"It took me almost a year to assemble all of the legal documents needed to incorporate a new firm. On March 21, 1986, when I was 28 years old, Civiltec was officially incorporated. This was a big step. Looking back, it was a bit frightening. But there was never a doubt in my mind that, with help from a few industrious people who supported the vision, the company would succeed."
DAVID SONG, Principal, Senior Project Manager
"The biggest piece of advice I have for our younger staff is to always be inquisitive. I tell younger staff that no question is a dumb question. Don’t assume that you should know the answer; always approach a task or project with an open mind and a willingness to ask questions. That’s how you can build your knowledge and grow as an engineer."
SANJAY VERMA, Senior Project Engineer
"My career in the water industry started in 2001 when I decided to move to the United States. I joined a consulting firm focused on the water industry, and for the next eight years I worked on water and wastewater-related projects."
JASON SIGARAN, Staff Engineer
"What drew me to working for Civiltec was: firstly, the opportunity as a young engineer to grow and develop my skills under great guidance in the field that I love (water/wastewater); secondly, the fact that Civiltec is a legacy firm which indicated to me that this firm cares about its employees and their longevity in the company; and finally, the size of the company which hinted towards a richer experience."
Sunday, March 21, 2021 marked 35 years in business for Civiltec since the firm’s incorporation in 1986. Founded in Pasadena, California, the firm has since grown to serve hundreds of clients, expand into new regions and establish a reputation as an industry leader in the southwestern United States.
Civiltec’s internship program exposes students to a variety of disciplines, including civil engineering, surveying, and marketing. Interns have the opportunity to work directly with Civiltec’s experts on a variety of hands-on projects, giving them tangible experience in navigating the daily responsibilities of a full-service engineering firm.
Civiltec was fortunate to continue the essential work of providing engineering services to Arizona and California communities in 2020, with several milestone projects completed and record numbers achieved. Staff members reflected on flagship projects completed and what they were most grateful for.
The City of Covina, located a few miles southwest of Civiltec’s Monrovia office, sought Civiltec’s services to plan for the future of its municipal water system. Civiltec developed a comprehensive Water Master Plan and Rate Study to help facilitate the City’s strategic planning and budgeting effort, laying the groundwork for their water system upgrades.
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