDWC). Over the years, the team has had the opportunity to work together on many projects, including a multi-phased transmission pipeline project and, later, the relocation of the CDWC's "M" Line. Civiltec greatly enjoys the working relationship that it has developed with CDWC and its staff.

Most recently, CDWC contracted Civiltec to replace its existing Well No. 2, which has been declining in production. The current well was drilled to a depth of 806 feet in 1964 and the existing 20-inch diameter casing has been perforated in multiple areas.

Topographic Mapping of 32 Compton USD Campuses
Located in the south-central region of Los Angeles County, the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) encompasses the City of Compton and portions of the cities of Carson and Los Angeles. The district currently serves nearly 26,000 students at 36 sites.

The Civiltec team provided professional land surveying services to prepare topographic mapping for 32 of its campuses.

New Groundwater Well for Pico Water District
In Summer 2018, Civiltec was contracted by the Pico Water District to deliver a new groundwater production well for potable water supply. Well 11 is located on District-owned property within in the City of Pico Rivera.

The project scope included designing the new well equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD), electrical service gear and motor control center, and the construction of the wellhead and associated accessories. The Civiltec team additionally designed a rolling building to expose the well head for ease of maintenance and to house the disinfection equipment.

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