Principal, Project Manager, PE
"As a principal, I have had the opportunity to engage in the operations and growth of the company at many different levels. As a working partnership, our efforts have been strategic in making Civiltec a great place to work. Most of the highlights in recent years revolve around collaboration with wonderful employees who have dedicated numerous hours and through creativity and industry have been an integral part of the success of the Civiltec team."
Ben Tilman: 15 Year Anniversary
Survey Manager, PLS
"I started out knowing absolutely nothing about surveying or engineering to becoming a registered land surveyor while at Civiltec. The other registrants at Civiltec have always been supportive and helpful in that process, and two I would especially like to express my gratitude to are Rick Shroads and
Ken Davidson."
Civiltec is growing in size and numbers so it's a no-brainer our technology needed to improve alongside us! We launched our new website appearance with a new team, history, and culture section. As well as new accessibility features for added ease. We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do!
Civiltec completed a water facilities generator study for the City of Fullerton ensuring the continuation of reliable service to each well and pump station.
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